Top 13 Best Shoe Brands In India 2023

Shoes are a crucial part of our dressing and overall looks, subconsciously our shoes are the first things someone notices in our dressing as well. This is why wearing decent shoes is pretty important when you are stepping outside. Well, there are all kinds of shoes available in the market, from classic ones to ones that you can experiment with. You can buy some high-end shoes or you can invest in decent shoes that will stay with you for a long time. The question is, how will you choose the best shoes for yourself?
Well, given the hundreds of thousands of choices you can certainly find the shoes that suit your personality and make you look good. But the thing is there are so many factors that you would need to look for while buying the shoes. One of the most important features that you need to look at is quality along with comfort. You can’t just buy stylish shoes and be uncomfortable in them, so be careful while buying the ideal shoes for yourself.
Well, there are many criteria to find the best shoes and the best one is the brand. A brand might not be the only criterion to find a good pair of shoes but it is the best one. Every brand has something good to offer in terms of quality and durability, so you can find the brand that is most suitable for you. However, there are plenty of shoe brands out there, so you might want to know which are the best shoe brands in the country. So go ahead and take a look at the following top shoe brands you can find in the country.

Best Shoe Brands In India

1. Nike

Nike is one of the best shoe brands in India and across the world. This US-based brand was established in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The brand was first known as  “Blue Ribbon Sports” but was later named Nike after a Greek goddess. The brand was a success soon after its establishment and it only grew over the years. Right now the brand is present in almost all countries including India (many stores across the countries) and has become the largest manufacturer of shoes in the world.
The brand not only makes shoes but also activewear and accessories which has resulted in its massive reach to the audience. The sports shoes from the brand are quite popular but you can also find some casual shoes too. The brand has provided the best quality and design when it comes to shoes and this is what attracts more and more customers to the brand. You can find a wide range of shoes from the brand and they would be comfortable to wear and stylish enough to flaunt. So if you still haven’t explored the shoes from this brand then you should do it now, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Bata

When it comes to the top shoe brands in India we can’t forget about Bata. Bata is one of the most popular shoe brands in the country and it has been ruling the Indian market for many decades now. You may not know this but Bata isn’t an Indian brand but is a Czech Republic-based company. The brand was established in 1894 and has headquarters in Switzerland. The brand produces a variety of footwear and sells them across the globe. They have managed to gain trust and appreciation in the Indian market so much so that the brand’s products can be seen in every other household in India.
The brand is one of the largest manufacturers of shoes in the world and it sells over 17 million pairs across 165 countries. In India, the brand has over 1300 stores and 3000 dealers which makes it one of the biggest show brands in India. They manufacture casual shoes, formal shoes, loafers & moccasins, flip-flops, Sandals, Heels, and Floaters. The fan base of the brand is quite huge which you might already know.
Overall, the brand might have a reputation for daily wear and casual footwear but they also have some very stylish pairs of shoes that you can look up at the stores and on their website. The price is competitive but affordable which is another reason behind the popularity of the brand.

3. Puma

Puma is another international shoe brand that is quite a popular choice in the Indian market. The brand was founded by Rudolf and Adi Dassler in 1984, in Germany. The brand was later split and introduced another popular activewear and shoe brand, Adidas.
Just like Nike, this one has also become a best-selling shoe brand and an activewear brand, as you can find a great collection of activewear from this brand.
Customers like the high-quality material used in their clothing and shoe line which makes them highly comfortable to wear. Apart from the comfort, the brand does look forward to making sure their customer gets the best style too. The brand is available all across the countries with hundreds of stores and you can also shop online and get the best shoes from the brand. Apart from the shoes and clothing, you can also get some accessories from this brand, so there is so much to shop for, make sure you check it out.

4. Reebok

Reebok is another well-known shoe brand in India that you might already know about. The brand has been ruling the Indian market for a long time and customers are quite satisfied with its stylish range and comfortable fit. This is another US-based brand that was founded in 1958 which makes it a veteran brand. Just like other popular shoe brands, this one also manufactures activewear and accessories.
The brand was first introduced to the Indian market in 1995 and it got a pretty good response from Indian customers given its high-quality shoes and there is a variety of footwear to choose from. They also manufacture some accessories. There are more than 200 stores in the country along with online shopping across the country. The price is reasonable and competitive, so you can easily find a budget-friendly option.

