197+ Instagram Story Questions Ideas To Ask Girls & Boys 2023

There are more options besides just uploading a fresh image or narrative every day to interact with your audience. To keep your audience engaged, it may be vital to get inventive with what you’ve been doing frequently. Using Instagram’s new story features will increase interaction on your Instagram profile or page. Instagram stories are one of the finest methods to connect with your audience more effectively, and you can utilize story features like emojis, stickers, and polls to promote higher engagement.

Whether you are bored or wanna talk to new people, Instagram stories always help you! And here we have some great Instagram story questions that you can ask your followers!
Instagram Story Questions Ideas

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How to use the Instagram story questions sticker

  • Adding a question sticker to your Instagram Stories is easy!
  • Start by tapping the sticker button after uploading a photo or video to Instagram Stories.
  • Select the new question sticker and then type out your prompt. For example, you could write, “hopping on a flight… ask me anything!”
  • Once you’ve written your prompt, place it wherever you’d like and share it to your story.

How Instagram Stories Questions Work

Use Instagram stories to pose questions in one of the following three ways:

  1. Use the sticker labelled “Questions.

Using stickers is the simplest method to pose a question on Instagram Stories.

  • Tap the sticker symbol to add stickers to your narrative.
  • To add a question to your narrative, select “Questions” from the sticker menu.
  • The final step is to simply type your question.

Your Instagram followers must be able to directly respond from the Instagram story viewer.

  1. Publish a poll.

Polls on Instagram Stories are another feature that lets you ask questions. If your question has two alternative answers, this is helpful.

  • Create a new story, then return to the stickers menu to add a poll. However, this time, press the “Poll” sticker and make changes to your query.
  • When creating your sticker, you may change the settings by clicking on them.
  • Your poll may ask people about the best features or tools they can’t get enough of, what one change they would want to see made to your services, etc.
  1. Make a quiz.

Making a quiz for Instagram Stories is a fun way to pose questions.

  • Quizzes function similarly to polls by providing your audience with a range of options. The main distinction is that quizzes allow you to input more than two potential answers.
  • If you’re hosting a straightforward giveaway for your fans, quizzes are fantastic. Just be sure you select the right response before publishing your tale. Of course, you are free to use any sticker that is appropriate for the type of question you require.
  • The rest will be handled by Instagram Stories, which will show it to your followers and tally the results. As long as your story is active, you can gather responses.

Questions for Instagram stories

It’s time for some suggestions now that you know how to ask questions on Instagram Stories:

Which Instagram influencer is your favorite?
The significance of influencer marketing cannot be understated. You can learn a lot about your audience by asking them who their favorite Instagram influencers are and looking at the posts of the influencers they follow. You discover the kinds of information your audience like, the best ways to offer it, the best times to post, etc.

What products would you suggest for…
You may find areas where your own items could use enhancement by asking your audience about the products they enjoy. You could even learn about prospective collaborations through it. Simply choose a subject that will enable you to identify non-competing brands.

Which Instagram video is your favourite?
Do you ever have aspirations of making Instagram’s most popular video? Instagram videos that are already well-liked by your audience might serve as inspiration. Simply request a list of their top Instagram videos, watch them, and make some notes.

What features of our product do you like/dislike?
Your own consumers are the best individuals to ask whether there is anything wrong with your product. It is essentially direct social media listening. You may also inquire about the aspects of your goods or services that your customers adore. By figuring out what functions, you may expand on it and base future services on it.

Which feature do you like to see added next?
Use customer feedback from Instagram Stories questions to improve your products. Asking them what things they’d want to see in the future is a fantastic way to start. The simple act of soliciting feedback from your audience is sufficient to build loyalty. Let your audience know that they have a voice, even if you are unable to accommodate all of their demands.

Ask about a fun activity
You set the rules for Instagram. A humorous Instagram story question is the most genuine thing you can do. Ask your audience to vote for their best image, for instance, if you know how to add numerous photos to an Instagram story. When selecting winners for an Instagram picture competition, you may do this. It’s also a good idea to ask questions that will help you get to know your audience better. Some other ideas include:

What book are you reading right now?
This question can help you understand the taste of your audience and the genres they are interested in which will help you make more relatable content for them.

No cheating: what’s the last song you listened to?
This question will again help you to understand the music taste of your audience so that you can use more of the silimar music in your stories or videos to get better engagement.

What is your favorite childhood treat?
This can be encouraging for your audience to reply as this can bring back some nostalgia and really fun memories which they can be interested to share with you and which in turn keeps them engaged with your profile.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
This can also be a fun and engaging question for your audience to answer.

What was your favourite childhood treat?
Your audience may be encouraged to respond if it makes them nostalgic or recalls something they had a lot of fun with. This will keep them interested in your profile and encourage them to share their responses with you.

What was your humiliating experience?
This can also be a fun and engaging question for your audience to answer.

What sort of person would you like to date?
Asking this question will bring out the Romeo and Juliet in your audience, allowing you to continue by describing their favourite characteristics in a romance. You can respond to some of them with responses and feedback.

Which movie is your all-time favourite?
Another opportunity for you to observe the preferences of your audience in terms of entertainment and enjoyment.

What sector do you now work in?
According to their job, this might assist you determine the type of material your followers would want.

What is a dream you have never told anybody about?
Prepare yourself for this one since there will be a tonne of secrets disclosed. This may occasionally become quite fascinating, enjoyable, and a bit overpowering.

Tell me a unique fact about you.
Since it is about a unique aspect of themselves, they will be motivated to share their answers with you, which is another intriguing method to learn more about your audience.

Do you currently own a pet or do you intend to? If you do, do tell us about them.
It’s great to learn about other people’s pets and to talk about our own, so it benefits both you and your audience since both of you will be interested in learning and they will be interested in hearing about other people’s pets.

This weekend, what are you binge-watching?
This will be a fun content recommendation for you, and you will learn what your audience has been interested in recently.

What do you believe to be vital but is not truly so?
Once more, use this wonderful and entertaining question to establish a personal connection with your audience.

Allow them to ask whatever they want
On Instagram Stories, you may ask and answer questions. You can respond to questions posed by your audience on social media in place of posing your own. Brands may accomplish this by entering “ask me anything” or a similar phrase into the questions sticker. This provides you the chance to engage your audience while also addressing their most important problems. Expect to get questions about your goods and the history of your business.

Instagram Story Best Questions

Best Instagram Story Questions
Instagram Story Questions
37 Best Instagram story ideas
Instagram Story Ideas
Instagram Story Questions
Instagram Story Questions
Instagram Story Questions

Instagram Questions Story

Instagram Story Questions Ideas

Instagram Story Questions Ideas

Best Instagram Story Questions ideas
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Instagram Story Questions Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas
best Instagram Story Ideas
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Try out some interactive questions and interactive polls to engage your audience and draw them to your page if you aren’t getting any interactions with your usual Instagram stories or posts. Your social media engagement may be significantly increased by posing queries on Instagram Stories. It’s a fun and interesting method for getting opinions, discovering top rivals, tracking down prospective influencers, and more. You may connect with your audience in a terrific way by using some stickers in addition to the questions above for Instagram story ideas.

This interactive feature will make it simpler for you to maintain a one-to-one connection with your followers through the use of polls, emoticons, and stickers. That eventually aids in the development of a devoted following for your page. You should be better able to grasp Instagram Stories’ full potential after seeing the questions above. What would you like to know about your followers, now that it’s your turn?

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