Top 15 Things Girls Like To Hear (2023)

If you can make your girlfriend happy, you will find that your life goes much more smoothly. So, without further ado, here are some things girls like to hear that benefit both of you.
However, boys will be boys, and they have no idea what to say to a girl to make her happy or feel like she is unique. They are prone to overthinking situations, making them seem like total and utter idiots in front of the girl they admire.
But have no fear! There is a great list of things girls like to hear that will impress her that we have provided for you further down in this article.

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Things Girls Like To Hear

1. “I Consider You My Best Buddy”

A big compliment for a partner is the thought that they might also be the love of someone’s life and their closest friend. This demonstrates that there is a tremendous amount of trust in allowing oneself to be open and discussing everything from their insecurities to the aspirations they have for themselves to their deepest, most intimate secrets.
If you tell a partner that you consider them your best buddy, you are communicating that you recognize the value they bring to the relationship and appreciate them. Those are the kinds of things girls like to hear at some point.

2. “I Trust You Completely”

When two people have the utmost confidence in one another, there is no room for judgment, and there is no need to be afraid of the repercussions of their actions. Research findings show that trust is crucial in establishing and sustaining partnerships.
Therefore, letting them know that you trust them will help them relax, ultimately leading to them trusting you more. There are no negative implications for you since your spouse is secure and confident that you are making the best decisions possible and are not trying to undermine the relationship.

3. “Thanks”

After putting up a front at the beginning of the relationship out of politeness and concern for the other person’s feelings, familiarity and comfort eventually set in, and partners finally start being themselves. Because of this, there may be times when common politeness is completely disregarded.
Nevertheless, there needs always to be some appearance of respect so long as there is thankfulness for what you do. Whether there is gratitude for what you do or not, this is the case. It makes it possible for people to respect one another, and no one feels they are being taken for granted. These are the kinds of things girls like to hear.

4. “Everything’s Going To Be OK”

Everyone will sometimes have to deal with challenges and stress, which may be tough. It may take the form of an unexpected loss or a particular trial.
An encouraging word from a loved one that the sensations will pass with time and that, in the meanwhile, they are there to support you and assist you in better managing the situation until that time would help. Sympathy and support are two words that girls like to hear.

5. “I Will Never Let You Down”

This is the best approach to show the depth of your love for her. Tell her you will never leave her side and will always support her no matter what.
Tell her you will always be there for her and cheer for her the loudest, no matter her hopes, aspirations, or professional objectives. This will envelop her in a warm affection, and she will express her gratitude to the heavens above for you and only you.

6. “You Aren’t Alone”

It’s reassuring for a girl to know that her boyfriend is sincere and dedicated to their relationship. The best way to demonstrate that you care is to let them know that you will ride along with them no matter how rough the road becomes.
Girls, you are willing to work through any problem, regardless of its magnitude. When they know they are not alone, they feel full safety. This fortifies the connection between you two and pulls you even closer together than before.

7. “Wow! You Look Beautiful!”

Compliments are one of the things girls like to hear the most, particularly when they are all dolled up. Take note if she tries a new hairstyle or dons a new accessory, whether it is a new pair of shoes, a dress, or a set of earrings. This is a sneaky method of demonstrating that you care about someone.
You will know that these are the precise words your girlfriend wants to hear from you when you see the satisfied grin on her face and the light in her eyes. Tell her how much you value that she goes to such great lengths to appear her best for you.

8. “You Know Me So Well”

Having an understanding of each other is often one of the many wonderful talents that girls own. Girls are less interested in being complimented on their physical appearance and more interested in hearing what you have to say about who they are as people.
It will go a long way toward making her feel especially special if you tell her that she knows you better than you do yourself. Additionally, it will communicate to her that you value and recognize that she is interested in you and your life.

9. “What’s Your Opinion?”

Guys, it would be best if you did not underrate the potency of this one at all when it comes to meaningful choices and things that matter long-term, girls like it when you ask for their ideas. This is particularly true when it comes to major decisions. Something as simple as this gives them the impression that they are cherished and cared for.
By showing her that you respect her, that her opinion is important, and most importantly, that you want to do things to please and brighten up your girlfriend, you are showing her that you appreciate her by asking for her opinion on anything. It’s not only flowery language and romantic phrases that a female loves to hear from a guy; there are other things, too.

10. “I’m Proud Of You”

There are instances when keeping things straightforward is the healthiest approach for a relationship. Give your girl the impression that you are very pleased with all she has accomplished in her life and everything she has done to further the progress of this relationship between you.
Tell her that you are thankful for the person she is and that you will always appreciate her for who she is, and that you will let her know that you feel this way.

11. “I Love You”

A time-honored demonstration of affection is the most effective means of winning over the person you have your eyes on. Frequent reminders that you love her and will continue to love her no matter what should be given.
Any man may use this most elegant phrase to win the heart of the woman he likes, whether it be his crush, girlfriend, or wife. If you say these words, girls love to hear and constantly flatter them. This is one of the things girls like to hear the most.

12. “I’m Impressed With You”

Someone’s ego might get a boost, and they can even be motivated to improve themselves if they hear that they are appreciated for a skill they have, whether it be for a pastime or a particular interest they have.
When attempting to figure out what things girls like to hear, you should tell them that they impress you since it is encouraging to hear that someone else thinks well of them. When a friend provides genuine proof of how your ability makes them feel, it is encouraging to say the least.

13. “I Appreciate Our Talks”

Some partners have apprehension as the honeymoon period of their relationship ends and familiarity sets in. This is when talks tend to take a turn for the deeper, more meaningful, and more intimate.
According to research findings, effective communication is crucial to the happiness of romantic partnerships. You may communicate your genuine appreciation for the lady in your life and the time spent with her by letting her know that you appreciate talking to her and spending time with her.
Girls like to hear these things, especially when you can keep on this sort of talk and your partner loves the evening.

14. “There’s Nobody Like You”

Every girl wants to think she is unique and stands out from the other girls. Your girl will feel charmed if you confirm her perception that she is unique by complimenting her with something like “you’re different, or there’s nobody like you.”
However, it would help if you continued your efforts there. Explain to her the reasoning for your thoughts and feelings. Put in as much information in detail as you possibly can. Knowing that you are attentive and interested in your girlfriend will certainly have a positive impression on her.

15. “I’ve Missed You”

One of the things girls like to hear is that someone has been thinking about her or that they have missed her badly. Even if you feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, or terrified, you must tell her how you feel. When guys can express their feelings and provide an honest account of what is going on in their minds, it is very attractive to females.
It gives them the impression of being closer to them. If you sincerely missed her presence, don’t be afraid to tell her how much you longed for it. These are the same words girls like hearing from their partners because they carry the comfort that both parties share the intensity of emotions in the relationship.


These are the 15 things girls like to hear, and this was sufficient information to help you master what girl wants like to hear. Contrary to the widespread belief that girls are incomprehensible, winning over your girlfriend’s approval is relatively easy.
It would be cute if you could give her a cute little nickname or call her sweet names. You will learn the things that girls like to be called as you gain a better understanding of the dynamic of your relationship. The key to keeping your relationship moving in the right direction and preventing it from stagnating is to be aware of the right things to say to a girl.
As you are now aware of what girls like to hear their partners or potential love interests say to them, you can easily steer your relationship in the right direction. However, you should always ensure that the things you say to her are heartfelt and genuine, not just a replacement for the traditional pick-up lines.