How To Be A Good Kisser (10 Awesome Tips For Boys & Girls) 2023

We all want to impress our date with our first kiss. There is a charm in the first kiss that we share and that’s why people are so conscious about their first kisses. Although we are not saying that only first kiss matters, in fact, every kiss matters. The kissing plays an important role in making love with your partner and this can also determine the fate of your physical relationship with that person.
So if you want to impress someone then you will have to be careful when it comes to kissing. And that’s where our article comes in handy. Here we have brought to you a number of tips which can help you to become a good kisser.
Although it’s true that everyone has different perceptions about these things and one may like something which might find weird in the first place. But here we are giving the general specification for how to be a good kisser. These tips will help you to understand the simple do’s and don’ts when it comes yo kissing. So go ahead and find out how you can begin a good kisser.

How to be good kisser

1. Work on your lips

It’s no secret that our lips play quite an important task during kissing so you will have to work on your lips. There are so many things that you can do to make your lips kiss ready!
The first thing you need to do is keep them fully moisturized. It’s any way should be your daily routine but if you haven’t done anything for your lips then this might be high time that you start taking care of your lips. And trust me no one likes to kiss chapped lips, so always keeps them moisturized (regardless of your gender) and you also try some lip caring as well.

2. Take care of your breath as well

Again a well-known thing but we are still reiterating it because it is one of the most important factors.
If you know that you might kiss someone on a particular day then avoid eating pungent foods or something which has the smelly ingredients like garlic, onion, cabbage, etc. Other than this you should also cut back excessive caffeine or liquor as well. Fish is also a big no-no for the people who might be engaging in physical activity.
It’s not like you can brush your teeth and the bad breath will be gone, if you have eaten pungent food then there might be chances that there will be some smell. This is because the bad breath isn’t always come from the mouth but it can also come from the food pipe through your stomach. (Although don’t start yourself either, just eat the right food and have good drinks as well).
And since we are talking about the bad breath, you should always keep mint in your pocket or bag. You might not know when the kiss could happen, so it will be better if you would have some mints in your hand to make your breath fresh. And if you don’t have a mint then you can also ask for lemon which will neutralize your breath!

3. Lean towards them to kiss them

If your partner is kissing is initiating kissing and then lean a little bit to their way so they would know that you are saying yes to that. Similarly, if you are initiating the kiss then lean towards them. To add a romantic touch to the scene you can either touch their face or brush their hairs.
When you lean towards them, you should tilt your head in the opposite direction as they are tilting.

4. Close your eyes and follow their lead

Although we naturally close our eyes when we are kissing someone if you don’t know that then try to close your eyes when you start the kissing. This would help you to not overthink the situation and just make you go with the flow. One other thing is, if your partner opens their eyes in the middle of the kiss and finds you starting at them while kissing, it would look creepy and might turn them off as well.
Although you can stop between the kisses and look into their eyes and then start off again. This is considered as very romantic and people do like the little eye contact between the kisses (but this will be a moment while not closing your eyes while kissing would definitely be a disaster).

5. Follow what they are doing

When it comes to kissing you should definitely watch what your partner is doing and try to imitate them as well. The idea behind it is, whatever they are doing might be because they like doing that, so if you will imitate them they would probably like that and it will help you to turn them on.

6. Start off slow

This is really important that you start off slow and then move things to the next level (that is intense kissing). But take care of this that you don’t start off too strong as you may make them uncomfortable. So start things very slowly and watch what want they are doing or what they want. If they are enjoying then you can also make the kissing a little more intense.
Here you can also use the tongue. To use the tongue while kissing, you will have to use a little bit tongue at first and see if they like it. And then slowing use a little more tongue. This way you can perform good kissing and make your kiss memorable. But don’t forget yo adjust to your partner’s kissing style.

7. Kiss the other parts too

The kiss should not be limited to the lips only but you will have to take care of other parts as well. Make sure you kiss from their mouth to their neck area as well. This will definitely make them feel better. But make sure that their neck is already exposed otherwise it will be a problem.
You can also such their earlobe a bit. But don’t use so much of saliva or you might make them uncomfortable as well.

8. Watch your hands

When you engage in kissing you should be aware of your hands too as they play an important role as well. You can place your hands gently on your partner’s face, waste, neck, shoulders, or brush their hair. Watch where you are going in between your making out session and if things get heated up then try to move your hands one body part to another. You can also try to make them close to you.
Although don’t go to the areas where your partner might feel uncomfortable unless you are sure that that’s what they want.

9. Breath

It’s important that you also breathe and it’s completely normal as well. When you feel like you need some air then take a step back and let yourself breathe. And while you do so don’t forget to look in the eyes of your partner.

10. Be passionate

It’s very important that your partner knows that you are passionate about this moment and you want this more than anything. And the more you are passionate about the kiss the more passionate they will be as well. Your mind should completely focus on the moment without thinking too much or wandering here and there.
Don’t lose the focus by watching your phone or what letting yourself distracted by any other thing as well.
There are some things that are considered as don’ts when it comes to kissing! And here they are:-
  • Don’t compare the kiss with your ex-partner’s kiss. You have to remember that everyone is different and that everyone has their own techniques.
  • Don’t do what you doing like. If there is something you like or fin uncomfortable then tell them so that they can work on it. And you can also ask them if there is something that they don’t like.
  • Don’t think it will lead to something more. Yes if the kiss was great then it can stay in their head for a while and they might want something more but don’t just assume and make an unexpected move on them.

Conclusion –

So here is all you needed to know about being a good kisser. The bottom line of this article is everyone is already a decent kisser and it all depends on what the other person prefers. These are the simple tips that can adapt in order to become a good kisser. I am sure that they aren’t something which you would consider as the hard ones as they are completely doable and one can easily become a “good kisser”.
Okay here we say goodbye to you and we hope you found the article helpful. We hope that you are ready for your next date and impress your partner with your first kiss with them (or the second.. Third.)