13 Super Best Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200 [2023]

When we think about alarm clocks, we only think about waking up. But that is the function of old-school alarm clocks that makes a noise on the time set by you so that you can wake up on time. Well, this function is found in our smartphones too so we may not need an alarm clock for that. But that is where we are wrong. The alarm clocks, just like most of the gadgets and appliances in our house have become smart and much more functional. The job of the alarm clock or the smart alarm clock is not just to wake you up but also to make sure you get a peaceful sleep.
People who want to avoid their smartphones in the morning love smart alarm clocks. This way they don’t look at their phone the minute they open their eyes and this makes their day a lot better. Apart from this, the smart alarm clocks come with lots of amazing features and functions that also help you to get a good enough sleep routine so that you wake up refreshed. With smart alarm clocks, you will get a good lighting system, a nice display, and an amazing sound that you may be able to customize according to your taste. All this makes a smart alarm clock triumph over the smartphone so that you can start your day better.
Well, to get a good smart alarm clock you need to browse all the options in the market. This can make the process a lot of hassle and confusion. This is why you would need to know which are the top-rated smart alarm clocks and which ones would be the best option for you.
Here, we have compiled a list of the best smart alarm clocks under $200 so that you can find your ideal match.

Best Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200

1. Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Smart Alarm Clock
The first best smart alarm clock that we have found for our list is none other than Echo Dot (5th Gen). This is one of the best-selling smart alarm clocks on amazon and this is why it has high ratings and amazing reviews from customers.
The alarm clocks feature Alexa support so you can ask the time and weather when you need to. It also connects to other devices and makes it easier to function. It also features a temperature sensor and keeps your house more comfortable.
This one is built just like the speaker which means you will get excellent sound quality. You can sync it with a smart home to control the lights too. You would be able to snooze the alarm if you need to shut your eyes a little more. The small size of the alarm clock makes it perfect for nightstands or any other place.

2. Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200
Philips is one of the leading tech brands that make some amazing house appliances and gadgets. They have never failed to impress us with new technology and innovations so you can expect the best smart alarm clock from this brand too.
The latest version of this alarm clock features 12 different brightness settings that will swiftly bring you out of your sleep just like the sunrise. You can also customize it with your favorite sound, music, or even your favorite radio station. The snooze option is also available. People love the personalized settings as well as how effective this one is for a good sleep routine. This one is also compact and will easily fit your side table and you can also travel with it.

3. Sharp Digital Alarm Clock

Best Smart Alarm Clock
If you are looking for the cheapest smart alarm clock then this one from Sharp would be a perfect choice. It is available on Amazon and people have loved this affordable smart alarm clock for its easy-to-use functionality and great features.
This clock is not as “smart” as other options on the list but for this price you are getting a good deal. The alarm sound will grow louder with each ring so eventually, it will wake up the entire house. The display size is appropriate and will certainly help you to see the time. Overall, if you want to have a manual alarm clock without too many settings or features then this one should be your best option.

4. iHome Timeboost Glow

Super Best Smart Alarm Clock
This smart alarm clock under $200 is truly a smart choice as it also doubles as the charger for your phone. It also comes with a color-changing function so you won’t get bored with just one color. There are 8 colors to choose from. The color can go from light to bright or it can match the sound pulse. You can set the alarm separately for weekdays and weekends.
It does come with the snooze function. Overall, the alarm clock is easier to use and you will easily get used to it.

5. Hatch Rest 1nd Generation

Best Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200
If you are looking for a fun smart alarm clock for kids then this one should be the best option to go. This one comes in a cool conical shape with great color options. This is not just an alarm clock but also functions as a night light, sleep library, time-to-rise light, and more. The alarm clock will be controlled by the wifi via your smartphone.
You can easily select the bedtime and wake-up time, set alarms, adjust the night light, and also customize the sound as well. It also features built-in nighttime stories and lullabies that are perfect for parents and kids. Overall, it would be perfect for your kid’s room so they can get used to a healthy sleep schedule.

6. Jall Digital Alarm Clock With Humidity & Temperature Detect

This one has also managed to make it to the list of best smart alarm clocks as it manages to provide all the information that you would need besides your bed. The alarm clock has been appreciated for its sleek and stylish design that comes with a wooden finish. It looks like a decor item until you snap, clap, or tap it.
The clock not only shows the time but also the temperature and humidity. It also comes with three alarm settings and brightness settings. It may look complicated at first but you will get used to it after a while.

