Top 10 Best Typical Interview Questions And Answers 2023

In this guide, we are gonna discuss about the typical interview questions that might help you to crack your next interview. Take a look at the below listed typical interview questions and prepare yourself for your upcoming interview.

Typical Interview Questions

1. Tell me a little about yourself
The first thing you should know about this question is, it is definitely gonna be asked to you. What people do is, they take this question for granted and doesn’t prepare for it. But lemme tell you it is the kind of question that can decide whether you are gonna get this job or not.
The motive of an interviewer behind asking this question is to determine whether your personality suits their company or not and whether you are right for the job.
We would advise you to take this question seriously and prepare for it, write down a few achievements and capabilities of yours and present them in an impressive way. Don’t include too much information of yours and keep it to the point.
2. What are your biggest weaknesses?
This one is a tricky question which can leave you confused, so it is strongly advised to prepare an answer to this question. But how do you answer this question which is asking you to tell your weakness and what will be the consequence of your statements?
Well, what your interviewer is trying to get from this question is how honest you are and how you handle your weaknesses. Some people think confidence is the key and they tend to answer “oh no, I am perfect” but it’s a big no-no! And neither can you be brutally honest about it (don’t mention anything like I am shot tempered) as it can present you too weak to be in the position which you are applying for.
So what will you do is pick a flaw about yourself and say you are constantly working on it and improving yourself. For example, you can say you have been a shy person but right now I am getting better at being presenting yourself in front of people.
3. What are your biggest strengths?
Here are the questions that just want you to sell yourself. But don’t get too excited and brag about yourself (trust me that’s lame everywhere!). Although they have your resume, which we believe, contains your strengths very precisely but still they ask you this equation then be ready to say something nice about you.
You can say you are a good leader and give them examples that will male they believe that you are saying. But be on point and don’t mention anything irrelevant that can come off wrong in front of your interviewer.

Typical Interview Questions And Answers

4. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
There are great chances that you will be asked this question. We can advise you to remain honest and tell them your future goals and show them how ambitious you are about your feature. Even if you have different goals then your answers should clear that this job is very crucial to get to your goal.
It’s important that your interviewer know that you are fully investing your energy and efforts into this job and it will ultimately be good for the company too to have such ambitious employees.
5. Why should we hire you?
This is again a tricky questions and the answers will play a very crucial role in deciding whether you will get the job or not! It is similar to the question where they directly ask you about your strengths and it’s just another disguised question which demands you to convince them why you are a perfect choice for the job.
Present your answer in a very clear manner which just impress your interviews. Be confident that you are best and tell them about your best skills that can be hardly present in others.
6. How did you learn about the opening?
Everyone knows how you have heard about the job, through papers or job fairs or any other common way. But can you say this in front of your interviewers? The answer is no! These answers will only make them believe that you are not ambitious about the job and you just want a job! So what will you actually say in your answer?
Here is the catch, you have to make them believe that it’s what you wanna do and it’s what you have always been interested in! So you can say you have heard about the opening from a colleague or a current employer that works, this will make them believe you are actually caring for this particular job.

Common Typical Interview Questions

7. Why do you want this job?
It is a typical question that is asked often in interviews, the motive is the same as some of the previous questions. All they wanna know is how much you actually care about this job!
But the answer to this question should be deeper and you should talk about the experience you are gonna get here and what this position means to you.
8. What is your professional strengths?
Now they actually seeking an answer that will make them believe they are not eating their time with you and you will be a good and important employee for this company.
Every company wants to hire employees that can give them good results and lead their company to a better future. You answer should involve your professional skills like you are good at meeting deadline, you are punctual, you are a good leader, etc. Remember with this question for a typical interview asked to know if you will be an asset to this company or not!
9. Tell me the last time a customer or coworker got angry with you?
They just wanna know how honest you are about your flaws and how you handle the stuff which leads you to any conflict with your co-workers or customers, so prepare a precise answer to this typical interview question.
10. Describe your dream job
It is also a question that is typically asked in interviews so the only advice we can give you is to be honest about your future goals and show them how much you care about this job which will lead you to your dream job eventually.


These are the best Typical interview questions. I hope these typical interview questions for enginners senior management, managers  will help you in your interview. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.