How Do You Know If Your Friends Are Fake (2023)

There are a number of times when we get hurt by our friends and sometimes we realize that those weren’t our real friends. Fake friends are the most toxic people that you can have in your life and that’s why some people keep their circle small. The thing is, we are often unable to identify a fake friend and know who is the one that actually cares for us. And that’s why it’s so important to know which one is the fake friend and which one is our true friend.

But how do we find out who is our fake friends? Because there isn’t any label on them and they aren’t any different human beings either. So how do you know if your friends are fake? The good news is, it’s not impossible to identify a fake friend and you can surely find one when you look clearly for the signs. And that’s where you need us.

In this article, we are listing out some of the signs or traits of your friends that may suggest that those are your fake friends. So let’s not waste any more time and start our article How Do You Know If Your Friends Are Fake?
how do you know if your friends are fake

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1. They will constantly disappoint you

The first trait of a fake friend is that they will constantly disappoint you in every way possible. There will be lying, breaking promises, and so on. They may not live up to your expectations and are constantly disappointing you in one way or another. Yes, it’s normal in a friendship if you disappoint each other once in a while but the consistency is what differentiates a fake friend from the true one’s. And if that’s the case you might wanna reevaluate your relationship with the person and see if their friendship worth all this!

2. They won’t care about you

True friends care for each other and they stick together with each other. But fake friends won’t. And you can know how much they actually care about you. They won’t consider your feelings first and never care about you. You won’t see them making gestures that suggest that they care for and it also includes not asking how you are when you don’t show up to the work, school, college, or they may not be around you when you need them the most.

3. They are all about “themselves”

Have you ever met someone who is just full of themselves and they don’t actually care about what the other person thinks or wants? Well, this might be a sign that they are not your true friends! You will be regularly overlooked or ignored, and they will make the decision for you and they won’t care what food you wanna eat, what movie you wanna watch, or where you wanna hang out.

Some people just need someone by their side so they won’t feel bored and they can always have an audience to show off themselves and feel good to overpower others, and that can be called as friendship! You need to evaluate if they have ever down soothing that you loved or they have ever listened to you and asked your opinions on something.

4. They won’t be supportive

We have often said that friends are there to support you, and it does matter how silly you are being or how crazy you are being if there is something you have a full interest in, then they must support you. But this trait is completely missing in a fake friend. You will never hear them say anything g that is supportive. They might be supportive when it comes to your interests or passions. Sometimes a fake friend can highly criticize or make fun of your interests or passion.  And that is not a healthy sign of any relationship.

5. They won’t accept your flaws

Let’s face it no one is perfect and we all have flaws. But that’s what makes at unique and one of kind. But the thing is, the people who truly care about us will always be supportive of us regarding our flaws. But a fake friend is someone who will not only accept your flaws but also makes fun of them. And they might make it a big deal or might use your flaws to humiliate you in the public as well. And that’s not acceptable in any way and that’s why you need to stay away from your famous friends.

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6. They will never listen to your stories

Do you know what friends are for? They are here to listen to our endless stories no matter how stupid they are and a true friend will do that. But a fake friend will be so self observed that they will only interested in themself and it doesn’t matter to them what your big news is or what’s bothering you.

Some people just here to be listened to and they never listen to other people. You may notice them being interruptive when you talk or they may even cut you off as well. That’s where you know that you have a fake friend.

7. They may not respect your boundaries either

We all have some boundaries that we want others to understand. Like you can’t dance publically or you don’t like to talk about a certain subject or you can’t stand someone being too touchy with you. And these boundaries are completely okay. So a true friend will always understand or at least try to understand your boundaries and they will always respect that. But if you have a fake friend they won’t understand your boundaries and they will also not respect them or might make fun of them. So if your friend is constantly crossing your personal boundaries then it might be a time that you need to decide whether or not you wanna be around them.

8. They will only be in touch when they need something from you

Here is another trait of a fake friend! We all have that one friend that only calls us or meet us when they need something from us. And this is not a sign of true friendship. See they may not be with you when you need a favor from them or they might not put the same amount of effort as you do when you need something from them.

10. They will talk behind your back

Now it’s not something that you can catch, but yeah it’s a sign of a fake friend. They will never support you or talk something good about you behind your back. They will be like the whole other person when you are not with them and they might even talk things that may not even true (spreading rumors). Now if anyone tells you that he or she has talked something about you, might wanna confront them and be a little careful in the future.

11. They won’t take “no” for an answer

If your friend is constantly manipulating you into doing something that you don’t enjoy or find interesting then this might a sign of fake friend. Now if you say no to them for anything, they might say that their friendship is over. This is definitely a big sign that you need to be considered. Here you have a right to say no for many reasons and they should understand you in spite saying that they no longer want to be your friends in the future.

12. They will be jealous

Fake friends are often jealous of your big achievements, your relationships, etc rather than being happy for you. And that’s another sign that you need to evaluate as well. The result of their jealousy will be seen when they start competing with you or they might start gossips about you. If your friend is being jealous when you hang out with other people then this might be a sign of a fake friend as well.

13. They will abandon you

They will never be on your site when you need them the most. For example, when you are going through a rough time like a breakup or emotional stress, they won’t be around you.


So these are a few signals that might suggest that you have a fake friend. These things may seem like the little things but these impact your relationship with your friend in a big way. You can’t be the only one being a true friend as friendship is a two-way street! There has to be a balance and you need to know whether or not you can trust that person! Having a fake friend in your life can cause more troubles than you can imagine, so it will better if you know who is your true friends.

We hope you like our article and found it helpful. So thank you for being with us, we hope you come around for more such articles in the future as well.