Top 10 Best Flashlights Under $50 Of (2023)

Flashlights are one of the most important gadgets to have with us. No matter whether you are staying at home or going on a trip to the wilds or mountains, a flashlight is a must-have. The flashlight is also a crucial part of an emergency kit as well. Whenever it’s dark the first thing you would grab is a flashlight and you would want it to be reliable and durable so that it can stay with you for a long time.
Not many people give their flashlights the kind of importance that they deserve and they tend to settle with just ‘any’ flashlights. But sometimes, your life might depend on the flashlight and that is why you need to put more thought into a flashlight than you usually do.
If you are also looking for the best flashlights to buy then you can come across the best place. Here, we have a long list of the best flashlights to choose from. We have also included a buying guide at the end of the article. It would help you to know how to choose the best flashlight for under 50 dollars.
In this article, we are including the best flashlights under 50 dollars that you can find right now, so go ahead and take a look at the following list and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Flashlights Under $50

1. OLight S2 Baton

Best Flashlights Under $50
When it comes to the best flashlight under 50, OLight S2 Baton is our first pick. It’s not just the best flashlight under 50 dollars, but you would prefer it even if you don’t have a limited budget all thanks to its bunch of impressive features.
For starters, the flashlight comes with 4 different modes of light output and these are 950, 400, 80, and 10 lumens. Other than this, it has two other light modes and it can reach up to 142 meters as well. So you won’t a problem seeing to a longer distance. There is a timer mode as well that would help you to control the light.
This one would be easy to use as well, so even if both of your hands are busy you can still handle it because it comes with a magnet. Not just the great performance and reliable features but it’s also trustworthy as it comes with 5 years of warranty. The built-in clip may be heavy but it shouldn’t be a problem.
Overall, if you are looking forward to buying a flashlight under 50 dollars that provides everything you can ask for and gives great value for money then this one should be the best option for you.

2. J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlights

Top Best Flashlights Under $50
J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlights is one of the best flashlights under 50 dollars that you can find. It’s a go-to product to buy when you want the right features at the right price without making a fuss over anything. There are multiple light modes, there are three in total, namely strobe, low and high. It’s pretty easy to change from one light mode to another. The light output is 300 lumens and you would be able to see 600 feet.
When it comes to the battery there are two options. You can either go for a single AA battery or opt for the rechargeable battery. Both are convenient options and you can choose either of them as per your preference.
It is has a metallic body that would handle the falls. All the parts are connected tightly which would keep the dirt and dust away and it would also handle a light splash as well. Overall, it offers a great value for money and you should be able to use it just anywhere you want.

3. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlights S1000

Flashlights Under $50
GearLight LED is another one of the best flashlights for under 50 dollars that you can look for. What would impress you the most about this flashlight is its small size as it would fit in your pocket and you can take it just anywhere.
It operates on a single AA battery that would eliminate the need to carry a charger. It features an LED light bulb so you would get atop notch quality, ( CREE bulb that comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. So it’s bright and you won’t have to deal with poor or dim light. Additionally, the flashlight is also shock-resistant so you can use it in any condition.
There are three different light modes as well, high, medium, and light. So you can choose the ideal intensity.

4. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

Best Flashlights Less Than $50
Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 should be on your wishlist if you want a reliable, durable, and come from a well know and reputed brand. Here you would get 900 lumens of light output that would mean you would be able to see clearly with its bright light. It also comes with the zoomable feature which would come in handy for hikers or when you are camping.
This one also features a CREE bulb and it also features five light settings, including strobe, SOS, low, medium, and high. It comes with a rechargeable battery od a 6700mAh battery that can last up to 13 hours with a single charge. The flashlight is water-resistant as well so it can withstand light splashes.

5. Surefire G2X

Best Tactical Flashlights Under $50
The Surefire G2X would also impress you as it makes a great option for the best flashlight under 50. The best part about the flashlight is its sturdiness and you would certainly love it even because it won’t be affected even if you drop it from a greater height. Its body is made from Nitrolon Body and a polycarbonate window that is the reason behind its sturdiness.
The light output is od 320 lumens so it would be adequate. You would also love its compact size as it can easily fit into your pocket. There are two light settings to choose from. It’s overall a good enough flashlight to invest in.

6. Sofirn 1000 Lumens Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Best Rechargeable Flashlights Under $50
Sofirn is also one of the best flashlights below 50 dollars that you can invest in. Since it features 1000 lumens of light output, it is pretty bright and you can rely on this when it’s too dark. You can see up to 207 meters.
It features a rugged design and it’s pretty durable as well. It also features a smart LED indicator button which would be helpful you want to find it in dark or when its battery is low. So whether you lost your flashlight somewhere or you want to know the status of the battery, you won’t an issue. From its durable design to its amazing features, everything is on point.

7. EcoGear FX TK 12 Complete LES Tactical Feature

Top Rated Flashlights Under $50
If you are looking for a flashlight that is ultra-bright and that would allow you to see as far as 1000 feet away, then EcoGear should be your first choice. It features a rugged design which makes it sturdy and durable. It is also water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about rain or splashes.
There are multiple light modes as well, SOS, Strobe, Low, Medium, and High. You can use anyone at your convenience. Apart from this, the beam can be focused as well as widened. Overall, the flashlight lives up to our expectations and we found it pretty helpful and it is best suited for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, trekking, etc.

