13 Best Ways To Stop Being Lazy In The Morning 2023

The days when you tend to lie in bed longer than usual before getting out of bed— when you are neither asleep nor awake must have happened as you were reading this article. When one’s eyes are closed, the mind may engage in a dialogue or attempt to hide behind objects to avoid engaging in a debate.
The inability to discover a solution to significant problems with one’s health, finances, or relationships is one of the most common underlying reasons for morning sloth, and it’s also one of the most common causes of morning lethargy. As a consequence of this, one can experience a sense of helplessness and tend to begin avoiding the issue.
If you are also experiencing any of these predicaments. In that case, you need to be aware that morning laziness makes the problem even worse because all of these predicaments require action, and they will not disappear on their own without taking some action, even though I know that acting in this state of mind is virtually difficult.
On the other hand, the fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are still optimistic to stop being lazy in the morning and rejoining the competition. But how about we make an effort to alter that? Here are some techniques to stop being lazy in the morning.

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How To Stop Being Lazy In The Morning

1. Avoid Your Phone An Hour Before Night

Think about the worry induced by using social media before you go to bed. Sure, screen time can wreak havoc on your vision, but consider the anxiety that can be induced by screen time.
Well, this issue has been brought to light by several studies, which have shown how stress and worry may disrupt your sleep and prevent waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. So avoiding your phone an hour before night will help you to stop being lazy in the morning.

2. Relax And Start Again

Getting up at dawn may leave you tired and sluggish for the rest of the day because you slept until 2 a.m. the night before. Stop stressing about it. Your bedtime is not the only thing that requires precision on your side; instead, it is time you wake up.
Because if you go to bed late and get up early, you will naturally become exhausted throughout the day, allowing you to sleep on time the next night and wake up feeling as perky as a daisy the following day.

3. Start Small Commitment

Make a straightforward promise to yourself, and then keep it. You may walk for 30 minutes today, increasing from the 20 minutes you walked yesterday. Take on whatever level of responsibility you feel comfortable with. And remain consistent.
You can find a friend who will encourage you to keep working until you accomplish your job. Pick someone with whom you want to engage in a friendly competition. This will boost your self-confidence, provide a feeling of accomplishment, and prepare you for the next set of challenges.

4. Take Care of Your Diet

Are you eating an excessive amount of foods that have been processed? The amount of sugar consumed is over the sky. A significant number of food items include chemicals and preservatives that, if they were to find their way into your meal accidentally, would transform you from an energetic hero into one who could hardly keep your eyes open.
It is a good idea to keep an eye on your diet, ensure you have lots of fresh food, and nutrients in plenty, and that your stomach is healthy will help you to stop being lazy in the morning. Additionally, ensure you consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. You need to be aware of being in an intermediate state of dehydration while you go about your day. The symptoms of weariness and lethargy might be brought on by dehydration.

5. Rinse Your Face With Cold Water

It has been asserted that taking a cold shower will help you to stop being lazy in the morning. If you don’t like taking a shower, try splashing cold water on your face instead. This will signal to your body that there has been a shift in temperature.
Is the most challenging part just getting out of bed? Keep a spray bottle or a water mist beside your bedside table so that you may spritz yourself without even opening your eyes. This will permit you to have a better night’s sleep.

6. Eat Breakfast To Energise Yourself

Regarding the question of whether or not breakfast is the important meal of the day, the verdict is still out. Missing breakfast may affect your energy level and your ability to pay attention during the rest of the day.
The term “fuel” refers to food. Feed your body something with some calories so that it can get moving and get the day started well. But if you do your workout first thing in the morning, remember to eat after your workout, not before. This will help you to stop being lazy in the morning.

7. Avoid Evening Blue Light

It would help if you exposed yourself to light first thing in the morning. It is also a good idea to restrict the light to which you are exposed later in the day. The logic for this is straightforward and runs counter to why you should have early morning light exposure. The human body may be tricked into believing it is still sunlight by looking at bright lights after the sun has set.
As a result, your biological clock won’t begin the proper phase of its sleep cycle at the appropriate moment. It would help if you steered clear of blue light, particularly since light with a wavelength of this length has powerful effects on alertness and hormones that interfere with sleep quality.
The light emitted by electronic gadgets and the blue light emitted by fluorescent or LED lighting is all examples of blue light. When it’s getting near to sleep, try to stay away from these bright lights for as long as possible, preferably for at least half an hour. Adjust the lighting in your house to something softer and warmer, and put blue-light-blocking software on your electronic gadgets.

