How To Start Saree Business In India (2023)

A saree is a traditional Indian wear that is still in very much fashion. So thinking about opening a saree business might be a good idea. Although the saree business isn’t just bought buying sarees in wholesale and selling them! It will require hard work, a good marketing strategy, understanding the needs of the customers as well as sorting out the financial needs of the business.

Starting any business can be overwhelming but if you have a good business strategy and you know what you need to do then it might become a lot easier than what you have thought. This article will cover a few steps which will be helpful in starting a saree business!

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1. Plan your business

  • This the first step of starting any business so you will have to give a little more effort and your 100 percent focus in planing your business. This is like the starting point and you have to make it right. When you have planned your business you will have a clear idea about the requirements of the business as well as the potential hurdles that can come your way while you are starting your business.
  • You can take help from someone who has a good knowledge of business planning or you can do it yourself by conducting full-fledged research of a saree business.

2. Determine the cost of starting the business

  • Every business requires capital so you have to make sure that you are aware of the investment cost required by this business. You will have to think about the cost of sarees, the cost of marketing strategy, and if you are renting a shop or boutique.
  • After you have determined the cost of starting the business you will further need to estimate the running cost. The ongoing or running cost of a business is one that will be required throughout the business to keep it running. It includes the bills, the rent, money required to buy new sarees as well as the salaries of employees (if you have hired any!).
  • This will give you a brief idea about the cost that is required by the business and see if you are financially stable to invest the money or you will have to apply for a loan.

3. Do some research

  • This is also a crucial step for starting your saree business. You will have to know what goes on in a saree business and how you handle the business. Your research should also contain aspects like the needs of the customers, what cloth material is best, and what is trending! Apart from this, you should also find out what are the other requirements for a saree business.

4. Gain some experience

  • Experience is very important in the saree business. And the best way to gain experience is to work in a saree shop. That way you will learn how to talk to a customer, how to sell the sarees, and what are the other things that you need to acquire.

5. Pick a market

  • You need to understand what kind of saree business you are going to run and who will be your targeted customers. Although many saree businesses owner prefers keeping all kinds of sarees at their shops a few will only focus on one type of saree. For example, there are many saree types such as Banarasi Saree, Kerela Saree, etc. So you can either focus on one type or keep them all, the choice is yours.

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6. Pick a name for your business and register your business

  • Since you have sorted out the financial needs of a saree business as well as you have gained the experience, now it’s time that you actually take vital steps to start a saree business. And the first thing you will need to do is to pick a name for your business and register it with States. Once you have registered the business you will get the necessary permits and license to run the business. You will also have to register for the taxes as well. It’s a pretty simple step but varies from one state to another. So look for the policy of your state’s business.

7. Buy business insurance

  • You will have to buy the business insurance to avoid any is mishappening in the future. Since its a saree business there are a lot of things that can go wrong such as fire, theft, and any other damage. You can also buy a workers compensation insurance.

8. Decide the price of sarees

  • It’s an important task to do and you may need a professional’s help in order to decide the price of saree. Although it’s predetermined according to the design, material, and pattern of the saree and if it’s a designer saree then you will have to sell at the price it has featured on the saree.

9. Market your business

  • Nowadays the profit margin of any business depends on the marketing strategy. So you will too have to come up with a marketing strategy to enhance the reach of your business. The best marketing strategy is simply dependent on social media engagement. So the first thing you will need to do is to open a website for your business which contains all the details of your business.
  • Furthermore, we would advise you to make social media accounts for multiple platforms to increase engagement. This way more and more people will know about your business. You can also start an online business and bring sarees on demand for your customers. And last but not least you will have to develop a relationship with your customers so they come again and again.


All right here our article for how to start a saree business comes to an end. We have tried to give you brief and precise tips for starting your own saree business. And we hope that you found it helpful. Just be focused on your marketing strategy and business plan and you will be good to go.

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