How To Enjoy Life Everyday In Most Happy Ways (2023)

Have you ever asked yourself How to Enjoy Life? If you have then this article is for you. We often wonder what we need to enjoy our life, is it being super-rich? Surrounded by hundreds of friends? Having millions of followers? Well, these things aren’t that important and one can simply enjoy their life without all these things.

Everyone wants to enjoy their life and be happy about it but it’s easier said than done. Most of the time we just wonder how do people enjoy their life? And what do we have to do it to enjoy our life as well? The answer will surprise you! And it’s doesn’t include a lavish luxury life that we see on Instagram!

So let’s move forward and find out how we can enjoy our life without making it too complicated.
how to enjoy life

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1. Start with the morning

You must have noticed that if we woke up happy our whole day feels like a treat! And the vice versa is also true where if you woke up with worries, being late or unhappy your whole day seems like a punishment! So the first change you need to make in your life is to come up with a nice morning routine.

You should wake with gratitude and feel happy about everything and everyone you have in your life. Then plan your day and find some time to enjoy that first cup of coffee with yourself or your partner. The morning rituals can affect our mood in a very big way and that’s why you should definitely learn to start your morning with happiness and bring positive thoughts in your mind.

2. Find an interesting hobby

Hobbies can do wonders for us. We are so occupied with our jobs or work that we forget what we love doing the most and that’s why you should definitely start a hobby.

You can choose anything from baking to painting and practice it more often so that you have something to do in order to escape your regular tasks in a day. You should love doing these things and the hobby should bring joy to you. And it shouldn’t be to show on social media and flaunt just to keep up with the trend.

Studies have shown that when practice our hobbies it has a very positive effect on your physical and mental health. So this one is surely a way to enjoy our life.

3. Spend some time with interesting people

We should not isolate ourselves completely in any way and that’s why it’s important to find some good people with whom we can spend some time. The thing is, we have a number of people around us but we have to make an effort and surround ourselves with people who understand us and we have something common with them.

So find a few people that you find interesting and those who can inspire you to do good in life. The thing is the kind of people you spend your time with having a big impact on your life and they can either make your life easier or complicated. If you find the people who stay happy and bring a positive impact on your life then you should stick with them.

You should not force yourself to stick with people who are not good for you or don’t get you or promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Overall you should be aware of the people you spend your most time with.

4. Laugh more

Well, laughter is indeed the best medicine and the best part is it’s absolutely free. So why don’t we laugh more?

Watch a comedy film or series once in a while, go to a stand-up comedy show or surround yourself with funny people. Do everything that can make you laugh because that’s the most important ingredient of enjoying your life. When we laugh our body releases the happy hormone and we feel good about ourselves too.

And sometimes you don’t need a reason to laugh, you can just smile without any reason and it will help you to feel better!

5. Take a break

We bury ourselves with the work and responsibilities that we forget to take a break and this is not good for us. The definition of break has definitely changed over the years and now when people want to take a break they watch a new tv series or a movie or stream something online. Although it can lift your mood it should be your break.

Having a break is meeting up with your old friends or going on a vacation (alone, with your partner, family, or friends). The break is all about letting your worries go for a bit and pausing your regular life for a few days. It’s about changing the scenery and gaining new experiences. So if you haven’t taken a vacation in a very long time, maybe its time to go to your dream location.

6. Listen to music

Listening to music is also a good and very easy way to enjoy our life. When we listen to music our imagination and self-identity increase and it also boosts our self-esteem. There are so many great things about listing to music and that’s why you should definitely listen to music more often.

If you are not a fan of music till now, you can give it a try and start developing your interest in music as well. Not to forget music can relieve stress and anxiety.

7. Volunteer

Sometimes we find happiness in helping other people and that’s why you should volunteer to help others whenever you get a chance. There are so many people who need our help and there are so many organizations that are organizing many ways to help those who are in need. And you can easily find a place where you can volunteer and help people.

You can also donate your clothes or even food for those who are in need. The thing is giving back always feels good and you feel satisfied and happier with yourself after helping others in a sort of way. So if you get a chance to help others and volunteer then go for it!

8. Invest in the experiences, not things

The thing is most people think that buying luxury stuff and spending on expensive things will help them to enjoy their life but that’s far from the truth.

If you have money then you should first invest in experiences, not things. Which includes learning new things and skills, practice your favorite game, and going on an adventure trip. Learning new things about our surroundings and finding new ways to develop your personality is what can help you enjoy your life.

9. Watch your physical health

If you don’t move from your couch or spend your day sitting on a table and work desk then this can lead you to bad physical health. Our physical health is very important and we can’t simply enjoy our life if we are not healthy. So in order to enjoy your life, you should work on your physical health as well.

Do some exercise and spend some time with nature. Don’t sit for too long. Don’t engage in bad habits like drinking, smoking, or even doing drugs because they can only make your life miserable. When you exercise, your body releases the happy hormone and you eventually feel good about your self. If you have a healthy boy you will feel more positive as well.

10. Take care of your mental health too

Mental health is also very very important to look forward to. Here the thing is, we often forget that we need to take care of our minds as well. Because a happy mind is what can help you enjoy your life.

Meditate more often and practice yoga which can help to relieve the stress. You should stay away from the unnecessary drama of your colleagues or people you don’t know about. Surround yourself with positive people.

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11. Stay away from social media

This one is perhaps the most important advice we can give to you in order to enjoy your life. Social media can never lead to happiness and we can never be happy if we are too engaged with our social media.

If we spend too much time on social media, we start comparing our lives from others and feel bad about not having life as they do. Comparing our lives from others will lead to toxic feelings which can have very negative efforts on our minds.

So limit the use of social media and stay away from it. This would definitely help you to enjoy your life and also stay low key, people don’t need to know about everything that’s tapping your life.

12. Read a good book

Books are definitely a way to enjoy life. Books bring us new experiences and new feelings and taught us so much more.

All you need to find is a good book and leaves us feeling happy. Make a habit of a reading book daily (or before going to sleep). So reading a book can definitely help us to be better people and be happy.

13. Be a kid

Some times all we need to do in order to enjoy life is to be a kid! Just go with the flow ans let things happen to you. Play some games with your friends be it indoors or outdoors, play in the mud and get dirty.

14. Just be yourself

You don’t need to change yourself in order to enjoy your life and perhaps this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Embrace yourself because every person is unique ans everyone has their flaws as well as good traits. Be a better version of yourself instead of changing yourself. Focus on the good things about yourself and make sure you improve the bad traits of your personality. You should accept yourself and love yourself before you do others. So be kind to yourself.

15. Forgive more

Here the thing is, holding a grudge can only harm you and that’s why you should forgive more often. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you need to forget, it’s just that you learn your lesson and move on with your life and keep moving forward.

You should also forgive yourself before you do others. We often remind ourselves of the mistakes of our past and stuck in a place where we blame ourselves. So be a little kind to yourself and forgive yourself because you are also a human and you are allowed to make mistakes as well.


And that’s how you can enjoy your life. Aren’t these things so simple and so easy to do on a daily basis? Most of the time we know what we need to do in order to enjoy our life but we forgot all this with all the daily worries and stress in our life.

But now that you are aware of these little things that can help you enjoy your life, we hope that you practice them every day and find some happiness in your life.

We hope you enjoyed our article and found it helpful. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.