10 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2023

The time has changed and technology is what we live for in today’s time, with the growing dependence on the technology, the jobs are also increasing in the technical and programming fields! But almost all the programming or technical jobs require it’s candidates the knowledge of some special programming languages!
If you are looking for a career in any IT sector job you must know that you will require to have a good knowledge of at least one or more programming languages but which is the best programming language to learn? It still remains a question in the minds of people who are choosing a career path for themselves!
In this article, we are gonna tell you the 10 best programming languages along with their benefits in several fields and their level of difficulty. So let’s start our guide for the best programming languages to learn so that you can make up your mind and make an informed decisions!
best programming languages

Best Programming Languages


1. Python

Python is one of the most common programming languages and it was created by Russo and Guido and it was released for the first time in 1991! The reason behind it being the most common programming language is it’s easy to level of learning by beginners.
Python supports multiple platforms and systems, and the easy integration with web series, extensive support module, and community development, desktop GUIs, business applications are some of its common uses and applications. Apart from these uses, it is also used to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation packages.
If you are going to a study-related with machine learning and artificial intelligence then python will be a great use. It is also used in the making of video games as well as many popular scientific and computational applications. You should also know that many leading social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest also make use of python language.
Some key points about Python
  • Beginner friendly and easy to learn
  • Used in web and desktop platforms
  • Problem-solving skills needed to learn the language
  • It’s is used widely (in educational, business and technical sectors)
  • Average estimated salary per annum- $92,000 to $115,000

2. Java

Java was the first designed by James Gosling in the year 1996 and it has been proved to be a very useful programming language in many IT sectors and various platforms. Java is an object-oriented language can be used in Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc due to it’s WORA (write once, run anywhere) ability!
Thanks to WORA java is now considered as the most useful programming language regardless of the platforms. The language is used to create web and phone applications as well as to create some big data. Almost all popular websites such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube use the Java language for their programming. You will be surprised to know that there are almost 3 billion devices running the applications built with Java!
It’s clear that Java is now used in hundreds of applications and their millions of Java Developers present worldwide! So it can be a good programming language to learn.
Some key feature of java language
  • Its difficulty level is somewhat moderate
  • Problem-solving skills as well as knowledge of the object-oriented structure will be required
  • Used in mobile, desktop and web platform
  • Highly demand language
  • Average Salary per anum- $95,000

3. R Language

R is designed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka and it’s was officially released in 2005!
R language is considered as an analytical language that encourages people to come up with new ideas. The best part about this language is the fact it is really easy to use and it is also multi-platform so it can be easily run in different operating systems.
The language is best to use in data science projects, statistical computing, and machine learning. So if you are gonna work in these fields this language might be the best choice for you.
Some key features about R language
  • Leaning level is quite difficult
  • Gaining popularity with growing need for data statical computing
  • Average per anum salary- $90,000

4. JavaScript

JavaScript first came in official in the year 1995, earlier it was called LiveScript.
JavaScript is also an object-oriented language that is widely used to design interactive frontend applications. There are many startups companies present that are currently using the JavaScript-based programs. It is also used at the front end of several popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and more. It is also used in popular frameworks like Angular.js, Node.js and more.
Key Features for JavaScript:-
  • Really simple to use
  • Client-side JavaScript is fast and it runs immediately within the browser
  • Highly versatile
  • Used in building applications
  • Can be worked with other languages as well
  • Average per anum salary would be around $75,000

5. Swift

It was developed by Apple in 2014 and it’s really easy to learn!
Apple developed the language for Linux and Mac applications. It’s learning level is really easy as it very close to plain English! The Swift language supports almost everything from programming language Objective-C.
Swift has also been used widely in popular iOS apps such as WordPress, SoundCloud, Firefox, etc! The language doesn’t need much coding as other languages and that’s why it is becoming very popular.
Some key features of Swift
  • Really easy to learn!
  • It’s easy to add new features
  • Fast as compared to other popular programming languages to learn
  • It’s possible to integrate Server-side Swift with any technology
  • Average annual salary- $90,000

6. C#

C# is developed by Microsoft in around 2000s for supporting object-oriented programming.
C# is widely used for backed programming, building games, building mobile applications, etc. C# is also one of the powerful programming languages for the .NET framework. It is suited for Android, iOS, and windows applications due to it’s integrated development environmental Product, Microsoft C++.
It’s should be easy for the people who have learned C programming language. Overall it can be proven as a useful language to learn if you already know the C or C++ language.
Key Features about C#
  • Moderate level of learning
  • Average per anum salary- $80,000

7. C/C++

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983.
This one is probably the oldest and most commonly used programming language, in fact, it is the root of many other programming languages such as C#, Java, etc. C++ is nothing but the advance version of C, so many people stay in the dilemma if they should learn C first or they can straight jump to learning C++.
If we talk about its usage then it is widely used in game development, graphics Compilers, Advance Computation as well as computer programming and science. Ig can be proven as a useful language to learn as it’s usage are really wide and new jobs are creating which require the knowledge of C++.
Some key features for C++
  • It’s hard to learn
  • Problem-solving skills are needed as well as basic computer knowledge
  • It is used for platforms such as mobile and desktop
  • Average per anum $90,000

8. Ruby

Ruby was designed in 1990.
Ruby is considered as one of the simplest programming languages to learn and it was designed to have more human-friendly syntax as well as being flexible! It is mostly used in web platforms and it is considered easy to read and write without any specialized vocabulary! It is widely used so it is becoming popular day by day. ROR (Ruby on Rails) have been also imported by using Ruby programming language.
Some key features for Ruby
  • Easy to learn and beginner-friendly
  • Average per anum salary $90,000

9. PHP

PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.
PHP is a popular backend programming language and it is facing tough competition from Python language. So it is best suited for the people who want to choose something different as it features an abundance of powerful framework. It is also easy to get started and make web pages. There are a lot of automation tools present. It also supports object-oriented and functional programming paradigm.
Some key features for PHP
  • Easy to learn
  • It’s also easy to run with PHP
  • It is used in web applications, content management systems, and e-commerce applications
  • Average per anum salary $85,000

10. GO

Go language is developed by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Robe Pike at Google in 2009!
Go is a fast language as it is compiled with machine code and it is used by many companies that rely on a distributed system. The language is also used by many startups companies in Silicon Valley so it would be great programming language to learn. It is used in GUI Applications, Console utilities, and web applications.
Key features for Go language
  • Go is difficult to learn
  • The average per annum salary is about $95,000!


So these are the best programming languages that you can learn and they will be beneficial for your future as well! We hope our article has helped you to make a decision for choosing the programming language to learn!