How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend (2023)

Some people think that time has gone when boys used to ask the girls to be their girlfriend. But in our opinion, it’s still a thing and it actually creates an intimacy between you and your partner. And we all have been in a situation where you were deeply in love with someone and you know deep down that the girl is also interested in you. But it’s still a big of a deal to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

There is so much pressure, and you might be a bit nervous too, whether she will say yes or not, whether it’s the right time to ask her, or is she ready or not. And that’s where we come in the picture and get you a little help. Here we have listed a number of tips and ways which will help you to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.
Take a good at the following article and know how you can smoothly as a girl to be your girlfriend.

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How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

1. Know her

The first step to ask any girl to be your girlfriend is to know her completely. Being in a relationship and make a girlfriend isn’t a small thing and this should take time and your efforts. As many wise people say, you need to be her friend first and then ask to take things to the next level. Now when we say, you need to be friends with and know her, we don’t mean that you have to be her best friend forever or know each and every detail about her. Be her casual friend, whom she knows enough to go out with and also know her enough to decide if you two are compatible enough to be in a relationship.

You might wanna interact with her on a daily basis and make light conversations. And if she is surrounded by her friends, you might wanna be their friends as well and be around them when she is here.

2. Make some gestures to show her that you are interested

Once you become her friend and got to know her, it’s time that you take things to the next step. Here you need to show your feelings and give her hints that you actually care for her and is genuinely interested in her.

One of the most popular gesture to let her know that you are interested in her is to spend more and more time with her. Engage in the activities she likes the most and or invite her to the places you occasionally go. You should also show your interest in her through various ways such as offering her help whenever she needs it or occasionally flirts with her.

3. Flirt with her

Now that you show the necessary gestures, you should also start flirting with her whenever possible. You might wanna text flirt with her or catch her when she is alone and have flirty but a casual conversation.

Although don’t be too cheesy when it comes to flirting or you might look lame to her. Your flirting should be subtle and classy.

4. Compliment her

Now, this is a universal rule to let any girl know that you are highly interested in her. So whenever you get a chance to pay your genuine compliments. But make sure you don’t give the fake compliments as they may backfire and have a reverse effect. You can say that you like spending time with her, or how amazing a person she is, and you might wanna say that she looks pretty good in the dress.

5. Ask her out for a date

Now that you have set the whole mood you might want to get the action and actually make some progress. And it’s important that you ask her for a date and take her someplace nice before you actually ask her to be your girlfriend.

You might be straight and tell her that you have some genuine feelings for her and that you want to take her to someplace nice. Or if you want to surprise her then you can casually ask her to go out for dinner.

6. Make a plan

Now that you have asked her out for a date, you might wanna make a plan so you will be confident about yourself and you will know what you need to do.

There are a number of things that you need to keep in your mind, such as, you will first need to consider a place to take her, you might choose a place that she already likes or you do your own research and surprise her with your taste as well. Then you might wanna prepare a speech for asking her to be your girlfriend(or at least make some points which you need to say).

You should also give her some flowers and greet her before you ask her out. This will be a nice gesture too.

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7. Ask her to be your girlfriend

Now that you are with her alone, there is no point in wasting any more of your time. You might wait to finish your food first. Just avoid the unnecessary talk and come straight to the point. You should openly say what you feel about her and how she makes you feel when she is around you. And at the last just say the final words, will you be my girlfriend?

Maintain eye contact when you say these words and be confident. Stay strong and you will be fine.

8. Respect her decision

She might say yes or she might say no, in either case, you will have to maintain your cool and be calm about her reply. Don’t get too excited about this or don’t get too sad either.

You should anyway be prepared for her ‘no’ so it won’t hit you hard if she actually rejects your proposal. Respect her and don’t get too awkward either. Although we hope you don’t have to face this!

A few extra tips:-

  • You can actually ask her the big question without setting up a date if you are too shy or if it’s not something you are comfortable with. Some people may go with the texts or phone calls but it would be nice to ask in person.
  • Just avoid the act to be a total surprise and you will be fine too. For example, if you just know her for a few days and she doesn’t know that you are interested in her then this might be the best idea to ask her to be your girlfriend.
  • Similarly don’t be too over the board with your feelings and scare her before anything even starts.


So here we have come to an end for the article, How to Ask a girl to be your Girlfriend? We have tried to tell some of the simplest ways that can help you to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and hopefully, in these ways, she might say yes!

So thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles that can help you with your relationship stuff.