75 Business Knowledge Quiz Questions And Answers 2023

Do you think you know everything about business? Do you consider yourself as someone who is a successful businessman or would likely to be one in the future? Well, we are not denying your beliefs about yourself, but we might be challenging you (with all due respect). Just kidding. But what would you say about taking a Business Knowledge Quiz? I am sure you will be more than excited. After all, you are a person with good business knowledge.

We would like to introduce you to a bunch of business knowledge questions that you might like answers to. These questions would not only help you to test your business knowledge but also help you to become more aware of the business world. And some might even say that these questions would also help you to startup as well.

We are not only asking you the popular business questions but also giving you the answers to these questions. We are pretty sure that this is the best place to get knowledge of the business or to test your knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look at the following business knowledge quiz questions and answers. First, try to answer them on your own and then look for the answers.
business quiz questions

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Business Quiz Questions

Q. Which are the three locations identified by India to set up ‘water aerodromes’ in India where amphibian planes can land ?

Ans. Chilka Lake in Odisha, Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad and Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat

Q. After GST , what is the new name for Central Board of Excise and Customs, (CBEC) ?

Ans. Central Bureau of Indirect Taxes and Customs ( CBIC)

Q. Which AMC’s CEO Leo Puri has quit due to differences between the foreign shareholder T.Rowe Price and the govt of India institutions ?

Ans. UTI Mutual Fund

Q. Which private equity firm has acquired a 60 % stake in Ramky Enviro Engineers for $ 530 million ?

Ans. KKR

Q. Name the business leader who is being accused, wrongly perhaps, of idol theft  from temples in South India. His family is known for restoring temples as philanthropy.

Ans. Venu Srinivasan of TVS Motors

Q. Which well known cinema theatre in Chennai is part of SPI Cinemas now being acquired by PVR Ltd ?

Ans. Sathyam

Q. Anant Bajaj RIP. With which company was Anant Bajaj associated with ?

Ans.. Bajaj Electricals

Q. Where was this spotted on 9th August and what is innovative about this carton ?

Ans. At Hyderabad airport conveyor belts were spotted. These cartons were empty and used just to announce the opening of the first IKEA store in India

Q. Which industrialist has been arrested recently for the first time on the basis of a crime investigated by Serious Fraud Investigation Office ( SFIO) in its 15 year history ?

Ans. Neeraj Singhal of Bhushan Steels

Q. News of which industrialist’s passing away began as “Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s father-in-law and Chairman of ______ Group, _______ Nanda, passed away ” in Business Standard today. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. Escorts Group, Rajan Nanda

Q. J.Paul Getty , at that time the richest man in the world , what device did he instal in his office so that the visitors did not use his phone to make free calls ?

Ans. A coin-operated pay phone !!

Q. Bessemer Ventures, the venture capitalist firm has an ‘anti-portfolio’ . What is it and why does it have one ?

Ans. Companies they passed on for various reasons and didn’t invest in. Which went on to become hugely successful with other VCs

Q. Which country is all slated to overtake Qatar as the country with the highest per capita income by 2020 ?

Ans. Macau

Q. Which aviation entrepreneur started his career in 1967 as a cashier in his maternal uncle Seth Charan Das Ram Lal’s travel agency East West Agencies ?

Ans. Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways

Q. Which biryani is being promoted by Andhra Pradesh since Hyderabadi Biryani has gone to Telangana ?

Ans. Bongu Biryani also known as bamboo biryani

Q.  Exit of which top official from Infosys has been described as an ‘irreplaceable loss’ by Narayana Murthy ?

Ans. M.D.Ranganath , CFO

Q. Which businessman is behind the University named Anant University specialised in design and architecture coming up at Ahmedabad ?

Ans. Ajay Piramal of Piramal Group

Q. Who has ISRO selected to head the Human Flight Programme ?

Ans. Mrs V.R.Lalithambika

Q. In times, when cricketers had to work on a regular job after their retirement from cricket, in which organisation did Ajit Wadekar rise to a senior position ? Ajit Wadekar RIP

Ans. State Bank of India

Q. Which urban co-operative bank based in Pune had a cyber theft of over ₹ 90 crore ?

Ans. Cosmos Bank

Q. Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are No 1 and No 2 in terms of the number of vanishing companies as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. What is a vanishing company ?

Ans. Vanishing companies are those companies that have raised money through an IPO and have not complied with the listing requirements and are now not traceable.

