How To Become A Hacker In India (2023)

Agree or not, we all have once tried to hack someone else’s profile, mobile, or computer. At least I have tried once, but I failed to do so. Hacking is not an easy task. It is illegal, but hacking requires a genius brain. It’s a bitter truth, but hacking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hacking is a way of cheating. Since childhood, we have acknowledged that no one should ever think of 4 things – Cheating, Hacking, drugs, and murder. Lol! You may argue that many more things were restricted, but these four things were banned. So have you ever thought about how to become a hacker in India?

We human beings have always loved to run opposite the flow of the river. We love to experiments with the things that are prohibited. The same thing goes with hacking. Many of you hiding in the crowd have tried hacking but have upsetting results at the end, just like me. Your browsing history once said that you have also tried to learn to become a hacker. Whenever you have read online about hacking, it has shown that hacking is an exciting thing. Isn’t it? or have you seen any movie that has made you go crazy for Hacking? Hacking in India is quite a topic of curiosity in this country.

Just the way honey attract bee, you also get attracted with the term “Hacker.” The glamour of the time has influenced many in the social media platform. But the reality has something different thing to say. Hacker has the power to invade someone’s privacy and access all their private and confidential information. It’s an illegal activity that can end up in jail. If you still fill to get into this business, you can go through this article. Here, I have described every minor detail related to hacking. It will focus on the attitude and skills that are needed to become a hacker. To become a master hacker in India, you will require new skills and a relentless attitude. You will require a firm grip on computer science, which is the key to become a successful hacker.
We will start from the basics and then jump to the steps in this article. So let’s know more about hacking in India.

What is Hacking?

Hacking can be defined as buttoning down the weakness and vulnerability in a computer or a system and achieve complete access to it without any permission. A hacker is a person who attacks a plan and gets access to private information without any legal authorizations. But, Not all hackers are evil. Some hackers are there who work for the cyber cell with authentic permission. They can legitimately and lawfully get permission to enter the system. This kind of hacker is referred to as an ethical hacker. Before you jump to the steps, you have to understand the categories of the hackers. In mainstream media, hackers have been marked as cyber-criminals. As I mentioned above, the term cyber-criminal does not go with some situations.

How do you picture the image of a hacker? The man is sitting in the dark wearing a hat. Right? Based on this image, hackers are categorized depending on the symbolic image of the hat- A white-hat hacker and a Black Hat hacker. Who are they?

  1. White hat hacker — Better to be said as an ethical hacker. This white hat hacker gets access to secured systems and networks to test and enter their security. They reveal the amen-abilities and enhance the system’s security so that the malicious hacker fails to hack the system and get any chance to exploit them.
  2. Black Hat hackers—These are the malicious hacker that can access your computer without your information. They will be able to handle your system without any knowledge.
  3. Grey Hat Hacker — These hackers access the system without any authorisations and help secure the network and strengthen the system. The Grey hat hacker is mainly hired to find the network’s fault and reveal it to the said company.
  4. Hacktivist – A hacktivist is a computer hacker who hacks the computer to spread a message against social messages. So they are indirectly doing something good for society.
  5. Script Kiddie — This kind of hacker is a newbie in the school of hacking. They are harmless as they don’t have enough experience with hacking.

Now that you know about the different types of hackers, which one will you choose for yourself?? Wait, wait…! Before you pick one, have a look at the next heading, then decide.

Is hacking Illegal in India?

The question may be small, but there are different answers which can lead your way toward a promising career, and some can take you to jail as well. Let’s have a look at the answer.

This is one of the frequently asked questions on the internet about hacking. The answer to this question is both yes and no. The positive and negative responses are entirely depended on the real intention of the hacker. In India, hacking isn’t illegal until the person violates someone’s privacy or causing any malicious act. Hence, we say that the hacker enters into the system without proper authorizations in unlawful hacking. They step forward with the intention of damage. If you think that you will join in a system and cause no harm, such an act can also be said as illegal. Until you don’t seek permission from the system’s user, it will be claimed as unlawful.
Ethical hacking in India is quite a popular career as many organizations hire White hat hackers to identify the system’s problems to ensure that their confidential files are identical.

Now let’s have a look at the Steps to become a hacker in India. When you want to become a hacker, why not an ethical hacker. If you choose so, you may get a chance to work with the intelligent bureau. Let us have a look at the steps of how to become an ethical hacker.

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1. Choose a hacking Niche

I can guess what you are thinking? Yes, you have to pick your hacking niche here also. You have to understand what types of hackers you want to become. In the above section, I have shared details of 5 hackers. Every single hacker earns a handsome amount of money but in the long run. Whether it is a legal hacker or an illegal hacker, you have to work hard to make money. Believe it or not, among all the five hackers, only white hat hacker is with the maximum back balance compared to the illegal hacker.

What? You thought illegal hacker earns more? No, you were wrong. As I mentioned above, the white-hat hacker makes the most. The criminal hacker works with their heart in his hand. They even don’t have an idea when they have ended up in jail. If you intend to surprise your friend or want to see to whom your bf / GF is messaging in your absence, then choosing the ethical hacker is the best option. Irrespective of all these facts, understanding the niche as every single nice have its requirements. If you want to taste success, then you have to meet the expectation.

2. Comprehend the core function of the computer

Remember, hacking is entirely moving around the story of computers. Enlighten with every detail of the computer is must requirement, which you need to meet your goal.

