5 Best Animation Courses 2023 (Scope, Eligibility, Salary)

Animation means to move and style the inanimate or still pictures or images. The field of animation has witnessed a great surge due to increasing demand in the market. More and more movies and film industries are using these special features, even daily soaps have started using animated objects and characters in their show. The scope of animation is no longer limited and its demand has increased. These days you can find animated cartoons, advertisements, movies, daily soaps and many other broadcasting contents which contains animation

The employment range in this field is very high and there is a better chance at progress and financial sustenance. Almost every crew member team has its hired animation experts that work on the project. Students who wish to pursue their career in animation and broadcasting fields should surely opt for this course. In India, there are very few colleges and universities offering courses in animation. There are many courses to choose from and to make a successful career. This course is specially designed for students who are interested in computer technology and VFX and animation shows or movies. This course is unique and gives a lot of opportunities to newcomers.

Eligibility –
There is no special eligibility criteria for selection in this course. All you need is to pass your 12th class from a recognized education board and score minimally 50%marks.
Therefore pursuing this course is very easy and selection is simple. You just need to care about the college or university you are taking admission in. You should compare the rankings of colleges, fees criteria, placements and exposure provided by the selected colleges, shortlist them and choose the one best for you.

Why should you pursue this course and the skills required to do so?
• Vast career scope.
• Excellent employment opportunities.
• If you wish to join the broadcasting services and film cinema.
• If you have a creative mind and you like to create things.
• If you are excellent at drawing and sketching.
• You should have a world-class imagination.
• Teamwork, communication, and hard work.

Scope in Animation –
This field provides ample opportunities for aspiring creative minds. The animation is one of the leading sectors in the entertainment industry and considered subordinate to sound and music effects, script and writing, and many other areas. The animation is an important part of visual arts and effects. The cartoons you watch like Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, Thomas the train, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, etc they all are animated.

Moreover, the animation is dominating the entertainment industries, Bollywood and Hollywood through highest-grossing animated movies like The Chronicles of Narnia, Lion King, Avatar(Biggest grosser in the world cinema), Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter Franchise and many more. These are some big names in the industry that use animation effects in their filming and broadcasting. Even advertisements like Amul, Yakult, Quality walls are animated to some extent.

Courses in animation include 2-year diploma courses and 3-year degree programs like:
1. BSc in Animation and VFX
2. BA of Visual arts
3. BA in animation and graphic design
4. BA in digital film making and animation
5. BSc in Animation and Multimedia
6. BSc in Animation and Gaming
7. BA in Animation and CG Arts
8. Diploma in 3-D Animation
9. Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking
10. Diploma in Animation, Video editing, and Post-production work.
11. Diploma in 2-D Animation.
12. Certificate in VFX
13. Certificate in CG Arts
14. Certificate in 3-D Animation
15. Certificate in editing, mixing, and postproduction work.

Although certificate courses are also provided in animation they are not sufficient if you wish to start a career in this field. For starting a career in this field you must have a valuable diploma or degree from a well established and reputed college or university. Certificate courses can be helpful if you wish to take admission to a degree or diploma.

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Best Animation Courses

1. BSc in Animation and VFX

BSc in Animation and VFX is an undergraduate program for 3 years. This course comes in the field of multimedia, animation, and arts. The eligibility for this course is 10+2 pass in any stream and there can be a direct admission process. But many colleges conduct their entrance exam and select the students on the basis of counseling. The fee structure for this course is 1.5 to 6 lakh per annum depending upon your course selection and college and scholarships.

This course covers the animation techniques and methodologies used in various fields of broadcasting, gaming, and content creation. The students learn about various applications and equipment software used for animation and technical terms related to it. After this course, a student can successfully pursue his career earning between 20-50,000permonth.
You will cover topics like like2 D classic and digital animation, fundamentals of art and design, Computer-generated imagery(CGI), animation and VFX, etc.

2. BA in animation and graphic design

BA is a 3-year undergraduate degree in animation and graphic design. Students need to complete 12 with a recognized education board and with about 50% marks for getting admission in a reputed college.

During this course, students learn about the history of animation, developments, uses, and techniques of animation. They will learn about graphic design and also make their logos, cartoons, posters, etc. You can get various professional jobs in this field and kick start your career. You must have awesome creative skills and technological knowledge if you wish to succeed in this field.

3. BSc in Animation and Gaming

BSc in animation and gaming is one of the most striking courses in the field of animation and multimedia. Similar to other courses it is a 3-year undergraduate degree course with the minimum requirement of 10+2 from a reputed board with at least 50% marks.

This course teaches students about developing new software, game designing, 3-D animations, and much more. Students will learn to develop 2-D games and software for PC and mobile phones or other important devices. This course is good for pursuing further studies like Mphil and Ph.D. It is an opportunity to give a course that offers career services to the students by providing them jobs. After doing this course you can professionally work as a game designer, web designer or developer, gaming animator, game artist, and animation director, etc.

You will learn about audio editing, software development, web designing, 3D sculpting tools, and will also be given internships. This field works as a hub of employment opportunities and a good salary score. This is because every day a new game is into developing and the other is launched. There are multiple trades in the markets and so does there is a need to introduce new creations and modifications to eliminate the competition. This field needs constant development and up-gradation.

4. Animation and Film making Diploma

It is a 1-year degree course (graduate diploma) in animation and multimedia. The eligibility criteria is a simple 50% score in 10+2 in any stream. This course fee ranges from 10k to 10 lakhs. That depends upon the colleges and universities where you apply for admission.
This course will tell the students to make the best use of technical education equipment. You learn skills in animation, graphic designing, video editing, visual effects and game designing, cinematography, etc.

After this course, you can work as a professional animator, art director, multimedia flash programmer, video editor, flash animation, etc.

5. Diploma in 3D animation

A diploma in 3D animation is multimedia, animation, and gaming course. This diploma is a 10th class diploma requiring just matriculation to choose it.
The diploma teaches students about animation, game development, web designing, 3 D sculptor making, 3 D designing, inorganic and organic modeling, texturing techniques, etc.

The diploma in 3 D animation is just a 1.5-year course that id 18 months study. This course teaches you all the aspects of animation, multimedia, gaming, and designing.
Diploma in 3 D animation gives you several professional job opportunities.

This course gives you various professional jobs like 3 D animator, Visual effects artist, web designer, teacher, game designer, concept artist, and animator.

Conclusion –

There are many other courses in the field of animation and multimedia. You can choose from the various courses and select the one best choosing your interest and that fits your budget pocket.
After this course, students can get professionally employed as video editor, 3 D animator, and creator, teacher, web site designer, visual effects of the artist, games designer, concept artist, etc.

You have to choose the best college for yourself by comparing all other colleges, fee structure, staff, infrastructure, placements, and educational quality. This course provides ample career opportunities and is the best for creative minds with innovative thoughts. We have provided you the best of information regarding the animation courses and hope this proves to be helpful.