How To Make Him Miss You Badly – 11 Easy Ways That You Can Try

We all feel a little better when we hear the words “I missed you so much, where were you? It’s also an indication that the other person wants you more and more and they can’t wait to spend more time with you. It becomes all necessary when the other person is a guy! See they may not appreciate you when you are around or may not find how important you are to them without having a noticing your absence.
And that’s why sometimes it becomes necessary that you make him miss you. But how do we do that? A lot of girls are asking this question and we have finally arrived with an answer. This article focus on the ways that can make him miss you and appreciate your presence. Let’s have a look at the following article find out how to make them miss you.

How to make him miss you

1. Stop the communication

Well, this one would be the first and the most important step in order to make someone miss you. The thing is if you are constantly in touch with this person then how can you expect him to miss you. As there is no time to miss you and make him think okay where is she and why hasn’t she texted me all day! And you can get these kinds of reactions only when you have stopped texting or calling him.
And in order to avoid having a conversation with him, you might wanna spend a little time away from the phone as well. If you are constantly checking your phone then there is likely a chance that sooner or later you will have a conversation with him. And to avoid that you might wanna do something else and keep yourself busy all day.

2. Take some time to respond to their texts and calls

If you’re picking up their phone or replying to their texts at a lighting speed then there are fewer chances that they will miss you. And we don’t blame you for that cause when we are interested in a person we tend to respond to them as quickly as possible but this might lead to a negative impact on him as he might think you are always available.
Let his phone go to voicemail and then call back after a few minutes and the similar law applies for the tests as well where you respond them after 10 to 25 minutes of their texts. Although we don’t advise you to do it very often and every time they call or text you as this can lead to making them believe that you are not interested. But doing this once in a while makes them wait for you and miss you.

3. Be the first one to end the conversation

This is also a good tip to make him miss more. There is no way that a guy would miss you if you are constantly talking to them and they are the one who says “bye” first. So whenever you are having a conversation with him then make sure that you are the one to end the conversation. Let him send the last message and make him want more from you. This would definitely help when it comes to making a man miss you more.

4. Limit the usage of social media

If you are someone who posts every other minute about what you are going, where you are, and what are you going to do next then you will have to stop it. The social media posts are a great way to connect with people even without talking to them personally. And if you are constantly updating everyone about your current status, there are fewer chances that he will miss you as he will feel that he knows what you are doing and where are you busy. You should also avoid the connect on social media as well. And let him make some efforts to find out what you are doing, where you are, and how you are with a personal contact as well.

5. Be a little mysterious

See you will have to leave a guy wanting more from you. And whether it’s a conversation, knowing more about you, or the physical touch. The things are the mysterious women always stand out and interest the guys more and more. You don’t have to be an open book every time you meet the guy and tell him all about you which leads nothing new to find out about you. So make sure that whenever you meet the guy you tell him an interesting fact about yourself and keep him engaged and interested in you. Apart from this, about telling him everything about how you feel and what you are thinking. You should let him wonder and fee curious about these things. So, yeah, being a little bit mysterious will make him miss you more and more.

6. Give them space

Don’t be so invested in them and try to check up on them whenever you feel like. This will also give them a message that you are too invested in them and you are always there for them. It’s important that you give some space to the guys and make him. Let him miss you for a day on the weekend by not being with him. You’s should also give him space by not going out with him every now and then.

7. Be independent occasionally

You should be on your own and show him that you are perfectly capable of being on your own and don’t need him every day. Have fun on your own, do some activities alone, ho out with your friends, and be as independent as you can. So basically you should let the world know that you are can do just fine without anyone else. In simpler words have a life outside of him. You should make sure that you have fun on your own and the next time you meet the guy, tell him what you did when you were not around and how your day went, how much fun you had. You can also post some activities that you did when you were alone as well. This might trigger the feelings in him and he might start missing you.

8. Leave them wanting more.

Whenever you are with him, leave him wanting more and more. Whether it’s the physical things, or the “we” time, the conversation, the laughter, etc. Leave them when the spark between you two is on high, meaning if you leave them in the middle of a fun activity, a conversation or the between a kiss, they will want more of it and wait to meet you again and have that connection again with you.

9. Have a makeover

This might not be directly linked to making him miss you, but it can definitely elevate the feelings that he has for you. You will look fresher and more gorgeous than ever after a long time when you last saw him, this will definitely catch his attention and he might miss you more. This trick is actually more useful for an ex-boyfriend or some guy that you used to talk to a long time ago. The perfect time to do the makeover impress a guy to make them miss you is to go somewhere you know they will be there and make it look like you didn’t notice them. Look gorgeous and feel confident about yourself.

10. Wear a signature scent

Guys notice the scent of you more than you think. And that’s why we would advise you to pick a signature scent and wear it every time you are around the guy. So whenever you are with him, he will miss the scent of you as well. And if he ever comes across the smell again, then the scent will remind him of you.

11. Leave things at his home or car

This sounds a little extra and over the board but if you wanna take that road then this can be a legitimate way to make a guy miss you. Whenever he comes across the thing, it will remind him of you and he will miss you more and more.
Note: these may be a pretty cool way to make a guy miss you, but avoid using these ways to manipulate him. And when things get to the next level in a relationship with the guy stop using these ways as well.
So this is how you can make him miss you. We know this can be a little difficult for some people but trust me it’s kinda important sometimes. After all, how would you what importance you hold in his life if he never really misses you! So use these tips and tricks to make him miss you and thank us later.
Here we have come to an end for our article, How to make him miss you! And we hope you liked it and found it helpful. So thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.