How To Get A Girl To Like You 2023

Are you attracted to someone? Do you want a girl to be interested in you? In your course of life, you come across many people, some are liked by you while some are hated by you and many who don’t matter. The most common problem affecting people these days is the liking for someone.
You may be loving someone badly, but don’t get the same attention and love you desire. Your liking for a person can be one-sided, but mutual liking is what develops a relationship, creates a bonding, and a perfect love story.
Many times you love someone, but they don’t love you back. You make all the efforts, pay all the attention but fail to grab the same response and interest from the other side. This is a common scenario in the case of boys.
They like a girl but fail to confess or fear to initiate because of the unpredictable nature of girls and their inexpressibility initially. But, not everyone would settle for a one-sided story of likeness or love, you desire to make that person a part of life. You want things to work mutually for both of you.
how to get a girl like you

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How To Get A Girl To Like You

Mutual liking? Is it realistic?

So how can you do it? You may be thinking we cannot force someone into liking us, but you are ignoring the fact that you can give them the reasons to like you. It is not always possible that the person liked by you likes you back initially, but it can be achieved throughout the period.

You need to work upon yourself and groom your ways with her and achieve the desired change in her attitude towards you. Just sitting at the corner, noticing the girl you like will lead you nowhere. You need to make efforts and those efforts should be visible. If you desire a change, you also need to bring some changes first.

Try to get more involved, work upon yourself, groom yourself, and polish your skills. Start getting noticed and start being liked. Making a girl to like you is not a humongous task, it is a simple way to adopt changes in your mannerisms and personality that are desired by girls. Try to have those qualities in yourself that would make every girl swoon over you. You should make your personality dynamic and establish a never-ending charm. Do not demand attention or likeness just grab it.
Here are a few things that will promote a girl’s liking towards you.

1. Develop your Personality:

A girl judges you by your personality before she gets to know you. If you want to talk to her and get her to know you personally, firstly you should make yourself capable enough to be having a conversation with her. If your reputation is bad, you dress indecently, your looks are deceiving, she will ignore you and never desire a conversation with you.

Develop your personality. Dress in neat and decent clothes, establish a positive and gentle attitude. Be like a man and don’t act stupid. Establish a dynamic personality and a positive body language. A stooping back or unnecessary body movements degrade your personality. Avoid dressing shabby or too funky, making you look like a complete fool or indecent person.

2. Be supportive and understanding:

Try to be more supportive and understanding. Support her views and try to understand her thoughts and actions. Try to help her as much as you can. Help her out of trouble, assist her in her important works or assignments, be available, and active. You should understand her way of dealing with things, understand her situation and problems, understand her actions and signals. Help her and support her in her perspectives.

You should have a keen understanding of her behavior, her likes, dislikes, and her thoughts about you. Once, you know her and understand her, you get to know what she likes or not and how you shall react. You are well aware of her reaction towards your actions and you can generate the desired response by acting in a way she likes.

3. Be gentle and generous:

Girls swoon over the man of honor, courteousness, and generosity. Behave like a gentleman, be sweet and soft. Your sweet gestures of respect and benevolence are likely to steal her heart. Treat others fairly and kindly. A courteous, generous man of principles is a dream for many girls. More humbleness in your voice and smoothness in your character makes you an eligible bachelor.

Treat her with respect and talk to her in a gentle tone. Never try to be rude in your conversations, gently express your disagreement, and in a positive manner. A benevolent man is always a heartthrob for girls. The decency and sweetness in your behavior contribute towards a girl’s likeness for you.

4. Be practical:

You should act more maturely and have a practical approach in your life. When you behave like a kid or have a childish attitude, she stops taking you seriously. You are more like a stupid fellow crushing on her. Be reserved and frank at the same time. Tackle things more maturely and don’t panic. Avoid doing any stupid things. Passing stupid flirtatious common remarks may irritate her and thus make her hate you more than she likes you.

Also, don’t fantasize about the world or daydream. Have a proper practical approach in your life. Be more goal-oriented and work in a planned manner. You should know the pros and cons before doing anything. Your ability to do things and your take on life is a girl’s primary concern.

She would never get attracted to a nonserious person who lives in his fantasies and has no idea about the real world. She would always like a person who has stability in life and proper economic and career plans. This is because it would guarantee her security in your relationship, and she would accept you more easily.

5. Respect her:

Every girl desires respect. Try to be a good and understanding person. You should respect her point of view and beliefs. Respect her choices, opinions, family, friends, and her take on life. Don’t do the things that would make her feel insulted and don’t embarrass her. Always be on her side and take stand for her. Encourage her to do better and achieve her goals.

Ask her about her goal and career choices, help her pursue them at least by motivating her and increasing her self-confidence. Make her believe in herself and respect her actions. Allow her to make some decisions and agree upon them. Let her voice her opinion and put forwards her perspectives.

6. Be trustworthy:

You should try to be capable of trust. You should try to be her best confidant and let her invest her trust in you. Always be honest about everything towards her. A girl always needs someone she can trust and share her feelings with. Never deceive her. Be her hard time partner and let her share her sorrows with you. Be a keeper of her secrets and her emotions. Be a person she can trust and rely on. Be considerate and active towards her, help her solve her problems.

Let her discuss her problems with you and try to sort them out. You should be the right person for her whom she can approach whenever she feels low. Stay with her always and support her through all ups and downs. Always be truthful and never lie even for the silliest things. Be a person who can be trusted and relied upon. Try to make her happy and laugh. Don’t do anything that would annoy her or disturb her. Don’t let her be upset or sad, stay with her, console her, and support her. You should help her get out of the problems she is facing.


Whenever you want to achieve something, it’s only the efforts that matter. The steps you take, the way you behave, your take on life determines its path. A girl can start liking you only when you try to fix the negative problems with you. Make some efforts, be motivated, and have a positive attitude throughout.
Your only chance at impressing her can be ruined entirely by your stupidity and behavior. Try to be more practical and mature at dealing with things. Act like a gentleman, talk like a friend, and take care of her like a lover. Get yourself to be liked by others not by influencing their opinions but by changing your actions and habits. Groom yourself, polish your skills, and improve your behavior.