Top 8 Best Towel Brands In India 2023

Without a towel, you cannot consider your bathing experience to be complete. For instance, after taking a long, relaxing bath or shower, you finish thinking about your shower and use the new towel you just bought to dry yourself off. And what’s this? Your just acquired towel is a complete mess; the towel’s threads and fibers are stuck to your body all over. After taking a bath, using a towel should be a treat for yourself that helps you feel cozy and dry. As a result, it becomes quite vital for each of us to make an investment in a high-quality towel since we use them frequently. Do we not?
Well, let me just say that you shouldn’t just go to the market and choose the first towel you see. Purchase a high-quality, branded towel; not only will it last longer, but you’ll also enjoy using it every time. And we are here with the top 8 best towel brands in India to assist you with that. Now let’s move forward.
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Best Towel Brands In India


Amouve is a relatively young brand in comparison to the others on the market. Since its launch in 2017, Amouve has drawn a lot of client interest. It’s mainly because Amouve specializes in luxury bed and bath products, and customers are quite satisfied with the high level of quality that Amouve provides.
Customer happiness is the cornerstone of this brand, and in order to achieve it, the founders concentrated on offering the highest-quality cotton material available in India. And that’s what gave this relatively new brand in this particular segment a huge boost in growth. There are already a ton of products available on their website, including infant products, beds, bedding, bath products, etc. The best bed and bath product brand in India is Amouve.


Heelium is a relatively new player in this game, much as the first brand on our list, but it was able to establish itself rather quickly in the market. Since the brand name itself connotes lightness, all of their products are lightweight but of a high caliber. Prateek Sharma had a specific objective in mind when he launched this brand in 2017—he wanted to offer the highest caliber comfort goods. Heelium brand just took off within the first year of its establishment as a result of what he performed. Heelium has been added to our list because of the high quality bath towels they offer. To buy their towels, customers are flooding numerous internet marketplaces. It’s all because this brand sells goods that are both created in India and of the highest possible quality.

Bombay Dyeing

One of the oldest towel brands on our list is Bombay Dyeing, which is also unquestionably one of the oldest and most well-known brands in the textile sector. Actually a subsidiary or branch of the Wadia business, which was founded way back in 1879, is Bombay Dyeing. They currently rank among the largest wholesalers of goods made of cotton and different fabrics in the nation. Regarding the towels they produce, there is no question that they are the best on the market. You can research it on your own by visiting any sizable internet marketplace and looking for their stuff there. The enthusiastic response and excellent feedback from Bombay Dyeing’s clients will astound you.


Rajinder Gupta started the Trident group in 1990, and it quickly rose to prominence as one of the top textile companies in the nation. Trident is a product of his expertise. After thirty years, Rajinder has been successful in extending the roots of the Trident group to additional markets and sectors in India. These days, members of this group work in a variety of sectors, including energy, chemicals, home textiles, yarn, and paper & stationery. Speaking about their work in the home textile sector, they began there and have since become India’s top brand for the sale of upscale bedding and bathroom accessories.
On the first page of results when you search for terms like towels, bed sheets, or anything similar on internet stores like Amazon, you’ll see numerous items from Trident with a staggering number of reviews. This only proves one thing: Trident Group thinks its clients and consumers deserve the highest caliber goods and services.

Yellow Weaves

One of the most well-known brands in India for a variety of products, including towels, slipcovers, carpets, curtain lines, etc., is Yellow Weaves. Additionally, a number of their products are top sellers and have the greatest ratings on online stores like Amazon. Entrepreneur Gagan Sandhu, the bright mind behind this outstanding business, founded the company in 2015. Yellow Weaves started out like any other new company at the time, but it quickly gained popularity because the entrepreneur recognized the true needs of the market and met them. Therefore, we can state with certainty that Yellow Weaves is the greatest brand if you’re looking for products in the low-price area that are of good quality.

Luxor Liners

As the brand name implies, Luxor Liners is a premium name in the market for the highest quality bath and bedding comforters. Luxor Liners was founded in 2005, and since then, they have steadily grown their product line without sacrificing the high caliber of the goods they are selling to customers. If we were to discuss our favorite aspect of their catalog, it would be the bedding options. However, just like the bedding products, the bath towels and other items they sell are of the highest quality. Even though Luxor Liners is not an Indian brand, it has very effectively penetrated the Indian market because to just one thing: customer happiness. According to the founders, a brand can only prosper when it goes above and beyond what consumers anticipate.
The Midas Collection is at the very top of our selection of bath towels, and the D Decor bath towels are displayed there because of their extravagantly opulent appearance. Towel sets in a dobby weave and cotton-linen blend are offered by the “Linea Collection.” The design of the towel increases water absorption capacity and dries your body quickly and thoroughly. When you need to buy bath towels online, D’Decor offers a wide, large variety of integrity, designs, and materials, giving you a number of options. The widest selection of towels, in terms of colors, sizes, and designs, can be found at D’Decor. They also have a website where you can make your preferred online purchases.

Maspar Towel

Maspar offers you a variety of housing options, even down to the most basic essentials. Use towels from Maspar to create a wonderful and accommodating relationship in your bathroom. If we look at the history of Maspar, we can see that in 2002, Mahajan Overseas Manufacturing launched the Maspar brand in India for renowned foreign brands. In addition to towels, the company provides a full range of textile furnishings for every room in the house. Maspar towels, which come in a variety of colors and sizes, make daily life utterly beautiful. Each helps to create a comfortable cocoon because they are excellent absorbent and have a delicate, feathery sense.
Give your shower a makeover with maspar. Maspar has consistently remained incredibly devoted, opulent, and refined in order to deliver flawless craftsmanship to its clients and establish new trends for years to come.

Skipper Furnishing

A well-known brand for home dcor, particularly towels, is Skipper Furnishing. The material of the skipper towels feels incredibly soft, is lightweight, and is portable. The towel has anti-bacterial protection, which prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. Enjoy this soft-feeling hand and bath towel from Skipper Furnishing. After a revitalizing hot shower, nothing feels better than the warm, cozy sensation of a premium towel. When accompanied by vibrant hues, the feeling of freshness after a bath is heightened.
Additionally, it sends you off with a feeling of comfort that energizes you for the rest of the day. So, grab one of these Skipper Furnishing towels in any of their stunning colors or patterns for the ultimate body absorption and bathroom aesthetics.

Types of Towels:

There are numerous distinct towel varieties, each serving a different purpose and meeting different needs. Knowing which towel kinds are most appropriate for each function is crucial. The various styles of towels are listed here. Let’s examine them below.

  • Standard Bath Towel: Standard bath towels are compact, medium-sized towels that can be used every day. These towels are often soft, absorbent, and manageable.
  • Extra-large bath towels: These towels are big enough to totally envelop everyone.These towels are fluffy and very absorbent.
  • Face Towel: The face towels, which are typically small in size, are used to wipe the face. Additionally, it is simpler for everyone to transport due to its small size. When compared to bath towels, these towels are far too small.
  • Gym Towel: Gym towels are normally far more absorbent to keep sweat at bay and are used by gym enthusiasts. Gym towels are primarily used by those who can use them to absorb sweat. They are also light and portable.


Brand assurance is always a wise choice, whether you’re buying towels or any other kind of product. When it comes to niche markets like bath products, many firms just consider the revenues. However, the companies described in today’s post are distinct, you’ll get more for your money and be happy with the goods you obtain because ultimately, that’s what matters.