5 Best Interior Designing Courses 2023 (A Guide For Students)

Interior designing is one of the most popular courses among today’s youth and ladies. Designing a dream house, decorations, deciding its layout, color schemes are always a humongous and most important task. There is a large growing population in the world and everyone desires a shelter and a house of own. Every person has his or her view and ideas about how their house, offices, workplace, canteen would look like and interior designers are there to put them into action.

Scope of this course –
Industrialization and urbanization are at their pace and so is the population and economic growth of the nations. Every day there is new construction work in the establishment. New buildings are made and set up, industries established, new houses into construction carrying the dreams and hopes of people. This field needs constant and spontaneous changes and creativity. Every day you need to switch from the design you created yesterday.

Your previous traditional methods need modification and you can design wonders and monuments. Therefore, the scope of this course is never-ending. You can set up your brand, establish a standard, or join some of the best interior designing teams and companies. This course also offers a great deal of accomplishment, creativity, and value for money. You get a handsome salary that is worth your efforts.

Eligibility and Skill Requirements –
To pursue a course in interior designing you must pass your 10+3 with at least 50% marks. Many colleges require special emphasis on Mathematics and Physics. Some colleges may have their entrance examinations.
Interior designing is not a simply imaginative course, it involves careful planning, knowledge of dimensions and measurements, budget management, designing and angles knowledge, and basic trigonometry skills also. This course is a wonderful artwork in practice. You need a highly creative, innovative, and imaginative mind if you wish to pursue a career in Interior Designing.

The following skills are required if you want to pursue an education and career in Interior Designing.

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Analytical Mind
  • Visual sensitivity
  • Scientific Aptitude
  • Color and Contrast making sense
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation
  • Economic thinking and management
  • Excellent management skills and leadership qualities
  • Stress Management

This course demands a high level of precision and accuracy. You must be creative enough to pursue this course. It demands a lot of labor and knowledge. You must work hard and be ready. You should have the ability of resistance as you will be in a continuous pressure to work with deadlines, create new designs, editing and changing the plans and dealing with clients.

After these courses, students get abundant employment opportunities with construction companies, firms, and industries. You can also be privately hired by the dealer or contractor. When you are sufficient enough and well established you can set up your agency or company. Therefore this course is worth choosing and a suitable option to frame your career the right way. Moreover, you can break amazing deals and earn a good lot of money.

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Best Interior Designing Courses

1. BA Honours in Interior Design

BA Honours in Interior Design is a 3 Year duration course in interior designing. Admission criteria for this course can be direct admissions on merit-based as per 12 examinations or through a recognized entrance examination either by the college itself or by some national body.

This course will help the students to learn basic interior designing skills and technologies. Students can become proficient to even design the high budget deals like fashion shows, industries, and home plans. The subjects covered in this course are interior design, interior services, furniture design, History of design, space planning, materials and constructions, English, interior project management, and many more.

The course fee can range from 1 lac to 4 lacs. The fees taken depend upon the colleges, course duration, scholarships, and many other things. After completing this course you can successfully earn between 1 lakh to 12 lakhs per annum.

2. BA Honours in Interior Design and Architecture

BA Honours in Design and Architecture is a 4-year professional degree course. This course deals with almost all the aspects of interior design and provides you great learning. Students get a chance to explore their creative and innovative skills. This course gives a chance to extend your imagination and create something new and better. Admission to this course can be direct in some cases but many reputed colleges or universities require you to qualify an entrance examination and some other rounds. The basic eligibility criteria for this course is 10+2 with at least 50% marks with additional emphasis on Mathematics and Physics.

The average cost of pursuing this course is about 16 Lakhs. This course can also be started with direct admission in the second year after completing a recognized diploma in interior design. Students learn a lot about the specifics of interior designing, methodologies, history and also get a detailed view of some of the famous interior designing projects. Students are taught about the famous interior designers, their projects, and accomplishments.

During the course, students get a chance to do internships with architecture and interior designing firms. They get exposure to the working administration and can create or work on their projects
This course provides numerous employment opportunities and projects. You get financial stability and value for your money since the salaries offered are also relevant. This is a good career option and those interested should select the courses carefully by looking at the colleges, fee packages, duration quality, and staff of the institution.

3. Diploma in Interior Designing

A diploma in interior design is a 1-year diploma program. The basic eligibility criteria of this course demand matriculation or an equivalent high school study to it. This course teaches the students about the basics of interior design, history, and introduction. This course needs no special criteria for admissions and has no specific eligibility conditions. After this diploma, you can easily get admission in the second or first year of the interior designing degree courses.

History of interior designing, construction, materials and services, interior design studio and graphics, furniture design, communication skills, Landscape interiors, etc are all the courses covered in this one year program. The fees for these diploma courses can range from 18,000 to 2 lakhs and the starting salary offered could be anywhere between 9 to 15,000.
This course teaches the basics of interior design and is good to increase your demand over the subject. Diploma courses are both time and money efficient.

After this diploma course, you can work in film and theatre systems, construction firms, event management companies, Exhibition centers, TV set up companies, and many others.

4. MDes Furniture and Interior Design

MDes in Furniture and Interior design is an advanced postgraduate program of 2 years. This course is very beneficial as it allows the students to work on an interior designing project during the course duration. This helps in gaining experience and practical knowledge of interior design and its products. The average fee for this course over the two years is about 7 to 10 lakhs depending upon the college or university you take admission in. The eligibility for joining this course is qualifying graduation from a recognized university or college of the duration of about a minimum of 3 years. To get admission to this course students should give an entrance examination conducted by the university or college. The scholarships can be provided on the basis of the marks in the entrance examination.
There are two levels of entrance exams that are Design Aptitude Test preliminary and Design Aptitude Test mains.

After completing this course students can successfully pursue their professional careers in this world and work as a professional interior designer. You should make sure you chose the right recognized university for your course. This course offers excellent knowledge of interior design and architecture. The jobs in this field have a high earning potential.

5. BSc in Interior Design and Decoration

BSc in Interior Design and Decoration is an undergraduate degree program of 3 years duration. The basic eligibility requirement for this program is 10+2 with at least 50% marks from a recognized board of eligibility. The tuition fee of this course is between 3.5 lakhs INR to 16 lakhs INR.

The initial salary after completing this course is about 15-2500 per month which increases as you gain experience and expertise. After this course, students can work as interior designers, exhibition creators, 3 D creators, furniture designers, etc. This course also deals with 2 D and 3 D designing and space management. Students learn to design hotels, hospitals, offices, houses, buildings, and setups. All in all, it is a very good professional undergraduate degree and offers great career opportunities and paths.

Conclusion –

This is all about interior designing and its courses. This course is very beneficial and career-oriented for aspiring students. All you need to do is careful selection and comparison in choosing your college and course and prepare for your entrance examination if you wish to get admission to a highly reputable college or university.