10 Best Ways To Be More Confident Around Crush 2023

You may be a confident person but when it comes to hanging around or with your crush you will struggle to be confident. This happens to most people and it’s rare if that is exactly what is happening to you. Whether you are a teenager or got a crush on your colleague, you will struggle the same. Things become even more challenging when you have to meet them every day and you don’t feel confident at all.
In your head, you might think that you are going to embarrass yourself and will overthink every little thing as well. Although this isn’t something that can’t be improved. You can become confident around your crush if you practice good habits and try to improve yourself as well.
We are here to help you and tell you how you can feel confident around your crush. This will help you to be yourself and ultimately how you can make your crush see you for you and not the person who is shy and can’t seem to say anything out of their shyness.
So here are some of the ways you can feel confident around your crush, have a look!

How To Be More Confident Around Crush

1. Be Yourself

One of the things that we all tend to do wrong becomes someone else when we are around our crush. This helps no one especially not you and your bond with your crush. While it is hard to stay true to your personality, make sure you don’t become a person that is far away from your personality just to impress your crush. This will make things worse in the long run. Besides, when you don’t try to become someone else and stay true to your roots you become more confident than ever.
Being yourself means you don’t agree with everything your crush says. For example, if your crush says they loved an xyz movie, don’t immediately jump and say to me too! These are the simple things that you should keep in your mind. Don’t change your personality while you are around your crush, it will give them a false idea of who you are.

2. Don’t obsess over looks yet try to dress according to your style

One of the things people start doing is to start dressing up for their crush just to notice them or wearing more makeup or stuff like that. While it is important that we put some effort into our style and looks but try not to go overboard.
For example, you don’t need to wear something that you feel uncomfortable in just so that your crush can notice you. This goes for both girls and boys. You also don’t need to put on too much makeup or do scents that you will otherwise never do.
However, you might put effort into your grooming. Find the style that suits your personality the best. You might want to wear clothes that are suitable for your body type and also bring out your personality the best. It’s okay to make little changes in your personality but you don’t want to go over the top and do too much.

3. Be aware of your body language

Body language is quite important and not many people understand this either. You should make sure that you use your body language to stay confident and it will also make you a little bit more attractive too.
Try to ensure that your body language is in line. You might want to get the right posture while standing and sitting. Chin up and keep your shoulders back while walking, and your chest slightly stuck out, this will make you appear more confident about yourself.
On the other hand, stuff like biting your nails, looking down, and playing with your hair can make you appear nervous and less confident. Make sure you don’t lose eye contact while talking to them.

4. Try to think of them as an ordinary person

When we have a crush on someone we think of them as no less than a celebrity or even an idol. This is something you would need to work on especially if you see them often.
You need to remind yourself that at the end of the day, they are also a person just like you are. And they needed to be treated like a person. There may not be anything special about them and they are just like you with their own set of flaws, insecurities, and fears.
This will also help you to remain grounded and not make unrealistic expectations of them. If you are playing to start a serious relationship with them then you need to remind yourself that they also come with baggage and you need to accept them for everything they are. This will certainly remind you that you are also a person and you are not the only one with flaws, insecurities, and fears!

5. Try not to overthink

When we are around our crush we may behave a certain way and say things, while at that moment it won’t seem like a big deal but most people go back and overthink their every little move. This is not going to do any good to you.
So while you hang out with your crush and do something stupid or say anything random, remind yourself that it is okay. The moment has passed and you don’t need to make a big deal out of that your crush won’t be thinking so much about you at that point either.
So give yourself a break from overthinking as it won’t do any good for your confidence level.

6. Try to get to know them

While you may be thinking and imagining a life together with your crush, this won’t make any difference in real life. So you need to take matters into your own hands and get to know your crush.
For this, you will have to spend some time with your crush. You can take help from your friends to plan some events to go to together or even for some work-related stuff. The more you spend time with them the more you will know them. This will also ease some tension between you and your crush and you can move from the awkward stage to get more confident while you are around them.

7. Try to know if they are interested in you

This can help a lot with your confidence around your crush. If you know whether your crush likes you a little or is interested then it will certainly help your confidence. If they do like you then you will automatically feel the confidence of getting close to them, flirting with them, or even asking them out. It will make things a lot easier. On the contrary, if they are not interested in you then you might want to forget about them and move on.
To know if they like you back or not, you can flirt with them or give them hints, see how they react, or even reciprocate, this will certainly help you get a better perspective of their feelings for you.

8. Be direct with them about your feelings

Someone said that the best way to get over someone is to let them know your feelings. So if you can’t keep your feelings inside you anymore this might be the time to tell them about it.
How they react or if they reciprocate is their decision and choice, but saying your feelings out loud would certainly help you. You will feel some relief as they will know how you feel about them. You never know, you may get lucky if they also have feelings for you.
And if they don’t have feelings for you, you will get closure and you can finally move on for good!

9. Find Common Interests

One of the ways to get closer to your crush is to find common interests and hobbies. It will not help you get closer to them but when you do something you love and enjoy, you appear more confident and your true self.
This can be very helpful in the initial days and it will certainly help you get more confident. For example, if you both love marvel movies, you should watch one together, if you guys love cooking then prepare a meal together, and so on. This will also keep you at ease and you won’t feel very nervous around your crush.

10. Don’t make a big deal of some awkward interactions

We all have experienced some awkward interactions or must have embraced ourselves in front of our crush. Well, keep in mind that it is much more common than you think and it is not the end of the world. If everything works out great, you guys will be laughing at it in the future.
Just remember that they won’t be overthinking about something you have done and it will only be replayed in your head. So give yourself a break and try to be chill about it. Don’t let it define your future interactions and encounters.


So these are some of the things that can help you feel confident around your crush. All of these ways are supposed to boost your confidence. Remember when you feel confident you can approach your crush and talk to them to get to know them. This will certainly start some conversations and you might get a chance to ask them out on a date.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for. Make sure to implement these little steps to boost your confidence around your crush and let them see your truest self!