15 Good Questions To Ask Your Friends 2024

We all love spending time with our friends and it’s one of the best times we have. Friends are those people with whom we can have any conversation we want. Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes it will be about meaningful topics and sometimes you can just want to talk about random meaningful things. No matter the conversation is, it will be the best conversation that you have with someone.

This is article is for those who want to have a fun, meaningful, and random conversation with their friends. Because sometimes you really wanna catch up with your friends yet can’t find things to talk about. In this article, we have listed out some amazing questions which you can ask your friends to have a good talk with your friend. Let’s not waste anymore of your time and get started with our list of questions to ask friends!

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Questions To Ask Your Friends

1. Ask them about their day.

As a friend, this should be the first question you should ask your friend. If you talk frequently then they wouldn’t have any problem sharing their day with you. And it will make them feel good and make them realize that they have someone whom they can talk about their day.

2. What’s the best moment of the year for you?

Just go and ask this question to see if they are having some good moments or moments that they are proud of. This will encourage them to share their experiences and positive things with you and feel proud/happy while reliving the experience.

3. What would you adopt a baby koala or a baby fox?

Sometimes these weird questions might be a nice conversation starter. And if your friend is quirky it might be a fun conversation.

4. Which reality show you wanna feature on?

Anything except Keeping Up With The Kardashians will do. There are plenty of reality shows which you can be part of and you two can share your thoughts on the subject as well.

5. Plan opening a bar!

As friends, you should always plan on opening a bar with your friends! Although it might never gonna happen but it will be a fun subject to talk about. You can talk about the crazy themes to hiring hot waiters and waitresses or just coming up with a crazy idea of opening a bar at your own house for a night!!

6. Ask them about a future trip

Plan a trip together. Although chances of actually happening the trip is very less but still it would be a great topic to plan a trip together. You can talk about the weirdest places to each other’s dream destination. And if you two are lucky you might end up having a trip together.

7. Ask about their childhood memories

Everyone loves to be nostalgic and it’s a great question to bond with your friends. If you feel like, then you can surely ask for their memorable childhood memories, favorite toy, or you can remember your school days as well.

8. How many bones you have broken till now?

This question can be asked in a group as well, everyone must have broken at least one of their bone-in their lifetime. It is a great question to ask friends. It will fun to know everyone’s story of broken bones. Try asking the question when you are in a group, as everyone will have something fun to say.

9. Plan a business together.

Everyone has planned a business with their friends at some point in their life so it would be actually fun to plan the hypothetical future business with your friend. There will be so many fun things to discuss and some meaningless ideas as well.

10. Ask about their life and ask them if they are okay!

Keep the fun things and meaningless conversation aside for a second. Because it’s actually important these days to check up on your friends and see if they are doing okay. So whenever you get time you should ask them if they are okay or not. After all, it never gets old to be a good friend.

11. Ask them their future plans

This one is also an important question to ask and as a friend you should always what your friends are up to. It should always be your concern that what your friend is up to. It will be a great question to ask your friend to have a meaningful conversation.

12. What are your biggest fears?

If you want to get to know your friend better then you should surely ask them about their fears. As you know everyone has fears and everyone is afraid of something. To build a conversation where you can get them to know better by knowing their biggest fears (as a bonus, these fears may be proven useful when you decide to play a prank on them!).

13. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

Well, this is a question that you should definitely ask them if you think they are feeling blue! As we all have experienced some off days,  you can actually ask your friend if there is anything which you can do to make them feel better!

14. Ask them about their deepest secrets.

They may or may not tell them to you but it’s still a pretty good question to ask friends. So try it sometime.

15. 100 kittens or 3 sloths?

If you are in a playful mood then you can ask this random question. You guys can actually play a little game where you just ask these kinda questions. It will be fun.


So these are the best questions which you can ask your friends and have a good time. We have included many different kinds of questions in the article, so you will find the kind of questions that you want to have a conversation about. We hope you liked the article thank you for visiting the page.