Top 10 Best Smartwatch Brands In India 2023

Smartwatches have been a game changer in the tech Era, what was used just for watching time has been transformed and now we have a mini smartphone on our wrists. Watches were one of the first things that were turned smart and after that, almost every other thing is turning digital or smart. Well, the hype around smartwatches is completely worth it because not only you can see the time and date but can also see messages, and notifications, take calls, keep a track of your health, and so on. This is why most people these days have a smartwatch on their wrist.
If you are one of those people who haven’t tried a smartwatch yet or didn’t find a good one then don’t worry, you can easily find your perfect match. There are plenty of amazing tech brands manufacturing smartwatches that can be paired with your smartphone and you can easily use the latest and high-tech features. With that many choices comes some confusion over what to buy and what will be the best for you. Now, many criteria can help you to choose the best smartwatch for you. However, if you are someone who wants to choose the best smartwatch that gives you the best features and service then you should look at the brand of the smartwatch.
We have plenty of brands that make amazing smartwatches these days and you can easily find one that meets your every need. If you want to know what are the popular smartwatches brands and why those would be worth your money, then you are at the right place.
Here, we are discussing the top smartwatch brands in India that sell some of the best smartwatches, so go ahead and take a look at these and see which one would be the best brand for you.
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Best Smartwatch Brands In India

1. Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the best smartwatch brands in India and internationally too. This is one of the first brands that promoted smartwatches as a health and activity tracker gadget and they got a good response from the customers as well. The brand’s goal is to make health more manageable and easily accessible to users. The name of the brand is also pretty catchy and people just get the idea of what it would offer, this has also helped in its wide popularity.
The smartwatches have lots of amazing features apart from the fitness trackers, such as you can pick and make calls, reading text messages and notifications, and so much more that make their smartwatches one of the best-selling ones.
When it comes to fitness-related functions, you can track your daily steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, stress, and more. This helps you to keep your daily routine in check and get a healthy lifestyle. Some of the watches have Alexa features built in too. The battery life is long enough and charging is easy too. You will get a great range of smartwatches that vary in functions and budget, so you can easily find one that is most suitable for you.

2. Fastrack

Fastrack is another top-rated smartwatch brand in India that you must know about or hear of. The brand is quite popular as it manufactures a variety of products and goods so people are familiar with the name. The brand has targeted young customers ever since its foundation and they have marketed its products well and succeeded too. The brand was launched in 1998 and they have managed to earn the trust of their customers and the people of India and other countries, and now people do think of this brand if they ever want to buy a smartwatch or even regular watches.
You will find some high-tech smartwatches with amazing functions and intuitive interfaces that have impressed customers. They offer dual-tone bands that have been praised by customers and the smartwatches feel pretty good to wear as well. They have a couple of smartwatches that are counted among the best-selling smartwatches. USB charging is also quite easy and reliable.
One of the reasons why people love this brand is because of its budget-friendly prices. You can find a decent smartwatch within an economical price range and still get the best features. So for value for money and affordable smartwatches, this is the brand you go for.

3. Samsung

We already know about this tech giant and how amazing this one is. From smartphones to some of the best electric appliances, the brand has manufactured it all and managed to get great appreciation from the customers too. So when it comes to smartwatches, Samsung can’t be forgotten. This South Korean brand has always managed to stay a step ahead of the tech giants and be innovative with its gadgets. This seems to have worked for its reputation and brand value, and this is why it is one of the biggest tech brands in the world.
They have started manufacturing smartwatches with some of the latest features and intuitive interfaces. Smartwatches have a wide range of features from basic ones to advanced ones and even fitness tracking functions. The Samsung smartwatches are a complete package as you can easily find one that suits all of your needs and comes within your price range.
In India, there are plenty of amazing smartwatches from Samsung that are among the top-selling list. You can easily find a budget-friendly as well as a premium smartwatch, so make sure to look to this brand if you are looking for the best smartwatch.

