6 Amazing Ways To Start Conversation With A Girl (2023)

This topic seems a very easy issue for those people who are fluent in interaction. There are many of such people who prefer random dating and fun and for such people talking to a girl is an easy task. The problem comes to those who at point in their life realize they need a girl, a partner by their side to discuss their problems in their lives.

One who can understand and give the required support a man needs. For a person who has never done interaction with the opposite gender seems very hard task but it can be made easy by following some of the basic steps.
Here in this article we will be discussing on how to start such conversations.
how to start conversation with girl

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Compliment and general talks

it is considered as a best opener for those who are trying to start a conversation with a girl for the first time. It is sometimes difficult to guess what are the specific things that a girl likes. Her choice may be influenced by the environment she works, the topics which she is comfortable to talk about and many other factors as such, but the only thing which remains common throughout is a sweet compliment.

It doesn’t matters in which part of world you are a girl always like to hear a cute compliment about her. Compliment can be involving many attributes such as her beauty, her clothes, perfume, work, style and lots of such things. Complimenting makes them happy. This also shows that you notice and appreciate such things in her. For a conversational opener a complement always works. Complement is also a great way and opener for flirting. One she feels comfortable you can have your conversation to the next steps. It all takes a small step with confidence and complementing the girl, that she has a beautiful smile.

A pick up line is the next step

now a pick up line is not something very complicated or something that you need to learn. A simple “hi, how you doing” is also a pick up line. It is basically a start to the conversation in which you are probably interested. The best thing which you can use as a pick up line could be something which makes her laugh. A funny joke or a stupid funny question might lead you into another zone of comfort.

It is also seen that people gain confidence after the girl smiles. Now, pick up line can also be categorized into some sections. It completely depends on you, what is the purpose of starting the conversation. If you have to take the conversation in a romantic way start with something “hi, is that seat by you free for someone like me?” be attractive and try to be smart. The next thing is to be confident. Most of the girls like this way, but some of them can take it in different way. So be ready to be bold and face the situation.

Try to be polite and increase the connection

one she gets your pick up line, it confirms whether she is interested in the same kind as you are or not. Now increasing the connection mainly means to present a healthy and good body posture. It is fat that girls at the first conversation an judge a guy and this conversation makes sure how your relationship will develop further. Present a good body posture. Don’t ever try to get too fast and make her uncomfortable. You are the guy, so always remember you have to open up things in most of the cases and you are the one who should know where to stop.

A gentle touch on the hand, a flying kiss and smart wink are some of the things you can use. But these also have limitations and you have to decide when to go for something like this. The most important thing which you have to take care about is not sending out any negative signals or body language. It will take just few seconds for a girl to judge you creepy and cheap on your negative body language. Also negative body language will confirm that your conversation ends before it starts.

Get along with some small talks

girls like to small talk a lot. You have to adapt with this technique, of small talks. Small talks involve talking about weather, or any such worldly thing. You can ask about her background, the family upbringing and other such stuffs. Such stuff makes her feel more comfortable. This will help you in knowing her even more and in a better way. Girls like to start a conversation with a guy who is more interested in listening about her and her background.

A good listener is always appreciated. Small talks even can be related to the work. Sometimes you want to have conversation with the girl who is a colleague. The best option you got is to research and pick up a topic which is really lose to her favorite part in the work. It will give you a chance to interact with her and secondly t will create an interest. When you will talk of the stuff she is interested in she will find more interest in connecting.

Find your common interest to increase the bond and procedure with your conversations- this is one of the best ways to start a conversations and you can say the easiest way. For example, you like a girl and want to start conversation that plays tennis in the same tennis Club that you do. Now all you know at the first glance is that she definitely loves to play tennis so dig deep and find out her favorite thing or star in tennis. Use this as a question to present to her and make your opinion along hers.

The best way is to be polite and go with honest opinions. If your opinion matches with hers then it is defiantly going to start a conversation and you won’t have problems in making it extend as you both share an interest in the field. If in case your choice is opposite to hers then also it can be a conversation opener unless you don’t try to overpower her by your views. So it completely depends on you how to turn the events. It is seen that common interest make a very healthy environment and helps in building in trust.

Personal topics

this one is more complicated and can make things go really in a very wrong way if there is even a slightest mistake in your approach. This one involves asking a girl about her person life. Now before doing such a thing, make a good amount of research. You have to make sure that such a question puts on the front seat and doesn’t huts her sentiment. Maybe the girl knows you formally but person stuff is kind of restricted to a stranger. It is very risky to play such a gamble, but there is always a positive side.

Once your question makes the impact you want you will be right on the track and it will give you a lead over all other methods mentioned above. A personal question can connect you in a very strong way and this will not just start a conversation but also makes a permanent room in the path of friendship with her.

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Remaining in the conversation and smile

it can happen that you find the starting of the conversation boring, but still due our own different reasons you want to see the girl and talk to her. The most important comes in such a situation. You just cannot ignore a girl in the middle of a topic.

Try not to lose the eye contact and be focused on what she is saying. You replies would reflect how much you are in the conversation and believe me a girl will never like an attitude where she speaks up something and you just find it boring. Try to keep a smile on your face and agree on the maximum things. A girl always appreciate such qualities hence this will make things easier for you.


Starting a conversation is always difficult for an introvert or one that is not good at it but all it takes is a little confidence to approach. You won’t get it, unless you try so go ahead. Keep these ideas and thoughts in mind to make it even easier. By following these tips and ideas given in this article, you can surely make a great conversation with a girl of your choice. We hope this article was useful to you.