How To Start Conversation With A Guy (2023)

Starting a conversation with anyone is anyway a complicated task and most of the people lack the art of starting a conversation. But when it comes to starting a conversation with a guy things might be extra tough for us girls! As you know girls always expect the guys to come over and start the conversation but sometimes they have to take the matters in their hands if the things aren’t moving as smoothly as they have hoped for.
Yes we know how difficult it is to approach a guy and start the conversation but it’s not impossible and there are many girls who can start the conversation with a guy without being awkward or hesitant. And so can you!
This article is for all the girls who want to start the conversation with the
This article tells you how to start a conversation with a guy and how to keep it going. So just be relaxed and read our article where you will find a few tips about how to start a conversation with a guy. We hope you find it helpful. So let’s not waste anymore of your time and start the article.

How to start conversation with a guy

1. Introduce yourself

The first step to make anyone talk to you is to introduce yourself nicely when you guys haven’t met officially yet. This is one of the most straightforward ways to start the conversation and it will also represent how confident you are about yourself.
You don’t have to get over the board with the introduction. Just go for the traditional way, where you say hi and tell him your name and ask him his name. This will work with any guy whether he is a work colleague or a stranger at the party. Just make sure to approach him with a smile and don’t be nervous about it.

2. Talk about the surrounding

This one is another great way to start a conversation with a guy and you might lead to a good conversation too. You can talk about the place you are in, it can be the restaurant or the party, your office cafeteria. Make a compliment or use something witty to describe how awful it is.
This will require the art of coming up with an opening line. You can play the opening line just once in your head and if it sounds good just go for it. Don’t think too much about it and speak your mind about whatever you feel about the place. It’s actually about getting his attention and once you have that, the conversation will start off quite easily.

3. Compliment him

Compliments are often connected with the girls but the fact is, everyone loved the compliment, and yes guys too. So you might start the conversation with a compliment for him. You can say that you like his eyes, hair, or even the muscles (you must work hard for these muscles!).
Apart from this, you can make the compliment as big or small as you can and use them as per for comfort area. If you are a little shy about complimenting him on his killer and, you might say you are wearing a nice shirt. Or you can also compliment him on his performance as well. Or the less personal compliments would be his good taste in music or how cute his dog is!

4. Ask for his help

This one might be the best way to get the attention of a guy and start the conversation with him. You can casually ask for his help if you are lifting something heavy or if you are unable to open the jar or the bottle.
Although you don’t have to overdo it and lose your self-worth when it comes to asking for help. And remember after he has helped you say thank you with a good smile and from there, you can start the conversation as well.

5. Ask for a recommendation

Asking guys for a recommendation is definitely a conversation starter and you might end asking him out as well (yeah we are not talking about that though!). If you are new to the city and you have a crush on your neighbor then you can use the opportunity as asking him if there is a good place to eat or see. And if things are starting fine you can ask him if he can go with you, but even we leave this part you will get his attention and if you checked out the place then you can say it was a great place and you loved it.
Apart from this, you can also ask his recommendation for any movie, music album, etc. It will totally help you out with starting a conversation with a guy, so don’t forget to try it out.

6. Ask questions

Asking a few questions is also a great conversation starter that you can use to start the conversation. But make sure that you don’t ask the simple question which can be answered in a yes or no. There are plenty of questions that can lead to a conversation, such as ask him if he saw the movie that everyone is talking about. And if he says yes you can ask him his opinion on that and if you should watch it as well.
The questions should be open-ended which can lead to another conversation as well. And you can also ask a personal question but you have to ask them at the right time but don’t get too personal which can make him awkward.

7. Find something common

If he has an interest in something like you do then this would be a golden opportunity for you to start a conversation. There are plenty of ways you can find out what he is interested in, by looking at what book he is reading, by finding out his favorite movies or hobbies. And the best way to get this information is to check out his social media page.
It’s all about picking up hints for the things he might like. It will give him a hint that you are interested in him and you notice him. And even if you don’t find anything in common you can talk about his interests as well.

8. Listen to what he says

Guys like the good listeners and that’s why it’s important for you to listen. This would help you to pick up the things he likes and small details which you can use in the future to start the conversation. So whenever you have a conversation with him then make sure you listen to him as well.

9. Ask him how was his day

Everyone loved to share how their day went with someone and you can be that person. And this one is also a great way to start off the conversation with a guy as well. Then you can further ask about the details and keep the conversation going on.

10. Take the small talks to a deeper level

Some times the small talks can lead to something meaningful as well. All you have to do is pay attention. If you are at a party or work and you have introduced yourself and you have now started to exchange words with him then you can start off with the small talks. This will include where is he from, and if you share something common with that place you can share your part of the story, or if you have never visited that place you can I have heard about this place, it must be beautiful!
Just like that, you can make the conversation going and have a good chat with him.

Some tips that would help you in having a conversation with a guy

Have a smile on your face
  • Everyone loves to talk to a happy person and especially if it a girl. So keep the smile on as this will give them a message that you are interested in talking to them.
Keep eye contact
  • It doesn’t matter who you are having this conversation with, you will have to make sure that you keep eye contact with them.
End the conversation on a high note
  • This one is the most important rule for having a conversation with a guy. See if you are hitting it off well then don’t wait to dry out the conversation and end it before it happens. This will make him want to talk to you in the future.

Conclusion –

So that’s how you start a conversation with a guy. I am sure you have found it helpful and how you know what you need to do to start the conversation with a guy and how to keep it going. We are pretty sure you will execute the steps with full zeal and get success in talking to the guy who you find cute.
We hope the article was helpful and you liked it. Thank you for visiting us.