4. Apple

Now we have the name that you all have expected, and it is none other than Apple. Apple might be the best smartwatch brand only if you already have an Apple phone and this is why it has some limitations. The smartwatch can only be connected to iOS and this is why only iPhone owners invest in their smartwatches. Nevertheless, the smartwatches from Apple are as good as you can expect.
They have some pretty cool features that help you keep track of your calorie intake and daily calorie consumption, you can know how active you are, your heart rate, sleep tracking, stress level, and so on. You can easily find a water-resistant smartwatch that you can take to swimming or while it’s raining, just like their iPhone.
One of the things that might be a negative point for the brand is its price. The price of an Apple smartwatch is pretty high and the functions are just like any other smartwatch except for a few unique features. Overall, if the price is not a limitation for you and you already own an iPhone then you should most certainly invest in their smartwatches. One of the things that customers get pretty excited about in their smartwatches is their unique bands, which are pretty stylish and trendy.

5. Titan

We all know the reputation of Titan which is why this brand deserved to be on the list of best smartwatch brands in India. The brand is a veteran as they have been an old player in the watch market. They have been selling watches for several decades but it is only recently that they have also started to sell smartwatches as it is quite an in-trend. With Titan, you get the latest technology with a traditional watch look that looks classy and chic.
The brand makes smartwatches for both men and women, and the looks of each watch are designed carefully and with great attention. There are plenty of options from the brand in which you would want to invest in. The Titan Connected Hybrid X is pretty popular with the brand for its unique sporty design for men. The long battery life is something people have appreciated from the brand. You will also get a double strap choice. The price is competitive and reasonable.
Overall if you want the looks of a traditional watch and the functions of a smartwatch then this would be the best brand for you.

6. boAt

boAt is a well-known tech brand in India. It is mostly popular for its headphones but nowadays the brand is known for its amazing smartwatches too. It was launched in 2013 and it has become one of the best Indian brands when it comes to headphones and smartwatches in the last few years. boAt offers great functionality and a high-tech experience for its users and this can be seen in its latest smartwatch models.
There is a wide variety of smartwatches that you can find. Each one had something great to offer at budget-friendly prices. The LCD touch screens work pretty smoothly. You can do almost everything with their smartwatches. You will also find the built-in Alexa features too.
Right now, this is the best affordable smartwatch brand in India that you can rely on. Check out their options, you won’t be disappointed.

7. OnePlus

OnePlus is another famous smartphone brand that has found its way to the smartwatch market. The brand has a huge customer base in India which has benefited its smartwatch sales as soon as they hit the market.
Just like their smartphones, OnePlus has managed to make high-tech smartwatches with amazing features that have impressed customers a lot. You can find all the generic smartwatch features that include basic phone features and fitness trackers. The smartwatches are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which assures an uninterrupted connection that enables you to take hands-free calls and manage your music and other stuff. Their watches are also water resistant so feel free to take them for a swim. The prices may be a little higher than Indian brands but you will get greater functions and higher quality.

8. Fossil

Fossil is also a top smartwatch brand in India and across the globe, so it has to be on our list. The brand has been ruling the smartwatch market for quite some time and now it has managed to find a customer base in India as well. The brand was founded in 1984, in Texas and it has been selling some of the best watches for both men and women since then.
The watches are driven by Google’s Wear OS so you can easily manage the functions of the watch and take actions smoothly. The designs of the watches are pretty amazing and you can find some jewels on them too. The prices are higher but the quality and looks will be worth it.


We have another smartphone brand that started selling smartwatches, and this one is nine other than OPPO. If you are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch with all the amazing features then this should be your best option. It tracks your health and fitness and makes you more aware of your physical activities. The smartwatches are water resistant too.

10. Garmin

Garmin is one of the top smartwatch brands in the world and it has also managed to get attention in the Indian market too. The smartwatches from this brand are popular for their amazing functionality and features. This brand has also made their smartwatches water resistant so that users don’t have to be too careful around water. The smartwatches may be a little pricier but given the functionality and high-tech features, it would be totally worth it to spend that much money.


So these are some of the best smartwatch brands that you can find in India. All of these are reputed brands that have gained the trust of their customers over the years and deliver the best-performing gadgets and products. We have mentioned these brands because they have some of the best-selling smartwatches in India, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect smartwatch for yourself or your loved ones.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Go ahead and check out these smartwatch brands and see if you can something worth your money.