10 Best Preschool Teacher Interview Questions And Answers 2023

Being a preschool teacher is no piece of cake nor does getting the job of a preschool teacher. When it comes to teaching little kids recruiters takes extra attention to the candidates. So candidates will have to fully prepare for it.
Every question that is asked in the preschool interview hold significance, so you just can’t go wrong with it. Every current answer will lead you to this job but for that you will have to prepare the question which are commonly asked in preschool teacher interview. Which why we have get you a list of questions that will help you prepare for the interview. So take a look at the article.
preschool teacher interview questions

Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

1. why did you become a preschool teacher?
The very first question they are gonna ask and it should not be a surprise when they ask. So prepare a speech for this question and you can say things such as, you love children and its great to be around them. Or you can say teaching children is a passion and you always wanna do that. No matter what you say just say it like you actually mean it!
2. what’s your favorite thing about teaching at preschool?
Here too you will have to answer things like its challenging and that you love how children learn at this stage and you wanna help them at this growing stage. Before going to an interview just prepare one of two lines that suggest your favorite thing about preschool teaching.
3. what do you not like preschool teaching?
This question may or may not be asked but you have to answer it very smartly. You can say that children at this age can get distracted very easily but I find it challenging more than difficultly. Their distraction is what makes me do more and do my best.
4. Are you aware of your responsibilities as a preschool teacher?
Now this question is asked to know your skills as a preschool teacher and you better be prepared for this one. You can say things like preschool teaching is way different than teaching older kids, here you will have to teach them about the beginning of everything, be it the number, alphabets or morals and values. And that will be a responsibility to teach them good things and add values to them.
5. what are your strengths as a preschool teacher?
Now that’s the question where you will have to sell yourself. You can say things like, you are good at observing children and know how to meet the needs of them, as every child is different and you can’t treat everyone the same at this stage. You can also say that you are very flexible and dedicated or you have good communication skills as a preschool teacher.

Common Questions For Preschool Teacher Interview

6. how will you manage the class.
In this question, you can use your previous experience. You can say that you won’t be intimidating instead gentle and reasonable. And you can handle children very well. You can say you believe in an enjoyable yet educational approach and that’s what you believe in.
7. How will you manage children to work as a team?
You can’t start your answer, that you know how important is to make children value teamwork. And you can say things which you have done in the past to get make children work in a group.
8. How would you talk to the parents?
This one is a rather simple question and just make sure you came outright. You can say that you know very well to balance children and parents and how important is to talk to them about their child so that they can be involved with their child.
9. what will be your full schedule for a day at preschool.
It’s a typical question, you can say things like you would like to make them do both indoor and outdoor activities and you would change your schedule as per your student’s need.
10. what will be your overall approach as a preschool teaching?
It’s a personality-based question and you can state your personal philosophy of teaching children at preschool and how you meet their needs by including different activities to make them learn better.


These are the best Preschool teacher interview questions. i hope these preschool teacher questions will help you in your interview. if you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.