Q. Why has the Govt through DGCA put a cap of Rs 10,000 for flights to and from Kerala temporarily ?

Ans. Kerala is experiencing unprecedented floods due to which Kochi airport has been closed for a few days. Thus , the govt does not want airlines to exploit this situation by charging a premium

Q. Name this pharma company that was named after a freedom fighter whose birthday falls on the Independence day i.e August 15th. This  company started a factory in Puducherry but now its HQ is Hyderabad

Ans. Aurobindo Pharma

Q. If Tata’s coffee houses are Starbucks, what are Tata’s tea houses called ?

Ans. Tata Cha

Q. Kotak Mahindra Bank had proposed an issue of PNCPS to dilute the promoter’s stake within permissible limits. This has been rejected by RBI. What is PNCPS ?

Ans. Perpetual Non-cumulative

Q. Which chocolate brand has launched single origin dark chocolate variants like Peru Dark Amazon, Venezuela Ebony Twist, Tanzania Chocolat Noir ?

Ans. Amul

Q. Which central university’s school of management is going to be renamed as Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management ?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU)

Q. Who is acquiring the Pithampur manufacturing facilities of German truck manufacturer MAN ?

Ans. Force Motors

Q. Indian Railways is launching an indigenously developed rake that can be part of high speed trains like Shatabdi express going up to 160 kmph. What is it called ?

Ans. Train 18

Q. Colgate Palmolive has bought a 14 % share in a start-up that sells men’s grooming products and is modelled on the US start-up Dollar Shave Club. Name the start-up

Ans. Bombay shaving Co

Q. Through which exchange in India can retail investors buy e-diamonds in quantity as little as 1 carat ?

Ans. ICEX, Indian Commodity exchange

Q. Name this packaging company which started in Guwahati and now Hqed in Bengaluru that is the largest PET packaging company in India ?

Ans. Manjushree Technopack

Q. Which popular ecommerce marketplace has launched a separate marketplace for used goods called 2GUD ?

Ans. Flipkart

Q. Which is the first Indian insurance company to issue insurance policies in the govt promoted Digilocker ?

Ans. Bajaj Allianz

Q. Which company has been ranked # 1 in the latest Fortune “Change the World” list of companies that are transforming societies while making a profit ?

Ans. Reliance Jio

Q. Which Indian retail chain is likely to be acquired by Amazon in association with Goldman Sachs and Samara Capital ?

Ans. More belonging to Aditya Birla Group

Q. When Anupriya a nine year old girl from Villupuram donated all her savings made for buying a bicycle to Kerala Floods relief, how did a cycle manufacturer react after hearing this news ?

Ans. Hero cycles gifted Anupriya a new cycle, with a promise to give her a new cycle every year

Q. What is the new name for DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund ?

Ans.DSP Mutual Fund as the JV with Blackrock no longer exists

Q. Where is former President Pranab Mukherjee slated to teach Public Policy to students ?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad

Q. Approx what is the extent of devaluation has the Venezuelan govt done to its currency as it moves from Strong Bolivars to Sovereign Bolivars ?

Ans. The official rate for the currency will go from about 285,000 per dollar to 6 million a dollar

Q. In many countries, particularly UK, start ups and small businesses are coming up dealing with ugly and wonky fruits and vegetables. Why has this come up and what problem are they addressing ?

Ans. As supermarkets only accept properly shaped fruits and vegetables, those fruits and vegetables which are otherwise good but are ugly , get rejected. These  rejects are now being sold separately. This is addressing the problem of food waste.

Q. Where is Google opening its first retail store where it will sell Chromebooks, Pixel smartphones, Google Home speakers, Nest home devices, and Daydream VR headsets ?

Ans. Chicago

Q. Which tech entrepreneur is behind Seattle based Stratolaunch Systems that promises to make satellite launching as easy as buying an air ticket ?

Ans. Paul allen

Q. Which city has been rated # 1 as the most liveable city in the world ?

Ans. Vienna

Q. Which country has imposed a social media tax of 200 shillings per day on users for using Facebook, WhatsApp etc  ?

Ans. Uganda

Q. Who is a ‘caseophile ‘ ?

Ans. a. Lover of cheese

Q. Which coffee chain has come up with a recipe containing turmeric, cinnamon etc inspired by Ayurveda and named it Golden Latte ?

Ans. Starbucks

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Business Quiz

“We have learned that if we provide people with an occasion & an excuse to shop, they will come” are the Golden words of whom?

Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group)

What is the Title of Auto Biography of JRD TATA?

Beyond the Last Blue Mountain

What is the Title of Auto Biography of Krishna Kumar Birla?

Brushes with History

“It happened in India” is the Auto-Biography of whom?

Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group)

“The End of Economic Man” is the famous book written by whom?

Peter F Drucker

“Imagining India” recently published book authored by?

Nandan M Neelakeni

What is the Tag Line of Sony?

Like No Other

“India’s Family Store” is the punchline of which brand?


