Top 12 Best Heated Eye Masks 2023

When we talk about self-care and pampering ourselves after a long tiring day we normally think of a full body massage, skincare, spa, and so on. However, one part that needs our attention is our eye or under-eye area. Our eyes get as tired as our bodies, and we would need to take care of them as well. Whether you are sitting all day in front of a computer working or you read a lot of books throughout the day your eyes do get tired and need some relief as well. You must have noticed your eyes look tired, puffy, or sunken, well this is your sign that you should invest in an eye mask.
The normal eye masks are good but what’s even better is the heated eye mask. The warmth of the heated eye mask will do wonders for your under-eye skin and help you reduce common eye conditions such as feelings of dryness, irritation, and fatigue. The heated eye masks work just like heat therapy for other parts of the body and it relieves stress and moisturizes your eyes as well. The heated eye mask can also tighten the skin around your eyes making them look firm and younger.
When it comes to buying a heated eye mask, you will get plenty of choices in the market. Although it’s going to be hard to choose the best eye mask for yourself when you are buying it for the first time as there are hundreds of options available.
Since you are here, you must be looking for some help choosing the best-heated eye mask, right? In this case, you have landed in the right place. Here, we are going to list down some of the top heated eye masks that will soothe your eyes and make them appear much better. So go ahead and take a look at the following best-heated eye masks so go ahead and see which one you like the most.
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Best Heated Eye Masks

1. Optix 55 Eye Compress Mask

Best Heated Eye Mask
The Optix 55 Eye Compress Mask is one of the best-heated eye masks you can find on Amazon. This heated eye mask comes with hydro heat technology that will absorb the moisture from the air and release clean and moist heat to your eye area.
The inside of the mask is made up of soft gel beads that will retain the temperature for long-lasting relief. While the outside of the mask features super soft hygienic material that is soft and odor free. The strap and hook closure keeps it steady and prevents any slipping. For storage, you will get a storage pouch with the mask and it will also be ideal for traveling. Lastly, the heated eye masks are pretty affordable and will give the best value for your money, so it’s a must-try!

2. Dr. Prepare Heated Eye Make

Top Heated Eye Mask
Now we have a more advanced heated eye mask, Dr. Prepare Heated Eye Mask. This mask has it all that can provide you comfort and optimum heat therapy to reduce the common tiredness of the eyes. The heated eye mask is made up of cotton on the exterior that ensures comfortable wear and it is easy to clean so it can be used several times.
The best thing about this mask is that it comes with four heat settings from 95°F to 122° F along with four timer settings from 10 to 30 minutes. So you can choose the ideal temperature and set it for a specific time to get the best results. For closure, it features an elastic band and a small bucket that will keep it in its place.
The mask is USB powered that is compatible with 5 V or 1-2 A USB outlets as well as can be powered by a battery backup, laptop, or car chargers.

3. Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask

Heated Eye Mask
This is another top-rated heated eye mask from Aroma Season that you can invest in. This one offers a deep penetrating heat therapy which ensures good gland secretion and provides a stable tear layer too. This one also comes with three heat settings so you can choose the ideal temperature for your eyes. It also has three timer settings from 20 to 60 minutes.
So you can use this heated eye mask for a long time to get the best results and your eyes will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It can also help with blood circulation improvement. The mask features flaxseed fillers that are non-toxic and can contain heat and keeps the mask moist. The outer part of the mask is made up of cotton which is soft and breathable. The mask is powered by a USB port, power bank, or phone charger. Its flexible strap makes sure you get a snug fit.

4. Kao Megrhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask – Lavender Sage

Heated Best Eye Mask
If you want some benefits of aromatherapy along with heat therapy for your eyes then this eye mask from Kao is perfect for you. It’s all you would want after a long and tiring day. The mask is infused with a calming and soothing scent of sage and lavender. This will calm your senses and it will also induce a good night’s sleep.
The mask can reach up to the maximum temperature of 40°C and it will stay warm for about 10 minutes. It’s pretty easy to use, all you have to do is to open up the mask and put it on, as it quickly heats up. One pack of these eye masks features 12 reusable masks and these are pretty cost-effective to invest in.

5. Heyedrate Heated Eye Mask

Heated Eye Mask Best
Are you suffering from crusty eyelashes, irritated eyes, headaches, puffiness, sinuses, or allergies? Well, this heated mask will solve all of your problems, and that too at an affordable price. This heated mask is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is to put this mask in microwaves for a few seconds and it will heat up. Once heated, this mask can provide optimum heat for about 20 minutes. So you don’t have to charge it or plug it in.
It is made with soft material and is breathable. The mask fits around your eyes and makes sure you get a decent fit. If you are new to heated eye masks, this one would be perfect.

