How To Get Out Of Funk – 14 Easy Ways To Get Back On Track

We all have been in a state of “funk” or where we find ourselves purposeless, conscious, anxious, and in a terrible mood all the time. It’s not like it happen in one day, as well all know it’s a long process and some of us don’t even realize. Sometimes we feel like it’s going to pass one day and but it won’t go. You might feel tired of feeling this way and at the same time, you feel like you can’t do anything to “unfunk” yourself.
But that’s not the case. See we can be in a bad situation still have some hope. Nothing can break us until we allow it. Although it sounds absurd when you are going through all these things but its actually true. You just need to remind yourself that you are perfectly capable of getting out of a funk and you will do it. But how? We bet that’s the question you have in your mind. And we see not going to disappoint you because we have answers to your questions.
Here we have come up with some tips that can help you to get out of a funk. So let’s move forward and see some helpful tips.
how to get out of funk

How to get out of funk

1. Go to your happy place

This might sound a little cliché but it will work. We all have a place which we consider as our “happy place” and this might be time to explore that happy place in your life.
Just pay attention to what you like and where you feel warm and safe. Find that happy place and spend some time there as well. And if you can’t go to that happy place of yours try to find an alternative.

2. Break the wheel (for past memories)

Being in funk might mean that you are repeating those horrible memories from the past. You will have to keep in mind that more you talk or think about what happens in the past, more you will be stuck with those tragic feelings. And it’s not healthy, neither for you not for the people who are close to you.
You have to stop thinking about what happened in the past and try being in the present. You can’t change what happened two years ago but you can surely what you are feeling now.
Psychologists say that the more you talk about the past the more miserable you become by being in one state. So pay attention to your thoughts and try to be more in present.

3. Start exercise

This one is an effective way to get out of a funk. Most of the time our “funk” comes from stress and the exercises can be really helpful in keeping you away from being stressed. Physical exercise is anyway important in our life. As your physical fitness is totally related to your mental fitness.
Start with a simple run or cycling in the park. You can also do some simple exercise at home which takes less time. Lastly, join a gym if you like working out, this might help you to achieve your fitness.
You will also feel happy after the exercise, as your body will release serotonin (the happy hormone) when you work hard. And there also other perks such as you will get up early and engage in an exercise which will help you sort out the whole day.

4. Do yoga and meditation

If running miles or hitting the gym is not something you wanna do then you can always try out yoga. Yoga is highly effective and you will definitely feel great after every session. Yoga is considered very effective when it comes to kicking out stress and anxiety.
Yoga focused on the way of your breathing and you will be more focused and think clearly. You should also try out meditation, it’s also highly effective when it comes to fighting depression or anxiety. Both yoga and meditation are something that you should daily practice in order to de-stress yourself.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

You don’t want to be around toxic people are someone that brings drama in your life (you have yourself for that, lol!) On a serious note, be with the people who actually care for you and inspire you to become a better person.

6. Do what you love

Do you like painting? Then paint your heart out, do you like dancing? The who’s stopping you from dancing in your room? Do all the things (little or big) that makes you happy. It can be cooking, cleaning (one of the best ways to release stress), shopping, etc.
Make some time for yourself and try to have a day where you can give time to what you like. In short, do something that makes you happy and find time to improve yourself regarding your hobby or interest.

7. Take a spa and pamper yourself

Sometimes in order to get out of the funk, we have to relax and allow ourselves to not think about anything that makes us feel stressed or anxious. And the best way to kick our stress is the spa! Yes, it’s definitely something that can help you relax and restore the energy you were missing.
You should definitely pamper your self when you are feeling too tired. Take a day off and spend some time with yourself.

8. Read books

A wise man once said that books are our best friend. And it’s true. So use your best friend and go to them when you are losing hope. Read the Harry Potter series (one of the best things) or the self-help books to inspire yourself.
Make a habit of reading before going to sleep and pick some good and positive books. The books always motivate us and reading also helps us to be more focused.

9. Go on a trip

Now, who doesn’t like to travel right? So plan a trip to your dream location (or whatever you can afford). You can either go with your close friends or you can go alone (which is perfectly fine and you will have fun).
A good vacation seems like a good way to get out of your stressful or boring life. It will be a break from your daily life and you will finally be on your own for a few days.
If a whole trip is not possible then try to go on a hike or do horse riding etc. These are also stressbuster and fun activities that will keep your mind off from your negative thoughts.

10. Take an up a project or task

This one is also helpful, see the things is didn’t hesitate in trying something new or taking up tasks that are difficult to perform or achieve. Whether it’s a new project in the office or performing in a fest, try to be involved in these activities as much as possible.
When you take up some projects, you will invest most of the time in that, and this way you might forget about the things that are bothering you.

11. Keep yourself as busy as possible

The key to getting out of the funk is to keep yourself busy. Make a list of things that you want to achieve by the end of the day/week/month and invest your time and effort in achieving your goal.

12. Help others

Sometimes helping others can also make you feel happy about yourself. So try to offer help to those who are in need of it. Try to volunteer at the nearby shelters. This is definitely something that will help you get out of the funk.

13. It’s okay to feel “ok”

When we have been in a bad mood for a long time, we think of this as the new normal. But you have to remind yourself that its okay to feel ok and allow yourself to feel happiness as well.

14. You are not alone in this

Many times we feel like we are completely alone and there is no one that will help us. But it’s not true, all you have to do is to step up and ask for their help when you need it. Sometimes you have to give a chance to others to come closer to you and help you. You are not alone in this and your friends and family do care about you.

Conclusion –

That’s how you get out of a funk. We know you might have heard about these tips like a million times but they do actually work. All you have to do is believe in your self and for once do everything that it takes to make yourself happy again.
If you are experiencing changes in your sleep time and patter, losing appetite or you have been in this state for a really long time now, we would advise you to take some professional help. There is nothing wrong with it and only you can help yourself, so do whatever it takes because your mental health should be your priority.
Alright, here say goodbye to you with a hope that must have liked the article. So thank you for visiting.