How To Start Cleaning Company & Business (2023)

What is the market for cleaning companies? First of all, it must be said that the cleaning segment statistics show that the sector has excellent growth potential. In principle, this increase is for both residential services (direct to the consumer) and commercial services (industry).

A cleaning company can be extremely profitable, rewarding, and flexible. The costs of opening a cleaning company are low; the demand for cleaning services is increasing every day. Due to the frantic rush of everyday life, and profit margins can be very high.

Many cleaning companies are operating in the market, and most of these companies were created from scratch by someone in the same position as you are today. Believe me!

In this article, we will show you how to replicate the success of these companies that are already established. How to start avoiding the mistakes that most companies in the segment make as soon as possible.

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How To Start Cleaning Company & Business

Therefore, starting a cleaning business can be simpler if the idea is to provide domestic cleaning services. At first, you will not need significant investments. Generally, you will use your customers’ cleaning supplies, and the extra expenses will be lighter.

However, if you intend to have a company that provides commercial services, the investment may be slightly higher, as well as planning. Either can lead you to the path of entrepreneurship and the opportunity to earn satisfactory earnings. But like any business, this type of company requires you to pay attention to some legal steps and procedures. Come on! Follow us in this article and find out today how to open your cleaning company.

As entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs, providing specific home cleaning services is the ideal place to start a cleaning company. The initial costs are meager, and as we said above, people’s lives are busier and busier, causing the demand for home cleaning services to increase every year.

There is still a factor that people have considered a lot, that is, the employment relationship, which generates costs and bureaucracy for domestic employers. Therefore, the vast majority of these employers are looking for companies and outsourcing the cleaning of their homes. The preference for hiring cleaning companies has been overwhelming.

Professional product

All you need to start your cleaning company are some professional cleaning products, some inexpensive parts and equipment, and the support of an accounting advisory specialized in accounting for cleaning companies, in legally formalizing your company- You are in business!

We want to emphasize again, the costs of starting a cleaning company are low, and that means for sure that there will be fierce competition for the market, after all, it is an active business. However, if you follow our management and marketing tips to the letter, you will always be one step ahead of the competition!

If you want to offer a more specialized cleaning service, that is, to be an expert in a specific “niche” of the market, you will need to be willing to invest more money to buy equipment and time to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to be the best in its segment.

Decide what the focus will be:

residential or commercial The cleaning industry has two primary market niches: residential and commercial. You will first need to decide whether to clean houses or corporate clients.

Consumer- oriented services consist mainly of general residential cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services include janitorial services, specialized cleaning for carpets, windows, among others. Thus, it is recommended to focus on a niche and focus on creating a business with a more specific focus. But depending on your investment capacity and availability of management, it is possible to serve different markets.

Establish a business plan:

A business plan is essential to start a successful company. But how to start a business plan? The simplest and most effective way is to conduct a survey and analyze from the competition to the customers and potential. Also, you need to answer the main questions that will be the guiding thread of your business.

You should also be realistic about your skills as an entrepreneur and manager. Your business plan should also include the investment that will be made, the place you want to host the company. As the services will be performed at the client’s residence or commercial establishment, it may not be necessary to think about renting or buying space. But it will be required to think about your locomotion and the employees.

Concerning the budget, you will have to decide how and how much you will pay your employees. And also, the expenses you will have to open your company since it will be necessary to formalize and obtain legal licenses. Does it seem like a list that is too long for a business that seems simple to start? It may seem that way, but planning will guide you and prepare you to undertake more safely.

Plan your operating costs:

If you have the investment capacity to purchase equipment, the company will have more time to start. Make a complete survey of your assets, such as savings, real estate, and other investments. Don’t also discard your credit line to start your small business.

When creating your budget, set the price you will charge for your services. Based on your business plan, find out what your costs will be and how much you will have to charge to balance revenue. Also, research what other cleaning companies are charging. You will have to look for the best way of charging for your business, which can be hourly, square meters, or contract.

Establish a marketing strategy:

First of all, you need to know that whenever you open a business, you need to think about a marketing strategy. The more focus your business has, the easier it will be to develop a plan for publicizing your company. Above all, when creating a service, people need to know what you do and what makes you different.

Thus, creating a website helps to publicize your services and generate discount campaigns. For this type of business, it will also be necessary to create business cards and pamphlets. All corporate materials must include your company name and phone number so that people can find you.

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Choose a name and formalize your company:

First, choose a new and catchy title to attract the interest of your potential customers. Do a previous search to have exclusivity in the selected name. If the idea is to expand and grow, don’t forget to plan the trademark registration. At the same time, check-in your municipality which licenses are required to open a professional cleaning service. That done, you should analyze what the best legal structure for your business is.

In summary, the right type of your company will determine how you will pay your taxes, as well as aspects such as personal liability. Likewise, it will define the minimum capital requirement for opening the company. You can decide to open an individual company (EI or EIRELI) or a Limited Company if the idea is to have a partner as a business partner. It is also possible to opt for the Individual Micro entrepreneur (MEI) modality if the turnover does not exceed R $ 81 thousand per year.

The next step in obtaining your cleaning company’s CNPJ is to register your state’s Board of Trade and register with the IRS. Soon after, it will be necessary to get a business license from the city hall of the municipality of installation. There are still other procedures, such as registering with Caixa Econômica Federal for the “social connectivity” system. But if you want to simplify these processes and open your company 100% online and safely and quickly, consult Juridoc services.


If you are seriously thinking about how to start your own cleaning company, whether residential or commercial, be more generalist or specific niche. You need to be fit and prepared for some dirty work. You must also be willing to market your services through friends, family members. And others who may be part of your network, to slowly build your customer base. It may even take a while to build a solid group of customers. Still, with the right attitude, a good reputation, and personal word-of-mouth references and through social media, you will eventually build a reliable and very profitable cleaning company. We hope this first article has helped you.