How To Stop Thinking About Someone (2023)

Many people come in your life, some stay, while others leave. The human mind tends to stick to some things. The thoughts keep on echoing in your mind about something or someone. The brain is stormed by the continuous buzzing of emotion and thoughts running, upsetting, and frustrating you. You cannot stop thinking of someone, you try to avoid, but your mind again switches to those thoughts and emotions. Are you tired of thinking about someone and want to relax your mind?

Sometimes continuous brain activity can damage your health and stress you so much. You need to rescue yourself from these thoughts and repeated cycles of trauma. Although it may be difficult but it is not impossible. You can easily control your emotions and thoughts, but you need to try honestly. You should stay composed and keep your calm. You can save yourself from the tormentation and dilemma by following a few simple steps to relax your mind. But before you decide to stop thinking about someone or something, you must make a rigid decision about actually wanting to not remember.

Dilemma and Endless Torment –

It is true that when you are sitting free, your mind is most vulnerable at that time. Thoughts come rushing in your mind, making you stress about non-serious things also. Your brain gets tormented by repeatedly thinking about someone. This is because you don’t get a chance to relax, and your subconscious brings some thoughts that can upset you and make you more vulnerable. Being stuck alone with tormenting thoughts and no rescue, you start losing your conduct, and in severe cases get depressed to a point where you question your sanity.

You are in a dilemma of holding onto that thought or letting it go away. You keep on swinging between thinking and avoiding to think. This dilemma is dangerous because your mind gets affected in a negative way. This makes you more prone to depression, being sad, headaches, and vulnerable to emotional outbursts. You get stressed beyond the limit and find no rescue. You often see yourselves rolling in the cocoon of your thoughts. You try to distract your mind, but finding it unable to do so makes you more frustrated and angry. You get irritated and angry. You cannot think clearly and fail to make any decision, and loose self-control.

Here are some steps that would help you relax your mind and control your thoughts. You will find it easier to stop thinking about someone once you follow these steps.
how to stop thinking about someone

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1. Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing is a method to reduce mental stress and anxiety. It gives a chance to make your mind empty and free you from the worrying thoughts. First of all, whenever you start thinking of someone you don’t want to, try to relax your mind at first. Deep breathe slowly inhaling and exhaling, relaxing your mind. This will provide you temporary relief from the thoughts and thinking of someone. You can also start deep breathing regularly as a part of improving your mental health.

2. Make a decision:

You cannot stop thinking about someone unless you have decided to stop thinking about them. You must make a concrete decision that you don’t want to remember that person or the particular incident with that person. Firstly, prepare your mind, make a complete decision that you don’t want to think about that person or anything related to that person. Be certain of your choice and don’t fluctuate between your choices. Just be prepared and sure of what you want to do.

3. Make yourself busy:

The best way to avoid any thoughts or mental simulation is to make yourself occupied. Try to keep yourself busy as much as possible. Stay engrossed in work. Keep yourself busy with works, assignments, projects, and other things. The more you keep yourself busy, the less will be the time available to ponder over things. Don’t sit free, occupy yourself with one thing or the other, and make complete use of the time you have.

4. Set goals:

The best way to channelize your thoughts is to give direction to your life. Set your goals and preferences. This will help your brain to focus on your goals and ambitions. You will get a permanent distraction from your thoughts. You have to set your goals and follow them. Try to achieve your goals. Like you can set a milestone for working on your body, get into proper shape, learn new skills, join some classes, or set up some goals at your workplace. You should be goal-oriented and determined, this will help your mind channelize its energy into something positive. Thus, making yourself stop thinking about someone is a very easy task but requires zeal and determination.

5. Go out with friends:

Go out with your friends often as it would help you to divert your mind from depressing thoughts and feel relaxed. Go to an outing with them, visit an amusement park, go for shopping, watch some movies and much more. Enjoy your time dancing, having drinks, and music. Plan a get together with your special friends, go for adventure sports with them, go trekking, hiking or camping with them. In the company of your friends, you will stay happy and optimistic. Your mind will feel relaxed and stressed out.

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6. Spend time with your family:

Spend more time with your family and friends. The closest thing to an individual in this world is his or her family. Talk to your family members, stay with them and you will feel happy and comfortable. Play video games with your brothers and sister, have dinner together with them, spend more time in the common family room. Your family will keep you busy and engrossed in some chores and conversations. They will always be there for you and help you out of your difficult phase. All you need to do is go to them, spend your time with them.

7. Reading good books:

Reading is one of the best time pass and mind training activities. This will greatly help you to control your mind and stop thinking about that person because it channelizes your brain’s energy into something more positive and investing. Reading takes a lot of time and involvement. You need to fully concentrate on the book and story. Thus, it helps you to build your concentration power.

As you start reading the books your brain starts to focus on the book you are reading and becomes busy forming critical analysis and understanding its theme and concept. In the process, your brain gets distracted from other thoughts and you succeed in stopping yourself from thinking about that person. Only reading is not at all enough. The type of books you read matters a lot. Don’t read the books that are already sad or depressing, instead of them, read the motivational books. Try to read books on psychology and mental health. Read some of the best-selling novels and choose from the long list of the best-selling authors of the decade. Reading will prove to be very helpful in controlling your mind and channelizing your energy.

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8. Do not contact:

The best way to not think about someone is to stop believing their existence. Stop being in contact with the person you don’t want to think about. Abandon all forms of communication with that person. If possible block them from your social media platforms. This is because when you see any post or picture uploaded by the same person, it again affects your mind and you are forced to think about that person again. Avoid any conversation with them, more you boycott them easier it will be not bothered about them and stop thinking about them.


There are many other things that you can try to stop thinking of someone. Everything is a part of your brain. The thoughts you think, the dreams you see, your stress, your happiness all these things are the perception of your brain. Once you learn to control your brain you can easily regulate your thoughts and control your emotions.

Try to be more calm and composed. You can do various stress-busting exercises and meditative asanas. They help you to deal with your mental stress and keep your mind sound and healthy. Make yourself busy and engrossed so much that you don’t have time to think about these things. Stay happy and positive. Don’t think too much and never sit free.