How To Get Over Your Crush (2023)

We all have had a crush on someone in our lifetime, and we all have been rejected by our crush as well (or never got a chance to ask them out). And the thing is, a heartbreak that you feel when you lose your crush or being rejected by your crush is real and it’s not less in any way whatsoever.

We understand that get to g over your crush is as hard as getting over a girlfriend or a boyfriend and everyone needs to process this heartbreak so that they can get over their crush. As we have said earlier it’s not easy and it’s definitely something that you will need to process. And this article is for all those who want to get over their crush.

Here we are going to talk about a few tips that you can follow which will help you to get over your crush and make you feel better about yourself! So let’s get started and start the article about How to get over your crush!

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How to get over your crush

1. Accept it

The first step in getting over your crush is to accept that it’s didn’t happen for some reason and understand that there is nothing you can do about it. The acceptance will help you to understand that it didn’t work out and it might never happen in the future as well.

As soon as you accept the situation, you will get the strength to cope with the situation and there will be a chance that you will get over your crush soon.

2. Talk it out

The best way to get over something is to let our feelings go and that can only happen when you will allow yourself to share the feelings with your friends and close people. Make sure you talk to someone about it and let them give you a piece of advice.

You have to share all your feeling about that person and make sure you know to share how much it is hurting you.

When you talk it out, it will help you to get over it soon. And there is no better therapist than your best friend or your mom. So you can trust these people with your feelings.

3. Don’t be obsessed

This is the last thing you wanna do with yourself or them. It doesn’t matter how strong your feeling was about your crush, the reality is it’s not going to happen and it doesn’t matter why! And obsessing with them will only make it worse for yourself and you will only hurt more and more.

Try to distance yourself with them and stay away from their social media account. Checking their social media account is the worst thing you can do, and it’s one of the things which is counted as toxic. It won’t matter as much as it matters now when you don’t see them at all. Take a break from social media and distance yourself from them.

Apart from this, you shouldn’t be over talking about them which might lead to feeling the same thing over and over again and this is nowhere near healthy. This will only cause more and more trouble for your mental health.

4. Distract yourself

Now that you have accepted the situation, talked about it with your friends, and also pledged yourself not to be obsessed about it. It’s time that you do something that will keep your mind of that thing. And the best way to distract yourself is to find something that actually makes you feel better about yourself.

You can go to movies, parties or invite your friends over for a game or a movie night. You can also explore new things. Cook new recipes or even pamper yourself a little. Do all the things that make you happy and do it as long as you need it!

5. Know Your Worth

Just because it didn’t work out with one person doesn’t mean it’s never gonna work out with someone. And you shouldn’t be feeling worthless about it. You should always know your worth and you should always know what you deserve. The one heartbreak can never decide your worth.

Be around the people who loved you and cherries you. And remind yourself about your self-worth. And the best person to be around this time is your best friend.

6. Learn new things

Learning a new thing is to always help you to get out of any situation you want. When you learn a new thing, all your focus shifts to that place and you won’t be all sad every time.  So if you were planning to learn something new for a long time then this should be the best time to take it up.

7. Know that you are not alone in this

Many people isolate themselves when they go through something and this leads to making them feel alone. And that’s why you should always make sure that you know that you are not alone in this and there are many people suffer from these kinds of feelings and they get out of that as well.

8. It’s a temporary feeling!

This is the first thing you have to tell yourself. See you might think that this feeling will never go away and you will be sad forever but it’s not true. After some time it will go away and you will feel normal again. But till then you have to remind yourself that it’s a temporary feeling and it will go away eventually!

9. Start a diary

Writing a journal and a diary is all you need sometimes to cope up with heartbreak. You might not know how to will affect you but this will definitely help you out. When you write about the things that hurt you, you get clarity about your feeling and you might get over it easily. This also helps you get away from the negative thoughts as well.

Studies have shown that when you write a journal you get more focus on yourself and you might find a new kind of strength as well. So you can try writing a journal from now on!

10. Go out and meet new people

See laying on your couch and eating ice cream might be helpful in the first few days but it shouldn’t last more than a couple of days. Yes, you are feeling the pain and the heartbreak but that doesn’t give you a license to feel this way forever.

So when you are invited by your friends for a party or anything else go for it! And try to meet new people as well! Its something that helps and makes you feel better about yourself.

Don’t forget to dress nicely and put a smile on your face when you go out. You might wanna go out for a walk or to the coffee house, basically to any place that makes you feel good about yourself.

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11. See a therapist!

As we have said, it’s okay to feel this way about your crush, and it’s definitely okay to ask help for it. And its the pain is too much to handle and you are not feeling better about it, then you might wanna go to a shrink!

We know for some people it’s an extreme step to take to get over your crush but in some cases it’s necessary. As we have said earlier, there is nothing worse about feeling pain about any situation. And all you need to do is accept the situation and the fact that you might need professional help as well.

Our favorite advice –

Get a new crush!!!!!

  • See the best way to get over your crush to find a new one! Of course, you need to take a little time but c’mon it’s not the end of the world and there are plenty of nice people out there who are interesting, funny and charming.
  • Go out and allow yourself to have a crush on someone else. This doesn’t have to be a serious one (well it shouldn’t be!!). You can also take up a crush on celebrities. And even involve your best friend in this process and go for a night out to a club or something and hit on new people just for fun! You might feel good to see how many people are interested in you!!


So these are some of the tips that can help you get over your crush in a healthy manner so that you don’t get depressed or lose the will of having a crash or lose your confidence in the future. These are some of the common suggestions which you might hear from your friends and close person as well. So help yourself feel the heartbreak and let it go once for all! And allow yourself to have those feeling for someone else and be happy again!

So this was our article, How to Get Over your Crush! We hope you found it helpful. So keep coming here again and again for such articles in the future as well.