Name of the Family Store owned by Kumar Mangalam Birla?


“Net Safe Credit Card” is introduced by which Bank?


“Ab Khulke Jeeyo India” is the advertisement slogan of which company?


What do you mean by ADAG?

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group

“Kingfisher Red” is the former name of which Airlines?

Air Deccan (that was taken over by Vijay Malya Group)

Who is the founder of Air Deccan?

Captain Gopinath

“World’s Local Bank” is the punch line of which bank?


What is the full form of HDFC?

Housing Development Finance Corporation

NASDAQ is an acronym for?

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

What is the full form of ICICI?

Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation of India

“One Family One Bank” is the tagline of which Indian Bank?

Bank of Maharashtra

“Express Yourself” is the punchline of Airtel then “Experience Yourself” is the tagline of whom?

Tamil Nadu Tourism

“Celebrate Life” is the Tag line of which Company?


Who was the founder of Dabur India Ltd.?


Babool Tooth paste is introduced by which company?


According to an Advertisement Slogan, who was “Best Employer in India 2007”?

Aditya Birla Group

“Power of Simplicity” is the punch line of Tally, then “Sense & Simplicity” is the tagline of which company?


Which Company brings CNBC Channel in India?

TV 18

“Inspire The Next” is the punch line of which company?


“Born in Japan Entertaining the World” is the tagline of which company?


What was name of the series of mobile showrooms set by Reliance Communications?

Web World

Which Leadership Guru coined the term ‘Transformational Leadership’?

James Macgregor Burns

Citibank co-brands cards for which oil company?

HP (Hindustan Petroleum)

This company is “applying thought” which company?


Harmony is the name of which companies’ textiles?


“Magic” is the brand name of which mobile company’s Prepaid Card?


Which car gives you “Fun on the Run”?


Who has been appointed as the CEO of the ICICI Bank with Effect from May 1, 2009?

Chanda D Kochhar

Who is the first Asian to be appointed as Deputy Speaker of Lord House UK?

Lord Swaraj Paul

Who is the present Finance Secretary of India?

Arun Ramanathan

With which form of Economy is the term “Laissez-faire” associated?

Capitalist Economy

SAARC was formed in which month and year?

December 1985

Tata’s Nano Project was shifted from Singur to which place?

Sanand in Gujarat

Next SAARC Meeting is held where?


The 15th ASEAN Regional Forum Meeting was held at?


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Business Quiz Questions And Answers

Sony has announced digital imaging, gaming and mobile phones as their core products. What product is conspicuously absent ?

Ans. TVs

What was the original name of HTC, the mobile device manufacturer ?

Ans. High Tech Computers

In mobile phone market what does “tyranny of the flagship” mean, as per the Economist ?

Ans. iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy walking away with profits

In competition to Mackintosh Jack Tramiel launched a low priced home computer. It is the best selling PC of all time. Name it.

Ans. Commodore 64

Which model of Porsche was designed by Ferdinand A Porsche who died recently ?

Ans. Porsche 911

Which mass market brand tried unsuccessfully to launch a premium offering called ARCH DELUXE ?

Ans. McDonalds

What is often said to be “sublimated essence of what America stands for” ? One journalist said it was ” a decent thing, honestly made”

Ans. Coke

Which international hotel chain’s properties in UK are likely to be taken over by an Indian property company ?

Ans. Marriott

Many analysts in US have decided to exclude one co’s results from corporate earnings, bcos the co skews the results. Name the co.

Ans. Apple

UPS has acquired TNT. What is the full form of TNT ?

Ans. Thomson Nationwide Transport

Among cola drinkers who are ‘dualists’ and ‘resistants” ?

Ans. Dualists drink both regular and diet at diff times. Resistants drink neither

If Pepsi has Tropicana as its pure juices brand, what is Coke’s pure juice brand called ?

Ans. Simply juices

Most logos carry one icon, but which co logo has as many as 25 icons with symbols such as sun, DNA, bee, flower and heart?

Ans. Unilever

To which brand did Karhu Sports sell its logo for $ 2000 and two bottles of whiskey ?

Ans Adidas

Which car logo was designed by Childe Harild Wills, the inventor of Vanadium and molybdenum steel alloys ?

Ans. Ford Motors

What is the new name for Android Market, the app store from Google ?

Ans. Google Play

Name this Kraft brand that celebrates its 100th anniversary .

Ans. Oreo

Who has acquired the online photo sharing site Kodakgallery from Kodak ?

Ans. Shutterfly

Which model of car Hyundai will be launched with a Wes Anderson commercial to coincide with the academy awards ceremony ?

