Top 25 Pharmacy Interview Questions & Answers 2023

Pharmacy is one of the biggest industry and it’s growing day by day and so does the opportunities for the people to have a decent job in the industry! Many students are seeking jobs in a pharmacy hospital and they want to be in a good hospital so that they can directly help the people with their talent and learn themselves a decent amount of money too.
Just like any other job, candidates will have to pass the interview to get a job in a pharmacy hospital and it won’t be easy and you just can’t take this for granted.
So if you wanna achieve the first milestone in your pharma career then you will have to be fully prepared for the next interview! In this article, we are gonna answers some commonly asked questions by candidates who are going to take the interview and after that, we have listed out some commonly asked questions at the pharmacy interview, which you need to prepare!

pharmacy interview questions

How do I answer the question – why do you need to do pharmacy?

  • It is one of the commonly asked questions that you will find in your interview. It’s easy to prepare the technical questions where you have prepared all the answers and read your books. But you may forget to prepare the questions which will be related to you! As they may wanna know you as a person and see if you will be to truly deliver the duties of a pharmacist with all your passion!
  • To answer the question, you may wanna talk more about your dream to help people or to achieve a certain position for yourself in this industry. You may also say this job will give you the experience which will be helpful for your future career as well. Apart from this, you can also mention your interest in healthcare, drugs, medical, etc!
  • Overall your answer should reflect why you wanna do the job and how important the job is for you and you will give your 100% after you have been selected for the job!

How do you answer – tell me about yourself in a pharmacy interview?

  • This one is too a personality-based question which you need to be carefully addressed by you. The reason they will ask you this question is because they wanna know your background and what is your qualifications. This may be their first or last or the last question in the interview!
  • Always start the question by your name (if it’s the first question they ask), and you can also mention where you did your schooling and graduation. You can also mention some important achievements of yours in the past few years (which is related to pharmacy). But don’t go too deep and keep it short and crisp.

How do I prepare for a hospital pharmacy interview?

There are a few tips which we wanna share with you that can significantly help you in the preparation for a pharmacy interview:-

  • Prepare for the question- well it’s a well-known tip, if you want to impress the recruiters you will have to answer each question with confidently and the only way to do so is to prepare for the questions which can be asked in the interview! We already have listed down some popular questions which are asked in the interview and you can easily prepare them before going to the interview.

Do full research before going to the interview!

Before going to the interview you need to know everything about the organization or the hospital in which you have applied for the post. You will have to know their goals, missions, and values so that if they ask about why you want to work here you can impress them by stating a qualities about the place.
  • Be professional – this is the kind of job which demands a professional behavior and you will have to display that in front of recruiters as well. Arrive early, dress professionally and well-groomed and be confident while answering the questions.
  • Prepare some questions to ask- interview isn’t just about answering the questions, but it’s a two-way street, many recruiters may ask you “if you have any questions for us?” That’s the time when you ask the questions and let them think about how interested you are in the job!

Pharmacy Interview Questions

This job is repetitive. What would motivate you to do it well every day?
What characterize a great pharmacist from your point of view?
Give an example of a time when you were overwhelmed with work. How did you handle the situation?
Here is a case describing a common drug interaction. How would you resolve it?
How would you spot drug seeking behavior? What would you do if you spotted it?
You cannot read the prescription. What would you do?
How would you ensure that different treatments are compatible?
What things do you need to assure yourself about before dispensing prescription medicines to a customer?
Do you have any questions?
Why should we hire you?


These are the best pharmacy interview questions. I hope these pharmacy questions will help you in your interview. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.