15 Amazing Things To Do In Goa 2023

The goa is one of the best places in India to have fun and chill with your friends and family. For many people, Goa is a dream vacation. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from India as well as from all around the world come to Goa to party and spend some quality time at the beach with their friends and family.
Even though the whole idea of Goa is just associated with the beach fun but that’s not all of it. There are numerous things that you can do while you are in Goa. The place is full of activities to do and places to visit and not to forget the traditional food that you can eat only in Goa. If you are going there for the first time then you might wanna plan the whole trip and list of the things that you wanna do there, or else you are going to miss so much of Goa.
In this article, we are going to list out the best things that you can do in Goa. These included some landmark places to visit, some dishes to try, and some activities that you can do while you are in Goa. Let’s go ahead and find out the best things that you can do in Goa and have the best time there.

Amazing things to do in Goa

1. A perfect day at Beach

Well, it would be a crime if the first thing you need to do in Goa is not visiting the beach, after all, that’s why you are going there isn’t it? There are many beaches in Goa that you can visit and have fun. The North Goa beaches see pretty crowded and they are in limelight as well. On the other hand, the beaches located in the south Goa beaches are less crowded and they are a good place to enjoy your vacation peacefully.
There are also several activities that you can do at the beaches, from water activities such as scuba diving or bungee jumping you can find a lot of activities to do there. The bottom line is you can easily find a perfect beach for yourself.

2. Visit Dudhsagar Falls

This is one of the landmark places in Gao that you need to visit. The word Dudhsagar means the sea of milk and if you look at it from a distance then it seems like it as well. It is Goa’s tallest fall with a height of 310 meters. The fall is located in the middle of the forest and it rises from the Western Ghats.
This place is not only popular for its beautiful view but it’s also popular for trekking, and people who loved to trek have hardly missed this place. The best time to visit the fall and go on a trek is the monsoon season and the after rainy season. The forest looks pretty good too and it’s rich with the rare flora and fauna species. Overall this can be a fun activity to do.

3. Basilica of Bomb Jesus

If Goa is famous for anything other than the beaches then it would be surely the architecture. The place is full of some historical sites which are too beautiful to miss out on. And one of them is the Basilica of Bomb Jesus! It was built-in 1605 and to date, it’s known as one of the best churches in Goa.
The place is most popular for holding the remains of the St. Francis Xavier. This is also tagged as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is living proof of the rich religious and cultural traditions of Goa. The building features some of the best architecture, carvings, statues, and paintings from the 20th century. This place is Perth visiting to know more about the heritage of Goa.

4. Ashiyana Yoga Center

One of the best places to visit in Goa is the yoga center! As you might know that the Yoga was originated in India, so it makes sense to participate in the Yoga activities in the country. This place offers training programs, short and long term yoga holiday, treatments, etc. You would also find the Ayurvedic spa and luxurious accommodations as well. The detox treatments and the spas are written popularly.
The yoga center is located at the serene Mandrem beach. The bottom line is, the place offers something for everyone and that’s the reason you should go there while you are in Goa.

5. Gaon Caves

This is another major site in Goa to explore and to know a little bit more about the history of the place. The caves look surreal and they might even give you chills at the first sight. The caves are considered as one of the most romantic places in Goa.
The whole tour of the caves would only take about an hour so it’s not going to be time-consuming activities but it’s definitely a place that you should visit while in Goa.

6. Sinquerim- Play with the dolphins

So these are the best things to do and you would surely love the time spent here. It’s kinds like sitting in a boat and having a great time just looking at the sites. Although here the surprise event is the dolphins that look just great.
The cruise would start from the Fort Aguada, Panjim. Here the fun part is, you can also take a from with these amazing creatures and have a good time. Of course, you would have to get permission first and you will only enter the waters with full safety measures. So if you are interested in Dolphins or water sighting then you must do it.

7. Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral is known as one of the largest churches in Asia and that’s the first reason why you should visit the church. The church was built in the 1640s (the construction started almost a century before it was completed) which makes it one of the oldest buildings of the Goa.
The church looks so beautiful while sitting on the stretches of the well maintained green lawns, here the architecture and the carvings of the church are something you would love. The Church also had two towers, while one of them collapsed a century after it was built, the second one still stands strong and houses a large bell know as the Golden Bell.