The computer is not only used for watching a movie, playing games, etc. But it has something more to gift us. It has been incorporated with the different features; some of them are hidden, the manufacturer only knows that—one of the ways to enter through these attributes, with the help of a third-party app. You have to understand the elements of networking in computers. Once you finish learning the elemental of networking, then you have to learn how to interact and instruct the computer by utilizing the command prompt. In the end, if you can change the registry without unlocking the system, then you can quickly proceed to the next step.

3. Learn about the multiple operating systems

You have to start learning hacking with a simple step. Start utilizing the multiple operating systems and comprehend how they function. The best-operating approaches to commence with Linux or Unix. It is better to use install Linux and begin learning it. Linux and Unix are best for security. Once you are good with these, you can also learn Microsoft operating systems work. There are lots of weaknesses in Window OS. You can install different operating systems on virtual machines. Learn to function on the following OS

  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Kali Linux

4. You have to learn code

It will be impossible for a hacker to hack a system if he/she doesn’t know the coding. Hence if you are taking the hacking service as a career, you have to start learning to code today.

If you are thinking of becoming a hacker within 15 minutes, well, then you must have already learned how to do coding. Scammers are there who claim that they can teach you hacking without coding. But do you think that is the right way of hacking? When you are learning something, it is best to learn it properly. Moreover, it is pretty risky to share the idea with those scammers.

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5. Choose a programming language

There is a couple of programming language out there. You have to choose one and get yourself familiar with the programming language. You can start with the C programming language, and it is the best option for the newbie. The newbie, the pro hacker, prefers the C programming language, except for those who want to use more advanced vocabulary. The advantage of the C programming language is it is a fast assembly language that can hack anything virtually. If you are using the C programming language, then opt for C++.

6. You have to learn more about the networking concepts

Just like the coding, your networking concept should have a strong background. Every advanced level hacker has gripped the network concept. You have to understand how networks are created. You have to learn different types of networks. If you don’t have a clear idea of TCP/IP and UDP protocol, you will fail to diminish the vulnerabilities on the internet. Try to get more information on LAN, WAN, subnet, and VPN.

7. You can also go through some Tutorials about Hacking.

This is a simple trick to start the hacking. Once you learn all the basics of computer science, you can follow the tutorials. That way, it will be easy for you to understand the process more efficiently. The tutorial article will help you with insights and enhance your attitude that a hacker should wear. You can find all these tutorials on the internet. Both video and text are available. Choose the right one to start the hacking.

8. Learn Cryptography

As a specialist programmer, you need to comprehend and dominate the specialty of cryptography. The innovation of cryptography and encryption is vital for web and systems administration. It is the training and investigation of procedures that are utilized for certain correspondence within sight of outsiders. The encryption is accomplished for different parts of data security like the privacy of the information, the uprightness of the information, and verification. Besides, the innovation of cryptography is broadly utilized in ATM cards, PC passwords, and web-based business. While hacking, these encoded codes should be broken, which is called decoding.

9. Experiment

As we all know, practice makes us perfect. Once you learn the basics, keep experimenting so that you can advance yourself. Arrange your lab to test the learning on real-life applications. The most straightforward lab in India will have your PC; however, it might need to be profuse with an ever-increasing number of PCs and required equipment for your examinations when you need to advance yourself. It is nice to have a go at probing your PCs, where you can correct if you have done any mix-up. Numerous programmers at first get going by downloading virtual lab applications like Oracle VirtualBox. It would be best if you did your hacking tests. Setting up the virtual machine is significant, as it will permit you to test infection, applications, and various workers without influencing your PC.

Five things you should know about ethical hacking in India

  1. Hackers love solving Puzzles. If you are into any problem, they will consider your problem as their puzzle. Hacking is not only about searching for the vulnerability on the system. If you can manage to use hacking for a good purpose, it will undoubtedly bring positive results.
  2. In the first place, it may seem scary, But an ethical hacker has the power as same as a black hat hacker. They also know how to break the system and access the data. The difference is they work to strengthen your computer system so that no black hat hacker can damage the system.
  3. Hiring a white hat hacker is not cheap. The skills they share are pretty popular in the market. It is evident that when an ethical hacker stops a crime, they will expect a good amount of compensations.
  4. Rivalry is an inspiration. Ethical hackers frequently live for the excitement of closing down the interruption endeavors of others. Infiltration testing can work out as a game between two groups of moral programmers attempting to see who can stop the other.
  5. A good hacker has seen lots of tricks and challenges and has helped many companies identify the vulnerability.


After completion of the topic, we can conclude that there are many types of hackers in India. Among which some are good, and some have lousy intentions hiding behind their mind. Steps are somewhat exhausting, but they will help you to become a good hacker. Whatever the reason is, we should act intelligently and responsibly. Make sure you don’t negatively use your skills. Then your work will turn into an illegal task, and you may have to face cyber-cops. They step forward with the intention of damage.

If you think that you will join in a system and cause no harm, such an act can also be said as illegal. Until you don’t seek permission from the system’s user, it will be claimed as unlawful. Keep in mind, for every hacking tool, and there is an antidote. If you want to be part of intelligence, you have to learn the skills well. To become a master hacker in India, you will require new skills and a relentless attitude. You will need a firm grip on computer science, which is the key to become a successful hacker.