How To Be Happy Again In Life – 12 Helpful Tips

We all feel a little depressed during one point in our life. We feel like we have changed and we are not as happy as we used to be. This can happen because of any reason but the thing is you should definitely not ignore this feeling. And trust us, your sad days won’t last forever. All you have to do is make yourself feel happy again, but how?

That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. Here we are going to list out some ways through which you can make yourself happy again. These are pretty simple and will definitely help you.

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How To Be Happy Again

1. Figure out when you stopped feeling happy

This is a crucial step in order to feel happy again! See you have to figure out the time when you ever felt the happiness or if you really been happy in your life. It’s not a hard thing to do, just sit with yourself and remember the last time you were genuinely happy. And you remember the time, then figure what went wrong and why stopped feeling happy all of a sudden.

Some times there is a reason to not feeling happy anymore, such as breaking up with your partner, facing a financial loss or grieving, etc. And if you identify the reason it would be helpful to make yourself happy again and move on in your life.

On the other hand, if you can’t remember the last time you were happy then may you are depressed or you don’t allow yourself to feel happiness in your life. In some cases, you might professional help and in other cases, you can take control of your happiness and be responsible for the happiness you want in your life.

2. Don’t stop yourself from feeling sad

If you don’t allow yourself to feel sad then you might never be able to feel happy again either. And that’s what many of us do wrong. So something major has happened in your life or something is bothering you then allow yourself to feel the pain for a while.

You have to realize that you can fake your happiness neither can you stay happy all the time. You have to understand that life is full of ups and downs and if there are good days then there are going to be bad ones too. So pretend like you are happy all the time and be aware of your emotions and let yourself feel what you should be feeling.

3. Know that only you can make yourself happy or sad!

This is a truth that we all should know. We have to understand that only we have control over our own emotions and there is nothing or no one can determine whether or not we can stay happy or not. If you can find something particular that is standing in your way to be happy, them figure out what you need to do to reduce that factor and be happy again.

But the bottom line is, it’s you who is responsible for your own happiness so no matter the situation is, you can make a choice of being happy!

4. Be kind to yourself

Sometimes we get a little harsh towards ourselves and this becomes a major reason that stops us from being fully happy. You don’t have to beat yourself up for the things that aren’t right in your life, everything you don’t have or feeling like you are just good enough.

This might be a major reason a lot of us feel sad and depressed all the time and this shouldn’t happen in any case.

If you want to be happy again then you need to start be kinder towards yourself and start showing some gratitude towards your own self and to your life. There is no one on this planet who is perfect or someone who never feels pain, and you are also as much as human as everyone else. We all have some flaws but instead of focusing on them start focusing on the things that you are thankful for and show some gratitude towards your own life.

5. Find out the things that genuinely make you happy

There has to be something that you enjoy and that makes you happy, it can be anything, a hobby, your passion for some things or just watching a movie alone. And when you know what actually makes you happy then start doing those things as well.

You have to find out what makes you genuinely happy and do things more often. When you do these kinda things you will feel more alive and happier in your life.

6. Acceptance

Some times we feel that we are not happy simply because we can’t accept our lives just the way it is, and this might be a reason for all your stress and problems too. But you can change the scenario by simply accept your life (not the toxic ones or the one where you suffer cause that has to be changed).

This refers to if you recently lost someone close to you, split from your partner or you are facing a big change in your life. Accept the things or problems you are facing in your life because only then you can do something about it and move on with your life as well.

Instead of complaining about the things that are happening in your life or happened in the past, try to accept them and learn from them.

7. Surround yourself with positivity

Sometimes it’s not us, it’s not the situations but it’s the energy around ourselves that can make us feel like we can’t be happy anymore or there is no happiness around us either. But the good thing is you can easily change the negative energy into positive.

See if you are surrounded by people who can’t feel happy or are most of the days toxic and if you find them then try to distance yourself from them. Try to read good books or watch good movies too, cause negative entertainment can also make an impact on our mind. So bring as much positivity as possible and surround yourself with good energy as well.

8. Keep your circle small

You don’t need to have hundreds of friends in order to feel happy and you can be perfectly happy with a few friends as well. Try to keep your cricket small and some good friends that actually care about yourself rather than being a part of the drama of your fake friends. Identify the people who truly matter in your life and make sure that will be there when you need them.

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9. Stop comparing yourself with others

One of the biggest reasons that we don’t feel happy is because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. It doesn’t matter what everyone has achieved in their life and where you are compared to them. And you have to stop thinking that everyone else is happy except you, cause that’s not true at all. We can’t possibly know the struggles of others just by looking at their life on social media.

10. Limit the use of social media

Life has become virtual, and you can’t possibly find happiness virtually. And that’s why you have to limit your time to one social media. The social media platforms often make you unproductive and make you compare your life with others. So try to limit social media time as much as possible. Try to have a day where you don’t check your social media account at all and limit the time up to 20 mins a day for social media.

11. Find your life goals

Figure out what you wanna do with your life and make sure you try your best to achieve it. Have some realistic goals in life, that inspires you and motivates you to get up from the bed and make you look forward to the next day. Keep yourself busy in building your career rather than being worried and stressed about the things that you don’t have in your life.

12. Know that you can be happy

Sometimes we just assume that we can never be happy in life. But it’s not true at all. You have to remind yourself that you are perfectly capable of being happy. All you need to do is make a little effort towards yourself and find the right things that make you happy in life. Lastly don’t forget to spread happiness either.


Here we have come to an end for the article, how to be happy again! And we hope you liked it. You shouldn’t just wait around for someone or something which can make you happy, instead, take things in your own hands and start doing everything which needs to be done to make yourself happy again! We hope you found the article helpful, so thank you for being with us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.