How To Make A Girl Happy (7 Best Ways That You Can Use In 2023)

Do you want to bring a sweet smile on your girlfriend’s face or your friend? Want to see the beautiful smile?
The girl you love is in pain or sad, and you cannot see her that way. Are you desperate to see some laughter? Are you desperate enough to bring her laughter back, are you willing to do whatever it would take for bringing a smile on her face. Help her get out of the sad zone and make her happy.

Observe the little things that give her happiness and work upon them. Try to do those things that make her feel happy and special. Talk to her, know her problems, understand her, and make her happy. Don’t let her feel alone or dejected. Stay with her and don’t do the things that make her unhappy or disappoint her. Give her a chance to know her worth and speciality. Let her have self-love and realization.

Making girls happy is not a very difficult task. You need to take some small initiatives and steps that would help her be happy. Talk to her and motivate her. Let her believe in herself. You need to be a little serious and cooperative towards her. Your small efforts could lead to her happiness. Your genuine tries will be valued by her and she will stay happy with you. Give her a chance to know more about her passions, desires, and interests.

Happiness? Small things matter.

In any relationship, every girl wants a man who is loyal and supportive towards her. Your support, kindness, love is all she wants. Treat her like a princess, help her realize her importance in your life, your time together, and your eternal love for her. You should appreciate her and praise her, do the things that she likes and stay with her.

Laugh with her, play with her, stay with her, support her, and make her enjoy your company. Stand for each other and sort out the problems you face, work upon yourself, and start smiling. Learn to be happy if you want her to be happy. Stay optimistic and strong. Go be a sucker for life and stay happy and spread happiness.
how to make a girl happy

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How To Make A Girl Happy

1. Share her feelings:

When a girl is sad or unhappy, she always needs someone who can listen to her. Talk to them about their pain and unhappiness. Let her share her feelings with you. Support her by listening to her and console her. Let her share her emotions with you and respect her for that.

Help in her rescue from sadness. Ask her the reasons for her sadness and sympathize with her. Be careful of your actions since, you can make her more upset. Let her invest her emotions into you. Try to understand her sorrows and happiness. You should try to be a person whom she can call any time, anywhere whenever she needs you or feels dejected. Be available through her ups and downs.

2. Stay with her:

If a girl is sad, she will surely need your support and consolation. Try to be with her entire time. Whenever she feels sad you must be there for her rescue. Stay with her and ensure her that you will be available for her throughout.

Stand for her, try to be near her during the days that are difficult for her. Talk to her frequently and maintain a constant connection with her. Don’t leave her alone. Be the person she can best rely on and be worthy of her trust. Stay close to her, be around her, and make her feel you are always there for her.

3. Take her for an outing:

The best way to make someone happy is to distract that person from the things that trouble her. Try to divert her attention from her problems or fears by making her busy. You can try to keep her involved in any work or you can also take her out for an outing. Take her to the places that make her happy. Make the best of your time and so make her day.

Go for shopping or on a movie date with her. You can also go to a park for recreation. The best way is to take her out to eat something. Go to one of her favorite restaurants or street markets. Surround her in a vivacious environment and full of activity. You can have ice-cream or drink with her as she desires.

4. Make her feel special:

You should make her feel special. Tell her about her importance in your life. You should make her realize her worth in your life. Express your feelings and emotions. Praise her beauty and uniqueness. Engage her in conversation and talk about your relation with her. Tell her what you think about her.

Let her enjoy the moment of happiness. All she needs is someone who would value her and know her real worth. Treat her in a special and sweet way. Talk about the things you like in her. Tell her the qualities she possesses and what are the things that make her stand out of the crowd. tell her what makes her so different from others and what do you like in her. Tell her that you admire her and respect her for what she is and what she does.

5. Compliment her:

Appreciation is a general pursuit of happiness. Praise her as much as you can. Appreciate her for her works. Praise her and compliment her looks. Talk about her hair color, her dress, her smile, her dimples. Say her she is beautiful, tell her you love her dressing sense and personality.

Everyone loves appreciation and recognition. So, give them a chance at happiness by saying a few good things about them. Tell her about her good qualities and how you are attracted to her. Ask her to smile and stay happy, mentioning her beautiful smile and gorgeous dimples.

6. Encourage her:

Stay positive and spread positivity. Encourage her to do what she likes, help her achieve what she wants. Make her feel optimistic about life and let her believe that the hard time too shall pass. Make her strong and confident to pursue what she wants and guarantee her your full support. Respect her opinion and choices.

Motivate her to do good and feel good. Don’t let her feel let down or upset. Cheer her up. Share your experiences with her and your take on life. Talk to her about her problems and make her believe that she can overcome them. Boost her confidence and determination. Say her to stay determined and strong. Tell her she is the strongest girl you have ever seen. Say her you respect he rover everything and she holds an important place in your life.

7. Assurance:

Your assurance is surely something that matters. A girl needs support and someone by her side. Assure her that you will always be available for her. You will stand by her side and she can count on you. Guarantee her emotional support and keep her strong. Stand by her side, talk to her. Assure her that you are always for her, whenever she needs she can call you up or drop in.

Keep in contact with her frequently especially when she is going through a rough patch. Drop messages asking her well being, calling her up daily, and worrying about her. Take care of her, check into her, talk to her about her mental state, or some other problems. Give her stress-relieving remedies and keep her calm. Assure her that you will always be present whenever she asks for you be it any time of the day. Try to support her and stay as long as possible with her. Guide her, counsel her and make her happy.


There are many ways that can make a girl happy but most importantly your efforts decide she will be happy or not. You should be aware of her needs and problems. You must know her mental state and behavior. You should always try to understand her. Ensure your presence around her, be available for her, and stand for her. You should guide her and teach her how to deal with stress and be positive.

Be an amazing person in and out, try to know her needs and desires. Lookout for the things providing her happiness. Do the things that make her happy and try to be her stress buster. Let’s hope you can bring a smile on your girl’s face and vale her happiness.