How To Be Funny (14 Best Ways To Improve Your Humor) 2023

Being funny is one of the best feelings. See we all love to show off our humor and want people to like us. Although some people are born with humor, but it’s not like you can’t be funny just because you weren’t “born” with a natural sense of humor. You will just have to pick up some traits and choose the right time to be funny and show your humor.
Being funny will help you connect with more people and to get some popularity as well. Here we are going to talk about how one can become a funny person. You might not have thought about it but it’s definitely something that you can become. You guys need a little practice and a few tips to become funny. And here we are going to name them all.
So let’s start our article so that you can find out How to be funny!

How to be funny

1. Take yourself less seriously

This is the first step to become funny. You will have to take yourself less seriously which means you should be able to tell people about your embarrassing stories and the things that put you in an awkward way.
Have you ever seen a stand-up comedian taking themselves seriously? No right! And that’s why you have to learn to take yourself less seriously. You can also tell people the embarrassing stories about yourself to make them laugh.

2. Make jokes on yourself

See if you want to be funny then try to put yourself in the spotlight instead of joking about someone else (although that would be fine once in yours, although your focus should be on yourself when it comes to making jokes on someone).

3. Know your audience

This is one of the most crucial things that you need to do in order to be funny. See the thing is your joke won’t make them all laugh as everybody has a different sense of humor. So in order to be funny, you have to know your audience first.
Find out a little bit about your audience and know what makes them laugh and then deliver the joke accordingly. Try to joke about things that everyone finds relatable and avoid offending people by using your humor (in fact that’s why you should know about your audience as you don’t want to offend them and make them uncomfortable in the name of humor).

4. Learn how to mislead the minds of your audience

This is another crucial thing that decides whether you are truly funny or not. It basically means surprising your audience by saying something opposite of what they may have expected from you. The only way to do is to first misdirect the attention of your audience and they surprisingly drop your punch.
It might seem hard but you can practice it by watching the videos of some stand up comedians as well. And you will definitely be able to make habit of it.

5. Know the right timing

If you ask any comedian or a funny person how they manage to make people laugh most of them will say they know the right timing. You can either be super funny or you can end up embarrassing yourself, all this depends on the right timing.
You have to strike when the iron is hot. See if you take too much time to your audience to come up with something, the moment will pass and your joke no longer is considered as funny. So in order to be funny, you will have to react as quickly as possible and make the joke when the moment is still on.
This trick will do a lot for the one-liners or comebacks as they may not be funny itself but when you say them in certain situations and when they align with your audience then everything becomes funny. Although if you thought of a good joke about a particular situation but the moment is passed then don’t tell the joke. It might become awkward, plus you will get plenty of opportunities to tell that joke in the future so just save it for the right time.

6. Memories someone liners

One-liner is the best way to become funny and make people laugh without much of an effort. All you have to do is to come up with some one-liners at the right time and your job will be done. But for that, you will have knowledge about one-liner.
So if you have the time then go ahead and try learning and memorizing some one-liners. You will have to witty and quick when it comes to one-liner and have to tell them at the right time. Although it will be better if you come with your own one-liners but reading other people’s one-liners would certainly help you in the process.

7. Watch funny shows

Watching funny shows can be a big help when it comes to being funny, so try to watch funny shows as much as possible. And thankfully there are a number of funny shows available that can help you to become funnier.
Although the shows vary from one another and they show different kinds of humor as well. But you can watch the shows that are less disrespecting and the one’s that you get.

8. Take inspiration from the funny people or the stand-up comedians

If you feel like you need inspiration then you can also always take inspiration from the popular funny people as well as the stand-up comedians. This might seem odd as you are supposed to be funny with your own personality and not imitating someone, but watching someone at the initial period would certainly help. You learn how to deliver the joke and you also learn about the right timings as well.

9. Listen carefully

You might be expecting such a tip but being funny is all about making a comeback on someone’s remark and for that, you will have to listen carefully. When you hear them, you find what they like and how you can use the humor when you are in front of them. And sometimes you also get inspiration when it comes to making your own joke and making someone laugh as well.

10. Increase your factual knowledge

Yes, this one is too important for being funny. See the thing is the more knowledge you have the more you would be able to make jokes. And as you increase your factual knowledge your joke material also increases. You never know where you can use your factual knowledge to make a joke and make everyone laugh around you.

11. Develop a sense of humor

This might seem like an obvious tip but in order to be funny, you will have to develop a sense of humor as well. Learn to appreciate witty wordplay and puns. Also, try to appreciate the irony of a particular situation.
In order to be funny, you will have to learn about situations which not particularly funny or maybe boring. See the thing is people might laugh more at a less funny situation such as the workplace or the school rather than comedy clubs. It might seem absurd, but you will have to learn to be funny in boring places as well.

12. Be less judgemental

You might guess that funny people are more judgemental but that’s not true at all, in fact, funny people are far less judgemental. The reason behind this is if you make a judgment about a situation or a person you adopt a negative outlook which leads to the seriousness or presents you as a judgemental person. This can prevent you from being funny as well. So use your humor wisely without necessarily judging someone.

13. Learn when not be funny

Being funny finest matter that you keep laughing and making fun of each and every person in any condition, this would be totally wrong. So you have to use your mind and decide when to be funny and when not to be funny. So that you don’t offend anyone or perhaps not hurt anyone with your intention of being funny.

14. Be confident about yourself

Here is the thing, in order to become a person that you want to be, you will have to keep faith in yourself. So when it comes to being a funny person you have to be confident about yourself and have faith in yourself that you can be a funny person.

Conclusion –

And that’s how you can be funny. Aren’t these some easy tips that you can follow on and practice every day. Just make little changes in your personality and the way you speak (although don’t be fake) and say the right things at the right time and you will become funnier than half of the people you are surrounded by.
We really hope that you found the article helpful and now you know how can you become funnier. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.