14 Amazing Things To Do In Mumbai 2023

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India. The city offers so much, people come here with dreams and do everything in their power to accomplish their goal and make a place for themselves in this city. Buts that’s not all about this city has to offer.
Apart from being the economic capital of the country and one of the most crowded cities in India, there is so much to explore and do and have a great vacation in Mumbai. Yes, vacation in Mumbai sounds a little weird at first given the traffic and the crowd, but if you know the right things to see and do in Mumbai you can have a great vacation here.
In this article, we are going to mention a few things that you can do or perhaps you must-do if you are vacationing in the city. And we are pretty sure you are going to get surprised by seeing the list of amazing things to do in the city and have a great time here. So let’s get going and introduce the best things to do in Mumbai, which would make you pack your bags and go on a plane to Mumbai right now!

Things to do in Mumbai

1. Take a walk at the Marine Drive

One of the best places to explore in Mumbai is Marine Drive. Although you can explore the Marine Drive as the first thing you arrive in the city or you can get to it on your last day (although you won’t get bored of walking at the Marine Drive, so you can do that every day as well).
This is an iconic shoreline that is appreciated by people from every class in Mumbai and it’s open to all as well. If you go there in the morning you might spot several Indian Celebrities as well. You can still see the many people in the middle of the night and that’s why this place is known as the city that never sleeps!
From the celebrities to the perfect lighting and view, the place is very relaxing and you would be in awe with this place. This is a cliche place, so if you miss a walk at Marine Drive then you might as well miss the whole point of coming to Mumbai!

2. Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is known as one of the most prominent landmarks of Mumbai and this place worth your attention while you are in Mumbai. The place is located at the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.
Mumbai is not only known for the modern lifestyle and advanced technology but here people also find some of the most famous religious institutes and places as well and Haji Ali Dargah is one of them. The place was built-in 1431 by Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari.
Every day hundreds of people visit this place and make their wish and get lost in the spiritual music performance (qawwali) given by professionals. Every night there is some performance going on, which you can enjoy and have a spiritual time with yourself. Another thing that you must try while you are at Haji Ali Dargah is the juice center where you can get the fresh juices and creams.

3. Elephanta Caves Gharapuri

You would be amazed to see this place which is known as the Islands of Elephanta Caves located off the coast of the Arabian Sea. The place is no less than an architectural wonder and you would be amazed to see how they have aged over the years and still standing strong. The place covers 60,000 square feet and it is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Here you would find rock-cut caves and sculpture of Lord Shiva, Maheshmati, and many more. You can get there by taking a ferry from the Gateway of India.
Here people can also do trekking up to the Cannon Hills. You can explore the place throughout the year except for the rainy season where you might get caught up in high tides and the whole thing can be a mess. Overall you would certainly enjoy the engineering marvel.

4. Go to Prithvi Theater

Prithvi Theater is known as the largest theater in the country and it was started by Shashi Kapoor and his wife Jennifer Kapoor and the theater was dedicated to Prithviraj Kapoor who was the father of Shashi Kapoor and one of the most prominent actors in the history of Indian Cinema. Kapoor family is known as one of the pillars of Indian cinema and we have seen some of the most talented actors over the generations of this family.
You can watch a play and explore the gallery and bookshop there. Even if you don’t watch a play here you would certainly like to witness the theater dedicated to a legendary actor like Prithviraj Kapoor.

5. Try Street Food

Your visit to Mumbai would be incomplete if you haven’t tried out the street food. yes, there are several Michelin Star restaurants and hotels where you can try out the different cuisine but if you want to taste the authentic food of Mumbai then you must try out the street food there.
One of the best places to get the best street food is the Chowpatty beach. Here you not only find the perfect spot to enjoy your food but you will also taste a variety of different street food and everything is so delicious that words can shortly fall to describe how great the food is here.
Apart from the Chowpatty, you can also find the best street food at the Behndi Bazaar, Minara Masjid, and so on. You might not get to try out everything that is best in Mumbai in your single visit to the city but doesn’t miss out on the vada pav, batata vada, misal pav, bhel puri, Pani puri, and pav bhaji!

