How To Be Charming (2023)

You would agree with us when we say the world is filled with rude people and the ones who don’t care to have a nice conversation or polite to the other people. But these are some people who show that the goodness is left in the world and people can be generous, polite, kind and charming!

In this article, we are going to talk about charming people. Have you ever met a person who just made you smile and had a decent conversation even though they were a complete stranger? I am sure you have felt great in their company because why wouldn’t you! Everyone likes to be around people who are genuinely interested in you and talks to you politely.

Instead of admiring chasing people around you, you can also become a charming person yourself. The charm of a person doesn’t come from birth and one has to practice it throughout their life. So here we are going to tell you some tips which will help you to become more charming. So let’s not waste anymore of your time and take you to the following list of tips to become charming.

how to be charming
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How to be charming

1. Be glad to meet people

One part of being a charming person is that they always feel good to meet other people and you can see that they are genuinely happy to meet you. And when someone shows that they are glad to meet you, you feel happy to be around them and feel a little more important as well.

And that’s what you need to do in order to be charming. Show them with your actions that you are very happy to meet them and that you would like to be in their company.

2. Be interested in them

Here is the thing, you can’t be a charming person unless you are genuinely interested in them. Being interested doesn’t mean that you will have to love whatever they do or be in love with everyone but you will have to make sure that you are curious about them and wants to know them a little more.

Even if you are walking into a room full of people, you must find ways to talk to them and make them feel that you are actually interested in them. You might talk about things that fascinate you in other people such as what they do or how they feel.

3. Be a little vulnerable

You might think about how being vulnerable will help you to become charming. But the thing is everyone loves vulnerable people as your vulnerability is what makes you a human.

Being vulnerable diet means that you have to share your weakness or tell them everything about yourself but you make them feel that you are open to having a conversation or tell them what you like, don’t be too conscious about telling people how you feel.

In short, when you talk to other people you have to be a little vulnerable and show them your likes and dislikes. You can tell them whatever they are telling you and they might feel important if you are willing to talk about your life with you. Being quite about yourself will make you look a little rude as well.

4. Talk about something interesting

Being charming is all about picking up the right topics with the right person. You will have to find out what might interest the person you are talking to, which will make them talk more. You don’t have to be an expert on that topic and share all the intellectual facts about things.

But you might pick a topic and share your honest views about the stuff. Here you need to keep and an open mind as well so that when people are explaining their views you can accept that this is their opinion. And you should be genuinely interested when another person is talking and show that you want to learn about more and more things.

5. Be a good listener

You might guess that being a charming person is all about talking and saying kind things but that’s not true. Being charming is all about respecting people. And one way to show them respect is to be a good listener as well. You have to let other people talk as well and allow them to talk about their views or how they actually feel.

Stop yourself from interrupting them when they are talking even though you eagerly want to share your opinion as well. But this would be rude so try to wait until the other person has stopped talking and then you put your views.

Apart from this when you listen carefully you would be able to know a little more about the person and this will help you to learn about their interests, their likes and dislikes as well. So in the future, you can respect their boundaries or what they like or don’t.

6. Make eye contact

Whether you are trying to be charming or not, but having eye contact is very much important when you have a conversation with someone. Yes, this does help you to become more charming. When you make eye contact people you let them know that you are interested in talking with them and that you are confident about yourself.

Apart from this, some studies also show that smiling with your eyes also helps people to become more charming. Your smile should be bright and joyful. And when your smile reaches your eyes it makes you look like you are genuinely smiling.

7. Remember people’s name

This is one of the most important things that you can do to become more charming. It might seem hard for some people but knowing the name of the person you are talking about is very important. When you introduce to them and they return the favor and if two engaged in the conversation then try to repeat their name at least once in the conversation. This will help you to remember their name and you can also make them feel like you know them.

8. Watch your tone and speed of the voice

Your tone of saying things has an important role to play when it comes to being charming. The tone of your voice should be gentle and peaceful as well as direct. Try talking at a normal speed. If you talk fast you will seem nervous about something and if you talk too slow you might make them feel that there is nothing left to talk or that you are not smart enough. Just talk in a way where your words seem clear and confident.

9. Pay genuine compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? I am sure we all do and the thing about the charming people is that they don’t shy away from paying someone compliments. When you compliment someone they will feel good about themselves and eventually they will be fond of you as well.

Observe a person (not in a creepy way) and then pay compliments about what you liked about them, it can be their new dress, their hair, shoes, etc or the way they are doing some stuff or when working hard or putting a lot of efforts. This will make them feel like you are noticing them.

Don’t way too long to pay them compliment or someone else might do it before you. You should also be considerate bout the fact that you are paying the genuine compliment because fake compliments might make them uncomfortable and they will know when the compliment is fake or real.

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10. Be appreciative of others

Being charming is all about being a good person and that means that you don’t gossip about others or talk bad behind someone’s back. This will seem like you are all about gossiping and another person might not share too much about themselves or become your friend.

If there is a mention of another person you should be appreciative of them and say good things about them. This will help you build trust and a positive image of yourself around the people.

11. Avoid using the phone when you are talking to someone

Nobody likes to talk to a person who is all about their phone and texting while they are talking to them. Using your phone is simply rude. You might make them feel like you are not interested in talking to them or they are not worthy of your attention. Either way, you will become off as an opposite of a charming person.

12. Be polite and watch your manners

There is no harm in being a pilot and having some manners while talking to other people. Be respectful of other people and let them feel comfortable with your company. Use the words thank you or please as often as possible.

In a way, this also means that you show respect to other people, regardless of who they are and what they do.

This is for everyone, whether you are talking to that person or not, whether they are complete strangers or your friend or colleague, whether they work for you or with you. You should always watch your manners in front of people and avoid anything that can make you rude as raising your voice or being disrespectful to other people.

The bottom line is to treat people the way you want to be treated!

13. Smile more and be happy

Nobody resists a happy person and they all like to hand out with someone who is always happy! One way of portraying yourself as a happy person is to smile more often.

There is nothing more charming than having a smile on your face. And people tend to find people more charming when they have a smile on their face.


So this is how you can become charming. Isn’t it easy? All you have to do is be kind and generous for other people and you will definitely able to win the hearts of the people.

We hope you liked our article and find it helpful. And now you will be able to become a (more) charming person. So thank you for visiting us, we are glad to help!