Top 12 Best Dodgeballs 2023

Playing dodgeball is a great way to kill some boredom and have some fun with your friends. It’s a pretty simple game where two players throw a ball at each other. But do you know this game has been played in Africa for more than 200 years? Well, it certainly is an interesting fact. You should also know that there are many rules for playing this game as well, and you might want to look at them if you are playing seriously. On the other hand, if you are playing the game to just kill some time, then all you need is a good dodgeball.
The dodgeballs are pretty popular these days and you can certainly find some good dodgeballs in the market. Although not all the people know which is a good dodgeball and which one isn’t worth your money. A not-so-good dodgeball can certainly ruin your experience of playing this game and that is why you should buy the best dodgeball possible.
The question is how would you find the best dodgeball? Well, there are two ways, first one would involve you taking your time doing research on dodgeballs and finding the best one among hundreds and thousands of options by yourself. The second and less complicated way of finding the best Dodge involves you reading the rest of the article without spending much of your time and finding the dodgeball among the top options.
In this article, we have selected some of the best dodgeballs that you can find right now. We have listed and reviewed them so you can get to know which one would be the best option and find the one that perfectly suits you.
So go ahead and take a look at the following best dodgeballs and see which one you like the most.

Best Dodgeballs

1. GoSports Inflatable No Sting Dodgeball

Best Dodgeball
GoSports is one of the best brands for sports equipment and goods, so whenever it comes to getting something related to sports we can always turn to this brand and never be disappointed. This is why our first pick for the best dodgeball is from GoSports. This is a set of 6 dodgeballs that are highly recommended by the customers and the experts.
The set includes some of the best inflatable dodgeballs that you can find. These features have no sting surface as it is made from a special blend of rubber which makes them softer and lighter than regular playground balls. It also features a good grip as it features a textured surface. You can find this set of dodgeballs in two sizes (5 inches and 7 inches) and buy the one that is most suitable for you.
This pack of dodgeballs comes with a carrying bag made of mesh that makes it easier to store and travel with it. You will also get an air pump to inflate the balls. These balls are resistant to tear so you can expect them to be durable as well.
Overall, this is one of the best affordable dodgeball packs to buy and it will certainly give you the value for money too.

2. Champion Sports Rhino Skin Basic Dodgeball Set

Best Dodgeballs
These dodgeballs from Champion Sports have also impressed the players across the globe and these have been appreciated by the customers via the high ratings and positive reviews. So these dodgeballs have earned the second spot on our list of best dodgeballs. These dodgeballs are pretty amusing and come with great durability and sturdiness which makes these balls last for a long time.
The dodgeballs are coated with a patented super tear-resistant Rhino Skin grip that provides a great grip for the users. These balls are strong enough to withstand rough and regular play indoors or outdoors. These dodgeballs don’t sting like rubber balls. The new light super grip also makes it an ideal match for younger kids to catch and throw. It also features a foam core that prevents big bounces which makes it ideal for indoor use.
This set includes 6 balls along with a carrying bag which makes it easier to store or travel with these. Overall, this is the best value pack of dodgeballs and it certainly features a great quality for the price as well.

3. GSM Brands Dodgeballs – Foam

Top Dodgeball
Next on our list of best dodgeballs is from GSM, another great brand that is trusted and reliable. This is also a set of 6 balls that are well made and durable so you won’t regret spending your money on this. The quality of these balls is pretty good which would certainly impress anyone playing with them.
The perfect size for throwing is what made these balls a good pick for everyone, be it kids or adults. The diameter of these balls is 5.9 inches which makes them comfortable to throw or catch. These balls are also made for indoor and outdoor use. So whether you are playing casually or seriously, these are the balls that you are going to need. These balls are soft enough for kids and heavy enough to play through the air.
These durable dodgeballs come with a money-back guarantee as well. So you can buy them confidently because if you are not satisfied with the quality you can always return them. Lastly, this dodgeball set has received high ratings and positive reviews from the customers which make it a good option.

4. Premium Playground Balls 8.5 inch

Top Best Dodgeball
The Premium Playground Balls also made it to our list of best dodgeballs for kids. If your kid loves to play with the balls or you want them to go to the ground and get some active time then these dodgeballs would be a perfect match. These are versatile balls, this means these balls can be used while playing various games including Dodgeball, Kickball, Basketball, School/Camp Games, Or Even Just Playing Catch. So it would be a great ball to introduce to your kids at a young age to make them love sports.
These balls are manufactured in labs and they have been tested. These are free from toxins, BPA, Lead, and phthalate, so your child won’t be playing with any harmful substance. The balls also feature a great grip with a non-slip surface which makes it easier for kids to grab these balls.
This is also a set of six dodgeballs that makes it a value pack. All the balls are colorful and vibrant to attract the kids. This one also comes with a money-back guarantee.

