How To Deal With Your Friends Leaving You Out

Yes, I know it hurts. It hurts a lot seeing your friends leaving you out and moving and socializing with other people. They could have asked you to go together but they did not. They left you and went out but that might not be the case. It cannot be the thing that you are thinking. The cases can be different.

There is a fear and insecurity that the friend who you were with for years might not talk to you the same way because now they are busy with their work and also socializing with new people not giving you much time and that gives you a reason to be scared, that it may continue and you will lose them. Let me tell you being wanted, is completely normal. We need human connections to survive and it is very understandable.

So, I decided to write this article on how to deal with your friends leaving you out. What you should do and try to do if this is happening, how you would process your feelings, what is the thing that is actually happening and why are you feeling the way you are.

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How To Deal With Your Friends Leaving You Out

Stop thinking too much and making assumptions in your head

It may have happened with you earlier the exact same thing you making friends, them talking to you and then leaving you because they did not want to and now they are avoiding you giving you excuses and all. It happens because we do not often find the type of people we want to hang out with. Yes, I know it is not a good way to sort things out. Communication is and always will be the first and the best option but different people react to things differently.

But this time it might not be that thing which you are thinking and they might actually be busy and are not getting time which is making you feel left out. Or maybe the place they went to, they knew that it is not the kind of place you would visit but they had to in order to increase their connections to the outside world, so they did that. There can be things opposite of what you are thinking, which bring me to the next point.

Talk to them about it, how you feel

This is a very important thing rather I would say the most important thing to get going any kind of relation and also to ease yourself from all the thoughts. So, this is the best thing anyone can ever suggest you. Communicate with each other and ask them why they went to that place leaving you and did not even ask once about your opinion and went there alone.

You know, when you tell them how you feel, when you tell them that they are the reason you are feeling left out and it is not a good feeling and you have been feeling this way lately, it may happen that they are not even aware of it and thought you would be okay with it. But once you talk out things you will see that both of you are relieved and all the misconceptions will be gone. Ask them to be clear, if they want to be with you are not. It will be a burden off your shoulder. Trust me.

Explore things, find new interests

There are tons of things in this world and I can bet there are hundreds and thousands of things that we do not know about. Try to explore them. Try to find out something new every day. It can prove very futile towards your career and uplifting your skills. Or if you do not want them to be included then be it. It will increase your knowledge about the things around you. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

You will be fascinated for sure and you would not even remember what the thing that had upset you was that had upset you. All these theories out there are mind-boggling and very interesting. Try it out as soon as you can.

Let yourself feel the sadness

We are humans and we are made up of emotions. We are not robots and hence in no means we should control our emotions to an extent that it has a bad impact on us. Excess of anything is bad whether it be not expressing yourself at all or expressing yourself too much.

You had a strong friendship with your friend and they did not ask you while going out and that has happened a few times. They have been ignoring you and not giving you much time and you feel sad about it. Take your moment feel it. Feel the sadness that you are experiencing. It is okay to feel sad but not to that extent that we are avoiding eating and sleeping and things like that are happening. Make sure these kinds of things do not happen.

Take yourself on a date with yourself

Often to maintain our lives, the friendships and relationships we are having, our work and everything, we forget ourselves. We forget to give time to ourselves and taking care of us. Have you ever thought about it? Now you realized it no?
Give yourself some time. Spend time with yourself. Give yourself some rewards for hanging on to life since long. Appreciate yourself and take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself like the way you would want someone to and then you will see what the changes are that it would bring into your life. It will change the whole scenario of how you were looking at it.

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Take a break from social media for a few days

With the introduction of social media in the world we can literally see what everyone is doing and where they went and everything. With the options of posting stories and reels and posts we often perceive what it shows and not the reality.

People post pictures with their friends and that catches your attention and reminds you of the things your friend is doing and that he or she is not a good friend and many negative things. I would advise you to cut your connections from the social media for a few days. It would help you avoid looking at the pictures your friend is posting and you getting the thought that they are enjoying and here you are feeling all gloomy and sad.

Mix and match with other people in your family, go to hang out with your uncles, aunts and cousins

As a member of an Indian family I can say that our connections with our families are vast and there cannot be enough people we have visited. Try going to your uncle and aunt’s house and indulge in spending time and mixing with your favorite cousins. It will be no less than therapy, trust me.
The craziness that this experience has you would not be able to imagine if you have not tried it yet. And if you have then you already know the thing. I tell you, you must try and see the goodness of it.

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Make new friends

Well, why not? There are so many platforms through which you can make new friends. Talk to them and play games. There are communities based on different things and you can pick one you like the most and start talking to people all around the world about it.
It is a very good way to increase connections and also not to feel left out or alone as there are so many people online each instance. Also, you are not judged by anyone because you join the community according to your liking and there are people who already like that. So, this is also a pretty good option to deal with the situation.


These were the ways for how to deal with your friends leaving you out. You know it is a common thing. It happens to almost all of us. But we should not make it affect us too much. Yes, it happens when we see that the other person is giving too much effort we try to do the same and we do not even realize that we have attached ourselves to that person on a very deeper level.
It comes to light when we see the changes in behavior with time. They meet new people and socialize and then realize that is the thing that interests them more.

Sometimes we do the same and think it is okay until that happens to us. It is okay to meet with new people and socialize with them but that does not mean someone would leave the friend who had been there on the worst of their days. Keep communicating with each other and do not have any expectations on each others end because it is live and it is full of uncertainty so I think that is the best thing to do.