Ans. Hyundai Azera

Why are the logo and interface of Facebook in blue colour ?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind. Blue is the brightest color he sees

Name the Swedish retailer who has decided not to enter India because of the 30% sourcing norm.

Ans. Ikea

Which is the worlds largest direct selling company ? Clue not Amway

Ans. Avon

Which is the world largest natural gas company ?

Ans. Gazprom

Name this heritage brand of cod liver oil from Merck.

Ans. Seven seas

If Ericsson is the technology leader in mobile phone networks who is considered the cost leader ?

Ans. Huawei

Which is the only item sourced by Rolls Royce from india ?

Ans. Malabar wood

Which car group is likely to replace Toyota as the largest car mfr in the world ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Which co has decided to withdraw its logo from London Olympics after protests from many incl india ?

Ans. Dow chemicals

Name this nearly 300 year old brand that is the first name in Cognac

Ans. Remy Martin

Connect Bandit, intruder, Hayabuza..

Ans.Suzuki motorcycles

Name this artist who accounts for 17% of contemporary art sales. His first exhibition was 32 paintings of Campbell’s soup cans.

Ans. Andy Warhol

Name this 100 year old car brand named after a swiss born racing driver and has a “bow-tie’ badge on its bonnet.

Ans. Chevrolet

Business Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What capabilities are needed to achieve success?

To successfully compete; strong and differentiated capabilities are also needed.  For example, if you are pursuing an innovation/product leadership strategy, you need resources and people who know how to be innovative and create a culture of innovation.  If you are pursuing a strategy of cost leadership, you need capacity, great supply chain management, and a culture that drives cost out of the system.

Q. What business systems are required to achieve success?

The final question to ask is what systems need to be in place to achieve success?  Business systems refer to things such as IT systems, supply chain management system, sales force automation systems, etc. that support the ability to execute the strategy.

Q. What is our value proposition to our customers?

The first and most important part of any strategy is having a clear and distinct value proposition to your customers.  Is it a product focus?  Is it a customer focus? Or is it a cost focus?  How do you differentiate and how do you choose to be different? Once you have a clear value proposition it’s just as critical to make sure everyone in your own company knows what it is and how to execute it.

Q. Where are you going to compete?

A great strategy has focus and limits; you can’t be all things to all people and all customers.  You need to find the right markets and locations to compete in and make sure your value proposition is the right one for the right customers in the right locations.

Q. How will we win against our key competitors?

Every business and every market has or will have competitors. A critical part of strategy selection and execution is making sure you understand how to win against key competitors.  Please note; that’s key competitors and not every competitor.  Ultimately this element will come down to how do you develop and deploy the right message to customers to position your value proposition versus the value proposition of competitors including their weaknesses.

Business Knowledge Questions

Q. ‘What might this mean for the future? Is this part of a longer strategic decision for us?’

Q. ‘I can see how this idea is really, really going to help my department. But I’m a little concerned about how this might impact our salespeople. Do we have a strategy to [work with them]?’

Q. ‘What does success look like for you?’

Q. ‘What question do you think we need to be asking that we haven’t asked already?’

Q. ‘Have you thought about xyz for this task?’

Q. ‘How can I be of greater help on that?’

Q. ‘It seems that ABC company is making inroads in the XYZ area. Do you feel that’s one of our biggest competitive threats?’

You’re demonstrating that you’ve done your research and you’re aware of industry trends, Taylor said.

Q. ‘Do you feel we could increase revenue by doing X?’

Business Questions

Q. Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them?

Q. Are You Happy And What Would You Change?

Q. What Are Some Of The Mistakes You Wished You Could’ve Avoided?

Q. How Did You Know When You Had The Right Idea?

Q. How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt?

Q. How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?

Q. How Did You Build Your Team?

Q. How Can I Be A Good Leader?

Q. What’s Your Approach To Marketing?

Q. Do You Plan On Retiring?

Business Questions And Answers

Which country has the most military expenditures as a percentage of GDP?

Ans. Oman

Which country in Europe has the largest labor force?

Ans. Russia

This country was Mexico’s second largest importing partner in terms of US dollars in 2017


This trade bloc entered into force on January 1, 2015.


Which country has the most coastline?


Which one of the following countries gained its independence most recently?

Ans. Slovakia

Which sovereign country has the highest per capita GDP in South America?

Ans. Chile

This is the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of market capitalization.


This country ranked as the most competitive global economy by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

Ans. United States

Which country imports the most in terms of monetary value?



So these are our top picks for the best business knowledge quiz questions and answers. We are pretty sure that you loved the above questions and hopefully, you knew the answer to almost all the questions. And if you didn’t then this article has helped you to expand your knowledge about the business world. Thank you for coming to our page, and we hope you will visit us in the future as well.

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