5. Adidas

Adidas has also made it to our list of top shoe brands in India. As you know, this is a popular international brand that has a great place in the market both internationally and in India. The brand was the first part of Puma, another big shoemaker company and later it got split and gained huge popularity. The brand also sells some of the best activewear and accessories which makes it a top activewear brand as well.
People are impressed with their wide range of shoe collection that is made with quality material and also with trending styles. So you would get everything from comfort to style from the brand.

6. Woodland

Woodland has also managed to make a place for itself on our list because of their unique design and resilient nature of soles. The shoe brand has been known for its rugged shoes and boots that are made to last for a long time and can be used in any condition. Whether it is a construction site or hiking, these shoes would be the perfect choice for you to rely on.
The brand has a very loyal customer base who might not want to go to any other brand. Their shoes can last for years without any major damage and this is the biggest flex of the brand. Overall, if you haven’t looked up their collection of boots and shoes then you must take a look at these, you would get the best value for your price here.

7. Vans

Vans is another popular name in the shoe industry and it is hard to ignore its reputation as well. The brand came to India at a time when skating was also new and they ran an ad campaign that brought great popularity to their shoe design and style.
The brand has delivered casual looks with its shoes and that has impressed young customers who don’t want sports shoes or formal shoes. The canvas shoes look great on both women and men and they have a great variety of shoes as well, so check it out.

8. Sparx

Sparx is another growing shoe brand in India that has a great customer base in the country. The brand has created a niche for itself with customers that are looking for something comfortable, trendy, and budget-friendly. There are a lot of amazing designs and styles from the brand to offer its customers. The brand has two shoes for everyone and this makes it even more popular in the Indian market.
Overall, this may not be the most popular shoe brand in India but people who have tried their shoes have praised the shoes and the cost-effective price, so it is worth looking at.

9. Timberland

Timberland is also a popular shoe brand that has everything from formal shoes to casual for all age groups and gender. This makes it another top-selling shoe brand in the market right now. The brand gives great value for money with its amazing style and good quality that is made to last for a long. The USA-based brand has managed to make a decent place for itself in the Indian market and you can get their shoes in their stores or online website across the country.

10. Metro

Metro is one of the best shoe brands in India and the interesting thing is it is an Indian brand. The brand is based in Mumbai and it has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to its products and especially shoes.
In the past decade, the brand has gained a lot of popularity and its stores can be found in most of the major cities across the countries it is available on shopping websites too. The brand offers a wide range of footwear such as moccasins, pathani, loafers, sneakers, boots, derby shoes, sandals & floaters slippers & flip flops. The prices are competitive and reasonable.

11. Red Chief

Since we are talking about Indian brands, Red Chief also deserves a spot on our list for providing some of the best pairs of shoes in the Indian market. The brand manufactures leather footwear and casual shoes so you would get good quality at a reasonable price. There are more than 175 stores of the brand across 16 states, so you can try out their shoes and see their wide variety of shoes.

12. Skechers

Skechers has been known for their sports shoes and casual shoes and how comfortable they are to wear daily. The brand has managed to get niche customers who want the best quality shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. The prices of their shoes are a little higher than other brands but the quality does justify it. You can find shoes for both adults and kids here, so check them out.

13. Fila

We now have an Italian shoe brand on the list which has managed to get great recognition in the Indian market. This brand is known for its streetwear and shoes, so you can find lots of casual shoes that are trendy and looks good. The prices are moderate to high and you can easily find a pair of shoes which you can wear every day and flaunt your style too.


So these are some of the best shoe brands in India that you can find and trust when it comes to buying the best pair of shoes. These brands have been ruling the Indian market for quite some time and people have appreciated the product quality and style as well. So you can easily find the ideal shoes from one of these shoe brands in India.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for, so go ahead and buy lots of amazing shoes for yourself or your loved ones.