8. Anjuna Flea Market

Every trip is incomplete without shopping from the local market, and when it comes to that your first choice should be the Anjuna, Flea Market. This is a weekly market that was starred as a hippie exchange over 3 decades ago where the travelers who were having a shortage of money used to sell their possessions in exchange for money or things.
And in the modern-day, this place is known as one of the largest fleas markets where you can but anything from premium textile to electronics or some local handicrafts. The place is usually full of people and you can see by some of the best stuff or just see the crowd.

9. Visit the Spice Farms

The Spice plantations or the Choice Farms are also tourist attractions of Goa that you should not miss. There are two very popular places that you can visit to visit the Spice plantations that are the Savoi Plantations and the Sahakar Spice Farm. The latter covers over 130 acres of land and there is an impressive range of rare plant and tree species of ayurvedic and medicinal importance.
There is a lot to learn about the nutritional value of these plants as well as just sailing ourselves in the rich aroma of spices around us seems like a good ideal. The place also has some in-house restaurants where you can taste some of the delicious food.

10. Visit the Jungle!

Goa is a place where you can find tons of wildlife and get closer to nature. For starters, there are wildlife sanctuaries and National Park which houses over 200 species of animals. The place is full of animal life and you will get to see some rare indigenous species of animals.
Don’t forget to explore the Sahyadri sanctuary located at the foothills of the Western Ghats. The animals you can see there include panther, bear, a variety of deer’s, etc. And there are also several birds that you can see. Overall if you are in Goa then you must visit the wildlife there.

11. The Uncommon Market of Ingo

A long time ago, a German named Ingo set up a market, which is currently known as the Ingo’s Saturday night Bazar. Here you would find several amazing things that are locally handcrafted or made with the local stuff. The thing about this bazaar is it not only features the stuff from Goa buy from all over India (mostly). From the textile to the jewelry you can find anything here.
Not only this, here you get to find taste some of the best cuisine of India as well as from the world. You can spend a fair share of your time in Goa here she still can’t enough the place. And the music that keeps going on in the background also adds a bit of entertainment.

12. Artjuna Garden Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

This one too is a place that you should visit in Goa. As its name suggests, the place offers food as well as something to shop as well.
The place is housed in a Portuguese Villa and it features some of the great food as well as the speaking garden of Hammocks and mango trees.
The place offers several handcrafted lifestyles item to buy and see, there are also several events going on such as movie nights or other fun events. There is also a library where you can grab a book and order a healthy smoothly and have a peaceful time there.

13. Fontainhas

Fontainhas is also a UNESCO cultural heritage zone where you can find the Portuguese villa dating back to the 19th and the 20th century.
There are several things to see here and enjoy the views while exploring the history of Goa. It surely will make your time here worthwhile. Also if you are an Instagrammer there are several places worthy of photography and will provide you the best background as well. You can also find some of the historical buildings and places which will get your attention for good.

14. Big Foot Cross Museum

This museum hosts a collection of over 15,000 crosses. This is not just a museum but also an educational site where the people tried to recreate the typical Goan village from a century ago.
This one should be on your list if you have got a thing for history and artifacts. There is also a handicraft fare held where you can see a lot of unique handcrafted stuff.

15. Enjoy the local food and drink

One of the things that you should not miss out on while in Goa is its local cuisine. Here you would find some healthy and delicious food and drinks and you can also learn how to make these dishes from the locals.
  • There are many other things to do in Goa such as river rafting, bungee jumping, visiting the butterfly sanctuary, and exploring the nearby islands.
  • You can also take a cruise and have a romantic date with your partner. There are also several resorts where you can relax and have a great time.
  • Although Goa is popular for its churches, if you give it a chance then you might be able to see some temples as well.
  • There are several events held in Goa, so you should always check the calendar and see if you can be part of one of the festivals or events while you are in the Goa.

Conclusion –

So these are the best things that you can do in Goa. We know that you know about several things that you can do in Goa through your local friends but don’t forget to visit the other ones either. The place offers so much to explore and do many activities to do which will make your trip unforgettable.
Due to the global pandemic, you might not get everything that we have listed here and you might have to follow some guidelines as well. So it’s recommended that you check with the policies before going to these places.
We hope you found the article helpful and now you know what you need to do in Goa. Thank you for visiting us and have a great time in Goa.