5. FeinSport Foam Dodgeball Set for Playground Games

Amazing Dodgeballs
We have another one of the best dodgeball sets for kids. Parents who want to introduce the playground Games to their kids love to buy these balls as they are highly versatile and can be played in many ways. These balls measure 6 inches in size which makes them easy to grab for kids and throw as well. The balls don’t sting like other rubber balls and are easier for kids to play with. The balls are perfect for many games such as Dodgeball, Handball, Wall Ball, Four Square, Stickball, Stoopball, etc.
The balls are made from environmentally friendly Pu Foam which is harmless, lightweight, and soft. These balls are low bounce balls that make it easier to play competitive games for kids. We also liked the fact that these balls are waterproof and will be ideal for all seasons.
This ball set also comes with a money-back refund guarantee so you can confidently buy it and if not satisfied you can always return it. Overall, this is a great dodgeball set to invest in and you won’t regret it!

6. SEEPROS Foam Dodgeball Set – Soft Skin

Dodgeballs Best
These top dodgeballs from SEEPROS are also a great option for you to invest in. These balls are ideal for everyone including kids, students, and adults. So if you are looking the dodgeballs for everyone this should be your first choice. These balls are made from Skin material that is special Pu. The touch feels like gator skin and it has a rough texture that makes it easier to grab and hold.
These dodgeballs are also water-resistant which makes them ideal for every season. These are inflated-type balls with small holes, so it would be easier to store them. The balls are easier to clean and these resist dirt as well. These are great for plenty of games and outdoor and indoor use.
The set of 6 balls includes a carrying bag which makes them portable and easy to store. These balls are durable and will last for a while, so you will get the best value for your money.

7. Franklin Sports Dodgeball Ball Set

Best Dodgeball To Play
Franklin Sports Dodgeball Set is another one of the best dodgeball sets under budget that you should invest in. This is the best-selling dodgeball set on Amazon and a lot of customers appreciated the material and the overall quality of these balls.
These balls are made from high quality and durable material which will be far better than those rubber balls because you don’t have to suffer from the classic sting of the rubber balls. These feel soft and feature a good bounce that makes them ideal for various uses. The balls feature a great grip which makes these perfect for everyone. The balls are 6 inches in size which makes them perfect for kids to grab and throw.
Overall, this is a popular and reliable brand that promises to deliver the best quality and durability.

8. NERF Proshot Dodgeball – 6″ Foam Dodgeball

Best Dodgeballs Set
These dodgeballs from NERF have also caught our attention and made a place on our list of top-rated dodgeballs. These are made from quality materials that make these balls soft and easy to play with. These balls have good grip and excellent bounce which makes them good for various activities and games.
Players of all ages can play with these dodgeballs without having any issues. The textured surface provides a good grip and traction that makes it an ideal choice. Overall, these 6 inches dodgeballs are highly versatile and ideal for everyone to play both indoors and outdoors.

9. Voit Tuff Dodgeball, 6 1/4-Inch

Best Dodgeball
If you are looking for premium dodgeballs then this one from Voit should be your best option. It is made from quality materials and it is free from latex as well. The ball makes an excellent option to play indoors and outdoors.
The dodgeballs are covered with a tough outer coating and filled with soft and low-density balls. This ball is soft, slower-moving, and features a good grip.

10. ADA Sports Dodgeball Gym Ball

These dodgeballs from ADA make great Gym balls for the people looking for some activity. The balls are well made and durable that will last for a long time.
These balls are perfect for all ages and skill levels, which makes them one of the best-selling dodgeball sets on Amazon. It features an excellent grip surface which is easier to grab and play with for beginners. The balls are 6 inches in size and come in a set of 6 balls as well.

11. Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball – 8.5 in

We have another one of the premium dodgeballs that you might want to invest in if you want the best quality. This one is latex-free dodgeball which is made for beginners and occasional players. This ball is quite perfect for having some fun and being a little active. Some people also bought this ball to play with their dogs. It has got a nice texture and rough surface that provides a great grip.

12. Baden 7 Dodgeball Size 8.5

This is another one of the top budget-friendly dodgeballs to invest in. It is made for both indoor and outdoor use. The ball has been made from resilient foam which makes it slow running and low bounce ball. This ball has been appreciated by both adults and children alike, so you would most certainly appreciate this dodgeball that is affordable and of good quality.


So these are some of the best dodgeballs that you can find. We have enlisted these dodgeballs in our article because they got high ratings and so many positive reviews which makes them a perfect match for you. We have listed down a variety of dodgeballs for you to do whether you are looking for the best dodgeball for adults or kids, cheaper or premium, the best quality one for professionals or just to have a dodgeball to kill some time, you would find them all here.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.