8. TerraLUX TLF-3002AA-BK Flashlight

TerraLUX TLF is another one of the leading flashlights under 50 that you can buy and rely on. It is made up of an aluminum body, which is quite sturdy and durable. It can run up to 3 hours so that may be a drawback but you can always have a few AA batteries with you to use anytime you want.
There are a lot of things that you can like about this flashlight and its cheap price is one of them.

9. COAST PX1 315 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlights

Best Flashlights Under 50 Dollars
COAST is also a flashlight that you would want to buy because it is feature-packed and comes at an affordable price as well. It features two light modes, one is about 25 lumens output, and another consists of 315 lumens output.
One of the best things about this flashlight is its battery as it can last for up to 42 hours. So no need to charge it frequently or carry spare batteries with you. It’s reliable and durable and most importantly it provides great value for money. So it’s safe to say that it is one of the best flashlights under 50 dollars to buy.

10. Nebo Slyde King

Best Flashlights Under 50 Dollar
Nebo Slyde King is a flashlight that you can take with you anywhere. It’s perfect to use outdoors and when you are on some kind of adventure. You would most certainly love it for its pocket size and feature-packed performance. It comes with a key-chain to enhance its portability.
The flashlight features a zoom-able feature as it can zoom in 4 times. It is also water-resistant and impact resistant which ensures its longevity and reliability.

11. Streamlight Polytac 88850

Flashlights Under $50 Best
Great looks. Good performance. Very reliable! These are the words that we would use to describe this flashlight. Streamlight is one of the best brands to look forward to when it comes to flashlights. They have impressed us with their efficiency and performance.
It’s a streamlined-looking flashlight that comes with a tail cap push button so that you can easily use the flashlight when necessary. It has a TEN-tail programmable tail switch that lets you choose between the three different programs to meet your needs. This one has been designed to last longer and its durable design and construction won’t let you down either.  Although some people have said that had difficulty removing the clip. But other than that it is pretty easy to use.
The flashlight is shock resistant so you won’t have to worry about it using in a rugged situation. So whether you are going on a wild mountain trekking or exploring a cave or even your basement that you haven’t opened in years, this is the flashlight for you!
Overall, the flashlight gives great value for your price and you won’t regret buying it.

Buying Guide for Best Flashlight Under 50 Dollars

There are a few things that you would need to consider when it comes to choosing the best flashlight under 50 for yourself. Some of the most crucial features that you need to look for are the following:-
1. Light Output
One of the most crucial factors that you need to consider is the light output. The light output would be measured in the Lumens. In simpler words, light output is the amount of light that a flashlight can put out. A light output would vary from one flashlight to another.
You need to make sure that the light out of a flashlight can meet your needs. It would be ideal if your flashlights have different levels of light output so that they can meet your needs. There are generally, low, medium, and high light outputs along with an SOS mode which can help you in an emergency. Overall, the more the light output level, the better it would be.
2. Batteries
What kind of batteries your flashlight supports is an important factor to consider. You must know whether it’s a rechargeable battery or a proprietary battery.
Proprietary batteries are the built-in batteries that come with these batteries. When they run out and you need to change, you would have to call the manufacturer and get them from there. You cant get them from just any place.
With rechargeable batteries, you can just charge them, and even if you do need to change them you can get them from just any store.
AAA batteries are also a decent option, but you would have to change them more often. Apart from that, flashlights that can be charged via a USB charger or a cigarette charger are also an option.
Overall, you can choose one which is convenient for you and works for you the best.
3. Battery Life
No matter what kind of battery you are opting for, your main concern should be how much the battery life lasts. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a flashlight that cant provide you light when needed. Make sure it lasts long and you can rely on it instead of charging it every hour.
4. Durability
You dint want to spend your money over and over again on a flashlight. That is why you must look for a flashlight that would last longer and won’t break or get damaged after a couple of months.
5. Heat Management
Flashlights can easily get heated up if you use them for a while. It can be an issue as it may affect the durability of the flashlight. That is why you need to see if the flashlight can take the heat well and doesn’t heat that much.
6. Accessories
Several flashlights come with several accessories as well. These accessories can make things a lot easier and especially handling the flashlights and may improve its life as well. Some of the accessories that you can get with a flashlight include an extra keychain flashlight, a box, a lanyard, some extra parts, and so on. Apart from these, some are the crucial accessories such as charger cable, adapter, and a few extra batteries.
7. Weight and Size
Weight and size are also important factors to consider. It would be ideal if you can carry the flashlight in your pocket, so a lightweight and compact size should be something you look for. If you are looking for a flashlight to use at home or you keep in your car, then you can consider a larger size as well.
8. Customer Reviews
Customer reviews play an important part when it comes to finding the perfect flashlight. Before buying a flashlight you should check the customer’s review. Who else can tell you better about a product than someone using it now? So it’s better to know how good a product is by its reviews.
9. Price
Not only that you would want to buy something that fits in your budget, but you should also be looking for something that can give great value for the money you are spending on it.


So these are some of the things that you have to consider while buying the best flashlight under 50 dollars.
Here we have come to an end for our article, 11 Best Flashlights under 50 dollars. We have enlisted the ones that have got great features and good reviews. So you can rely on these flashlights for your emergencies and blackouts. We hope that you got everything you have been looking for and got a decent flashlight under 50 dollars to buy. Thank you for visiting and we hope we were helpful.