8. Go Outdoors To Active your Brain

Your body’s serotonin levels will improve from exposure to sunlight, which will contribute to a rise in your daytime energy levels.
In addition, several studies conducted at the University of Rochester found that spending time in natural environments “makes individuals feel more alive.” It is an excellent reason to stop being lazy in the morning with spending in the fresh air and natural surroundings.

9. Avoid Caffeine In The Afternoon

Caffeine is a tried-and-true method for increasing a person’s sense of alertness, concentration, and energy. Although this is a benefit throughout the day, it presents a challenge when attempting to fall or stay asleep.
Most individuals do not consume caffeine shortly before going to bed, which is understandably a poor decision. However, you will continue to be susceptible to adenosine’s adverse effects so long as coffee is present in your blood.
After intake, caffeine will often continue to affect the body for between four and six hours. Even if it’s not done just before bed, consuming caffeine later in the day, such as in the form of coffee or other caffeinated foods or beverages, may hurt the quality of sleep you get.

10. Note Your Sleep Time

The REM cycle begins around an hour after you start nodding asleep. During this cycle, you typically reach the deepest level of sleep and have the most vivid dreams for about ten minutes in the beginning.
This stage of sleep, which lasts for longer with each passing cycle, may last for as long as seventy to ninety minutes at its longest. The beginning of a REM cycle is now the phase of sleep in which it is most beneficial to awaken.
If you don’t get enough deep sleep, you’re more likely to feel foggy when you wake up, especially if you were awakened by an alarm or some other kind of disruption while in the deeper stages of sleep. The best way to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed is to monitor your sleep cycle with an application. This will allow the application to determine when you are in a REM state and wake you up at the appropriate time.

11. Have A Pet

Spending time with animals, such as dogs and cats as pets, is associated with increased emotional and physical well-being, even during trying circumstances. People who spend time interacting with animals may do better on various tests than those who spend their time solely interacting with people.
They view their capacity to deal with problems, stress, and anxiety, as well as their general well-being and positive emotions. Having a dog may also motivate its owner to exercise more, which can help stop being lazy in the morning and improve general health.
On the other hand, not everyone finds that owning a pet helps them feel less stressed. People should consider acquiring a pet only if they have the time and energy to care for the animal properly.

12. Make Sure You Set Your Alarm

The light-dark cycle of day and night, together with the internal clock of each person, should guarantee that individuals go to sleep and wake up at the proper times and that they acquire the required amount of sleep each night. However, this might be complicated by the requirements of day-to-day existence.
Alarm clocks are helpful when individuals have to be someplace earlier than their body clock would want them to be, which is often the case owing to job demands or social situations.
Sometimes a person’s health condition requires them to sleep more than they would want to or prevents them from sleeping through the night, causing them to wake up exhausted. An alarm may be used to wake a person and will assist to stop being lazy in the morning.

13. Consult A Doctor

It may seem over the last but take this seriously. Low vitamin B and D levels are to blame for your constant feelings of lethargy and lack of enthusiasm. It is in your best interest to ensure that your body is prepared to back up your effort to break free from slothfulness.
Lethargy is a sign that something more serious is going on, such as a condition that affects both the mind and the body. According to our panel of self-proclaimed “experts,” it is imperative that we do not overwhelm or frighten you away (you may never come back!). Let’s say we don’t want to get a diagnosis of brain fog or a leaky gut before we discover that our lack of motivation was never our fault.


Even though we all go to bed simultaneously, the amount and quality of sleep we obtain are different. If you wake up every morning feeling foggy and tired, there are certainly some actions you can do to help yourself enjoy a more restful and higher-quality night’s sleep.
If this is the case, consider taking these steps to stop being lazy in the morning. Learn how to maintain a healthy, natural sleep cycle, which is of the utmost importance, and become aware of how the circadian rhythm in your body works.