7. iHome iBT29

Super Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200
We have another one of the best smart alarm clocks from iHome and this one also comes with all the necessary features needed for the best sleep schedule. It has a compact design that will fit the smaller spaces.
These alarm clocks do more than just wake you up. You can easily make calls from this clock by connecting it to your phone. It will be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can also be used to charge your phone too. When it comes to alarm clock settings, you will find five hues and six wake-up colors. Overall, it is a great smart alarm clock to invest in if you want a smaller one.

8. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

Top Smart Alarm Clocks Under $200
This one from Emerson has also impressed the customers as well as us to become one of the best-selling smart alarm clocks on amazon.
With this, you can customize your alarm time separately for each day. So if you don’t want to be disturbed on the weekends then you can set the weekend time accordingly. It also charges your mobile. Although the time and date would reset after the power outage. Make sure to check this one out, you might want to buy this reliable and affordable alarm clock for your bedroom.

9. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Smart Alarm Clocks Under 200 Dollar
We have another fun alarm clock on our list and this one has wheels! Yes, you heard it right, this clock comes with wheels so that it can wander around the room until you finally wake up. If you are someone who loves to push the snooze button again and again then this one would be a perfect match. It can also hide from you and jumps up to three feet in the air.
Not only can it move on flat surfaces, but this one also jumps from the night table and wardrobes. So it would be a perfect match for the heavy sleepers who can’t wake up from the phone alarm.

10. HATCH Restore Smart Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clocks Under 200 Dollars
This smart alarm clock under $200 from Hatch is also quite popular and all the customers just love its functionality too. The alarm clock has a sleek and minimalist design with all the convenient features that will build a healthy relationship with the hour alarm clock.
It managed to wake you up with its nice features and sunrise-like setting. You can easily set up the nighttime bed routine and wake-up time via the app. You can personalize the sound and lights from the app too.

11. LaMetric Time Smart Alarm Clock Home

Alarm Clocks Under $200
The next top-rated smart alarm clock under 200 is from LeMetric. This one features an easy-to-use and smooth interface. It has a retro style but the functionality is very futuristic and it is equipped with new technology features that help you build a good sleep schedule.
It has numerous clock faces to choose from. You can also select to wake up with radio and Spotify. It also plays streamable music. It also tracks time and keeps you updated on the weather. You can also get news and notifications on its display if you want.
Overall, it is a little pricier but totally worth the bucks given the features and easy-to-use interface.

12. DREAMSKY Auto Set Digital Alarm Clock

We have another budget-friendly smart alarm clock for you and this one is from DREAMASKY. The clock features a good display where you can find time, temperature, date, etc. You will also get to choose the brightness level and sound level according to your preference.
It comes with a battery backup so it will work even in case of a power outage. It is easy to use and it will also adjust itself according to the light daylight. Overall, the big display and all the features are worth your bucks so check this one out.

13. AFEXOA Sunrise Alarm Clock

Alarm Clocks Under 200
This alarm clock also doubles as a lamp and you will find it easier to use this one. It looks pretty on a nightstand and you will be able to customize it according to your needs. The alarm clock will start glowing an hour before you wake up and it will be brightest when you have to wake up. There are six-alarm sounds to choose from and it can even wake up the heaviest sleeper.

How to buy the best smart alarm clock?

To buy the best smart alarm clock you need to know what features would be the best for you. You have to look at several factors such as display screen size, the number of widgets shown in the display, the sound customization feature, how easily you can use the alarm clock, and so on.
Also, consider the overall functioning of the alarm clock and whether it would be ideal for you. You can also see the connectivity and customization features. You would want to know what other customers think of the alarm clocks, that is the customer reviews and rating section.
Overall, make sure you know what you are buying and what features you would need the most. You should get the best value for your money too.


So these are some of the best smart alarm clocks that you need to know about. All of these smart alarm clocks have managed to get the highest ratings and best reviews from customers which is why these would be a perfect fit for you as well.
We have included a variety of smart alarm clocks under $200 so you can easily find the one that would be most suitable for you and your sleeping routine.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Visit us again for more helpful content.