10 Best Computer Courses List For Job 2023

The competition has greatly increased these days. Students are competing for admissions, graduates struggling for employment, and employed fighting to take their place. The job opportunities have been declined due to increased population and competition. It often happens that a student graduates but does not find a satisfactory job. From the various fields, it’s the IT sector that has developed and progressed. More and more jobs are being introduced in the IT sector and the workforce is being employed. Moreover, the use of technology is evident in almost every field, be it education, healthcare, research, IT, banking, etc. Therefore, with the increasing incorporation of technology in various other fields, the job prospects and scope of the IT sector has been enlarged.

Doing computer courses is of great benefit to the students since they help to secure jobs and also supplement earning. The IT courses are of short tenure and provide easy jobs. There is no need to worry about the big competition and interviews or percentage because the job vacancies are so large that everyone gets easy access to the jobs. Thus pursuing short term computer courses has become a need of the hour and a great employment source. IT sector is the largest employment hub in the world. Even the foreign countries apart from India have a high employment rate in the IT sector and have a high demand for jobs in the IT field. The one benefit of this course is that these courses are required as prerequisites for getting the job, especially in Foreign countries. For Example, Any medical professional finding a job is required to have basic information on MS Office, HTML, Bioinformatics, and other software.

Benefits of Computer Courses – 

  • Short Term courses (6months to 1-2 Years)
  • Certificate and Diploma Courses
  • Good Pay Scale
  • Higher chances of Employment
  • Jobs after the 1-year courses also available
  • Fastest growing sector
  • Pre-requisites for most of the jobs after bachelor’s or PG.

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Best Computer Courses

We have compiled some of the best computer courses that assure a good job and a decent salary package. These courses are flexible, interesting, and easy to complete. Any course related to the IT sector and computer informatics increases the chances of your Job acceptability and improves your skills at par.

1. Web Designing

Web designing courses provide ample opportunities to create your website, maintenance, and learning the code languages. Students learn coding languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML, etc.
It is mostly a diploma course of 1 Year for professional web designing.
Even short courses of about 3-6 months are also available but at least a year of studying course is recommended if you desire a good job and salary.

Students are given a professional diploma certificate after the course completion. You can join a company or work independently after the course is finished.
Many private and government institutes provide this course in both online and offline mode. One of the top institutes giving this course is the Arena group of institutes.

2. Tally

Tally is the most used and trusted software used by large business organizations and the government to manage financial accounts and statements. Tally Course can be done from various private institutes for example NIIT.

Tally software is frequently updates therefore, there is a need to master the new version of software every time. You can do other diplomas in finance and business. This course makes you eligible for a job in reputed private companies. Students interested in accounts and businesses must choose this course fro their further professional enrichment and skill development.

3. Hardware and Networking Courses

Hardware and Networking courses are very common and popular these days. Many newspapers, magazines, and online portals claim about teaching these courses but they do not guarantee jobs. Jobs are only guaranteed by the reputed institutes for taking this course like Jetking. Jetking also provides scholarships to brilliant students. You can easily work in IT industries after this course and also you can start a small business.
This course is also a good course for the students aspiring to pursue a career in the IT field or computer sciences.

4. Cyber Security Courses

In the past few years, everything has been shifted to the online portals and is increasingly interconnected. These days everything is done online especially tasks like Net banking, Payment of bills, Subscription, etc. Therefore, everyone who is using the internet has his or her personal data leaked through the IP address. The credentials are at risk of being used since your credit card details, bank account details, personal information is all on your networking site and apps. This means you are at risk of privacy leak.

As we are facing security threats every day and cybercrime is on the rise the need for cybersecurity forces has increased. The people doing this course aim at safeguarding our privacy and giving us security. Once you complete this course you can be hired as a Cyber Security specialist. You can also work as Hacker or security auditor. The scope of this course is increasing since every company is hiring its Cybersecurity personnel. The salary is decent and negotiable.

5. Diploma in IT

Diploma in IT is a 3-year diploma course. The eligibility criteria for this course is 10, 10+2 passed with mathematics. This course is best for building a professional career in the IT sector. Diploma in IT is superior to all other certificate courses. During this course, you will learn a lot about computers and technology. You are likely to perfect your IT skills during this course and learn different programs and coding languages and software development.
You can also opt for a Bachelor’s degree after completing your diploma in IT. The admission is provided directly into the 2nd year of Engineering Degree Program.

6. Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in computer science is a 3 years diploma program having a minimum requirement for 10th pass students and 10+2{ especially mathematics as major}. This course deals with computer application, software, and hardware programming. This course will increase your programming skills.

This diploma course can also secure admission into the Bachelor’s degree program for Engineering, directly in the 2nd year of course. Other courses that you can do similar to this include- Certificate in Computer Application, Diploma in computer software technology, Diploma in Advanced Software Technology, Hardware, and Network Engineering.

7. Data Entry Operator Course

This course is suitable for those who want a typing or office job. This course increases typing speed, enhances typing skills and data entry skills. Basically this course is 6 months long. This course is good if you don’t want to spend enough money or don’t have enough time.

8. Computer Hardware Maintenance

This course solely focuses on hardware development, manufacturing, and programming. They deal with the common hardware problems, manufacturing of hardware, and the repair work associated with them. You shall learn about all the hardware components like Printer, Mouse, Monitor, etc. This course also comes with a combination of courses telling both about networking and hardware.

There are many other courses that can be pursued along with these courses. Therefore if you are only a hardware fan, you should choose Computer Hardware Maintenance.

9. Software and Programming Languages courses

A student must learn the coding languages in these courses. IT companies have a high demand for programming languages like C++, JavaScript, and many others. The best institute for software courses in India is NIIT. NIIT has its centers all over India and offers both short-term and long-term courses. NIIT has a very good placement record and guarantees job opportunities to its students. NIIT has tie-ups with all the IT companies and offers a wide range of jobs and opportunities to its students.

10. VFX and Animation

One more important course in the line is VFX and Animation Courses. In this course, students learn to develop 3-D visuals, graphics, and animations. Many private institutes also offer these courses in animation and VFX. Arena Multimedia is one of the top colleges for pursuing the degree. The professionals get a handsome salary package du to increased demand in movie and film industries needing more screen and visual effects. This course requires a lot of hard work and devotion of time.

Conclusion –

IT field provides many other courses in this field for example LAN course, Ethical hacking course, Computer-Aided Design, Digital Marketing courses, Graphic Designing, CCNA, DTP Course, LAN Course, Blockchain Technology. Courses are available in offline as well as online mode. The IT sector has exceeded a lot in this decade. Students who are mediocre at students and interested in computers and IT should surely opt for some of these computer courses. This is the best choice for them to make a good and established career.