20 Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You (2023)

This article is for you if you’re in a relationship with a Nigerian guy and need to know if he loves you or is just using you. A relationship may be enjoyable if both parties follow the ground rules, but if any party breaks the norms, the partnership will inevitably end in heartbreak.
It is normal to overlook a person’s shortcomings when you adore them or have a wild crush on them. But what do you do if it turns out that the defects you are choosing to ignore are signals that he is using you?

Being used by a guy is one of the worst feelings in the world, particularly when you think you have given each other your heart. This is especially true when you feel you have given your heart to each other. Continue reading to discover signs a Nigerian guy is using you so you can avoid being used in the future.
Signs Nigerian Guy Is Using You

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Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You

1. “He Only Calls You When He Has A Need”

It is one of the signs a Nigerian guy is using you if he only gets in touch with you when he has a favor or purchase he needs you to do. He may take advantage of you for your time, money, or other resources.

2. “He Does Not Make Any Effort To Take You On Actual Dates”

It is a red flag when the Nigerian guy you see only brings you to low-key or informal locations and prefers to spend his time alone if he wants to spend time with you. Spending time together in both public and private situations may benefit the development of a genuine connection.

3. “He Has A History Of Taking Advantage Of Women”

If a Nigerian guy has a track record of sexually exploiting other women, it is evident that he is not interested in pursuing a genuine romantic connection. It will help if you use extreme caution before becoming associated with anyone with a history of taking advantage of others.

4. “He Never Stops Harping On His Achievements”

If a Nigerian guy is solely interested in exploiting you for himself, he will probably only speak about himself, his hobbies, and his aspirations. It’s possible that he doesn’t have any interest in hearing about you or your past experiences.

5. “He Constantly Blames You”

If a man is just interested in using you, he may place the blame for any issues in the relationship on you. He may never accept responsibility for his acts or errors. This is one of the signs a Nigerian guy is using you.

6. “He Continually Requests Cash Or Presents”

It is a very apparent sign a Nigerian guy is using you that a person is exploiting you if he constantly asks for money or presents from you. It is not appropriate for the exchange of money or presents to be the focus of a genuine relationship.

7. “He Never Thanks You Or Expresses Appreciation”

If a man is just interested in using you, he certainly won’t express gratitude or praise you. He may always need to recognize your efforts or successes.

8. “He Never Discusses The Two Of You Have A Joint Future”

If a person is just interested in exploiting you, he won’t make an effort to get to know the individuals who are closest to you. It’s a warning sign if he tries to make excuses for why he can’t meet your friends or family. He might be hiding something.

9. “He Never Discusses The Two Of You Have A Joint Future”

If a Nigerian guy is interested in using you, it’s unlikely he wants to be in a committed relationship with you. He may only discuss the future with you or collaborate on plans.

10. “He Never Shows Any Interest In Your Personal Life Or Activities”

If a Nigerian guy is using you, he probably isn’t interested in your life and the things you’ve been through. He may refrain from inquiring about his profession, interests, or goals for the future.

11. “He Will Never Show You To His Friends”

Guys like bragging about their babes; it is likely that they will wish to bring their babes along to various gatherings. If your man loves to hang out by himself and. You are not essential to him in any way. Thus, he will never, under any circumstances, introduce you to his buddy.
In today’s world, everything is made simpler by social media. As a result, you can learn about the newest relationship in town, the newest clothing, and the newest accomplishments, all via social media. On the other hand, if your Nigerian guy did not utilize any of these platforms to show off your attractiveness, these are warning signs a Nigerian guy is using you.

12. “He Is Never Jealous”

Feeling envious may be a negative emotion at times, but there are times and circumstances in which it is OK for someone to feel jealous. Can you explain the feeling you get when the person you label a guy sees you interacting with someone of the opposing gender and doesn’t seem bothered?

You are free to live your life, which is the one thing he continues harping on you about. It’s essential to take heed of that indication. He does not have the slightest interest in you. If he does, he will display that trait when he needs to be jealous.

13. “He Never Talks About Marriage”

What we want to know is whether or not he loves you or whether or not there are any signs a Nigerian guy is using you. Then what about how he acts every time you bring up any subject relating to marriage? There are two possible outcomes if he does not want to marry you; that’s why he always ignores marriage talks.

14. “He May Leave Or Switch Topics”

If you haven’t noticed this before, the reason is most likely that you need to pay attention to that particular aspect. If he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and marry you, he will be the one to initiate the conversation and attempt to persuade you that the two of you should be together.
He will do this because he believes that the two of you should be together. If this is not the case, these are the signs a Nigerian guy is using you.

15. “He’s Overly Demanding”

Is he dependent on you for everything all the time? You are the one footing the cost constantly. If that’s the case, it’s safe to say he doesn’t feel the same way about you. Although he may tell you he loves you, actions will almost always speak louder than words.
If you think you are doing things to make him happy and he doesn’t reciprocate, he may be just in the relationship to meet his wants. This is especially true if he is always asking for favors from you.

16. “He Ignores You And Doesn’t Text Back”

Any relationship must have cute text messages and online interactions. However, you’ve noticed that your discussions have become less frequent, and you’ve only gone on the second date with this person. It’s not that he’s too busy; instead, it looks like he’s just not interested in what’s happening.

When he is not with you and doesn’t even make an effort to send a quick funny text or meme, it might make you feel like he has completely lost track of your existence. All of these things may point to the fact that he isn’t serious about your relationship and is just using you as a means to his end.

17. “He Disregards Your Feelings”

The Nigerian guy comes off as frigid and unapproachable. He is not the one to be with if he is unsuccessful in his pursuit of you. Building a personal and meaningful connection requires an intrinsic understanding of both parties.
When it comes to making things work in the long run after the initial excitement has worn off, the minute particulars are what matters, and there are sure signs a Nigerian guy is using you.

18. “He Hides His Feelings”

It is one of the signs a Nigerian guy uses you if he does not verbalize his affection for you or demonstrate it through his actions. In addition, if the other person never acknowledges your genuine emotions, developing a lasting connection with them will be challenging.
While it is only fitting to offer the benefit of the doubt to your partner, you should still consider whether the two of you are compatible.

19. “He Often Says He’ll Leave You”

Does it seem signs a Nigerian guy is using you? It’s possible that if he’s exploiting you, he’ll force you to follow after him all the time and cancel your plans at the last minute.
Suppose you never feel comfortable in your relationship, and he continuously defends his behavior. In that case, you may need to reevaluate your values and decide whether or not you want to remain with someone like him.

20. “He Keeps You A Secret”

You haven’t interacted with any of the people in his inner circle. He hasn’t shared anything about you on his social media accounts, not even mundane anecdotes about your coffee dates.
It is a glaring red flag that he is using you if he makes an effort to keep you to himself and if he does not want the outside world to know about the two of you. If you continue this relationship, you will likely have a shattered heart.


It does neither party any benefit to be in a relationship in which they do not feel love and respect for the other person. It’s essential for both people in a relationship to feel they need the other person and that they’re missing something if they don’t have them. Talk to your partner about your feelings, and explain your concerns.

You need to take a step back and consider your relationship if there are signs a Nigerian guy is using you. You should consider seeing a professional counselor or psychotherapist if the situation warrants it. If you do not see any changes in them, you should reconsider continuing this relationship.