6. Sailing on the Arabian Sea

On of the advantage of being a coastal city is that you can always go sailing and find some peace there from the busy streets and the crowd. If you are interested in exploring the sea then you should take a ferry (which doesn’t cost much and easy to find) and go to the Island of Elephanta.
You would enjoy the ride as the view is mesmerizing and you would certainly like being in the sea. If you don’t want to go with strangers and being a part of the crowd then you can always hire your sailboat and go along with your family or friends without facing the crowd. You can also hire a boat for celebrations and events. Summers are the best time to explore the sea.

7. Essel World

If you want to go to an amusement park then Mumbai has a perfect place for you! That is Essel world, it is one of the prominent amusement parks of the country that promise you a fun time with your friends or family. Generally, amusement parks are advised for the kids but you can find the rides for adults as well.
There are several rides present including the water rides. And the park also features one of India’s oldest water park so you don’t have to worry about the heat.

8. Watch the sunset at Bandstand

Bandstand is a long rocky walkway by the sea and it’s something that you would definitely enjoy in Mumbai. This place is known as the best place for joggers and to just hang out with friends. Nowadays it’s counted as one of the best romantic spots in Mumbai as well.
But what you wanna watch here is the beautiful sunset! You can sit by yourself or your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset and it’s also a great place for photography, so you must visit this place at least once.

9. Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort is another amazing place in Mumbai that is too good to be missed. It’s also known as the Bassein Fort and it was once used to build ships. The fort was first owned by the Portugues but later the Marathas overtook the fort.
The fort is surrounded by the sea on all three sides and it almost looked like ruins. The three chapels and rock pillars are worth exploring in the fort.
People mostly hike up to the top of the terrace and admire the view from the top as well as the surroundings. The time spent here would be worth it and you shouldn’t miss it! The entry is free and it’s open from 4 am to 11 am.

10. Parsi Cafes

Just like the street food of Mumbai, the Parsi food to is very popular and your trip would be incomplete if you haven’t tasted the Parsi Food here. Parsi is one of the important communities of Mumbai and their food is very authentic as well. Over some time, the Parsi food has been included from another cuisine such as Gujarati, Iranian, Goan, and British and this has brought diversity in the food.
There are several great Parsi places to eat including Britannia and Co, Café Military. You can easily find one during your time in Mumbai, to make sure you have at least one meal at the Parsi Cafes.

11. Visit Chor Bazar

The Chor Bazar means Thief’s Market! This place is popular for the cheap shopping spree and you can easily find anything at any price here. Although there won’t be any warranty or any authenticity of items you can easily find some goods at a very cheap price.
From handicrafts to home decor you would find everything here. And if you are not in a mood to shop you would surely wanna explore the place and see what all this fuss about the market is.

12. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If you are in a mood to explore some wildlife then Mumbai won’t disappoint you. The National Park is located at the Western Express HWY, Borivali East, and the fee starts from 48 INR/person and there would be extra charged for the rides and other activities in the Park.
The Park covers a 104 square km area and there is so much to see and do here. You would find some common and some endangered animal species here including spotted deer, leopard, palm civet, Indian dying fox, etc. There also several rare bird species were seen. You can do trekking, boating, tiger safari, and experience the mini train ride. This would be a perfect place to spend a day with your friends and family.

13. Take a tour of Mumbai Filmcity

As we all know Mumbai is home to Bollywood and the showbiz kinda runs here. So it would be wrong to not explore the Filmcity of Mumbai. The Film City of Mumbai covers 240 acres, which makes it possible to build over 1000 film sets simultaneously. It would be amazing to see how films are shot and what goes behind the camera. So do visit this place especially if you are a Bollywood fan!

14. Siddhivinak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple is another popular landmark of Mumbai and here people seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The Ganesha sculpture is one of tr main attraction of the temple as it is sculptured from one single black stone. There is no entry fee for the temple and the visiting time starts from 5.30 am to 10 pm.

Conclusion –

So these are the things that you must do while you are in Mumbai. The city can be overwhelming for those who are visiting for the first time but one thing is for sure, your trip won’t be enough to explore the whole of Mumbai and you would have to come here again and fully explore the city.
We hope you liked our article and found it helpful. Now that you know whet you need to visit and do in Mumbai you can certainly plan your whole trip and have a great time in Mumbai!