6. Mediviz Eye Compress

Good Quality Heated Eye Mask
This is one of the most recommended heated eye masks by customers as well as by doctors. This heated eye mask is best suited for people with irritated eyelids and eyes.
The mask retains heat for a long time so you can just put it on and take a relaxing nap. The outer layer of the mask is soft, comfortable, and breathable. You can also remove the cover to clean it. To ensure a snug fit, this mask comes with a soft elastic velcro strap. The mask also comes with a money-back guarantee if it is unsatisfied.

7. KimKoo Moist Eye Compress Heat Therapy

Best Budget Heated Eye Mask
KimKoo also sells a top-rated heated eye mask that will make sure you get the best relief. This mask helps in stabilizing the lacrimal membrane and helps restore the natural defense of your eye against tear evaporation. By using the mask, you will also get to see an improvement in oil gland secretion and it also leads to refreshing, rejuvenating, and revitalizing your eyes.
The heated mask is made with flaxseed filling which is non-toxic and absorbs moisture from the air. It takes about a few seconds to heat and then it stays warm for about 10 minutes. The mask smells pretty good too. You will also find it a good fit for your eyes.

8. NatraCure Microwavable Weighted Warming Eye Mask

Top Rated Heated Eye Mask
We have another high-rated mask that is microwavable and also lasts for a long time. This one features a comfortable fit and it also feels very soft and plush. The inner pad can be removed and the mask can be used as a regular sleeping mask.
The inner pad of the mask is filled with silica beads that add a nice weight to the mask as well as retain heat for a long time. The material of the mask is soft, comfortable, breathable, and non-irritating so you can easily wear it for a long time without any discomfort. It quickly heats up and stays warm for a long time. The mask is perfect for long heat therapy and it is pretty easy to wash as well, so it is quite durable.

9. Fomi Heated Eye Mask

Best Eye Heated Masks
Fomi Heated Eye Mask is the best budget-friendly heated eye mask to invest in. This heated eye mask features an animal print design. The mask has natural clay beads that gather moisture from the air and provide long-lasting heat therapy. The outer fabric is made up of plush which feels very soft on the skin. It also features an adjustable strap for a good fit on your face.
This mask is perfect for traveling as it comes with nice packaging and a pouch. This mask helps with pain relief, puffy eyes, stress, migraine, headache, or dark circles. It works well in hydrating the eyes.

10. Hivrest Heated Eye Mask

Best Eye Masks Heated
Hivrest Heated Eye Mask has also managed to make a spot on the list of top heated eye masks. This mask is pretty comfortable to use and it is highly customizable too. It features five heat settings from 35°C to 50°C along with five-time settings from 10 to 30 minutes.
The soft and fluffy material feels gentle and soft on the eyes. The mask is powered by a USB wall adapter, power bank, or your laptop. You can remove the interior of the mask to wash the cover. The mask is infused with quality ice gel and heated carbon fiber, so you can also get cold therapy with it. The kit includes a heated compartment, an ice bag, a spray bottle, noise-blocking earplugs, and a storage bag. Overall, this one is worth the money so make sure to check it out.

11. ProCIV Steam Eye Mask

Heated Eye Best Masks
This is a Steam Eye Mask that heats up without any electricity or battery. It lets out heat at 104° F to 113° F and it stays warm for a while. This mask is quite simple to use, you just have to open it up and put on your eyes. It relieves stress, fatigue, eye strain, dryness, pink eye, migraine, dark circles, itchiness, and headaches. The cotton fabric on the outer layer makes it ideal for all skin types. It is affordable as well as gives great value for your money, so try this one out.

12. Pop Mask Starry Eyes Self Warming Eye Mask

Heated Eye Masks Best
This is also a best-selling heated eye mask from Pop Mask that you can buy from Amazon. This is a self Warming mask which means you don’t require electricity or a battery to heat it up. It is quite easy to use as well. The mask takes only about 20 seconds to get warm and it retains heat for about 20 minutes.
This mask is made up of nonwoven cotton and contains activated carbon, salt, iron powder, vermiculite, and water that helps in soothing the eye. It also helps with eye strain and puffiness and improves blood circulation. Lastly, the mask is free of any artificial ingredients and is fragrance-free so it’s ideal for everyone.


So these are some of the best-heated eye masks that you will find so far. These heated eye masks feature the best quality and have amazing features that would help you get rid of common eye conditions such as puffiness and sunken eyes. These eye masks provide optimum warmth to your eye area and provide the best heat therapy.
That would be all for now and we hope you buy a few heated eye masks suitable for you and take care of your eyes!