How To Become A Lifeguard 2023

Being a lifeguard is a reputable job and it is also a good career option if you live around a beach or love swimming. But it is not an easy job, you would be responsible for people’s lives at the beach. So it is not for everybody.
If you want to become a lifeguard, you must know a few things and learn all the responsibilities and acts that you would be performing as well. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind too.
Since you are here, you would also be interested in becoming a lifeguard as well. Well, there are a lot of opportunities for this job and it is not that hard either to become a lifeguard. In this article, we have explained how you can become a lifeguard. So go ahead and check it out.

How To Become A Lifeguard

1. Stay Fit

One of the first things you need to do to become a lifeguard is to stay fit. Being a lifeguard means you would have to be physically fit and ensure the best care of your fitness. Since it is physically challenging, you can’t just lay there and compromise with fitness.
You should know that lifeguards work on 10/20 rules, these means, if a lifeguard sees a problem they have to respond in 10 seconds and be there in 20 seconds. This would require you to be absolutely fit and active.

2. You have to be a strong swimmer

This shouldn’t be a secret because, well, you are working as a lifeguard and you have to save people from drowning (at least most of the time). Being a lifeguard means you will have to be a strong swimmer, and your body should be able to swim regularly.
  • You should take a professional swimming class and regularly swim.
  • You should also swim in different styles which would make you a stronger swimmer

3. Do other types of cardiovascular exercises

You can never compromise with the exercises, that is why you need to do the cardiovascular workouts or activities to stay fit.
That involves a good run and you might want to try running in beach sand, which would be more difficult.  But running on the beach would allow you to get used to the activities and some people also say it is more effective. You can also run on stairs to build your lower body strength.
You should also work towards building your upper body strength as well. This would be crucial for swimming.

4. Practice Holding Your Breath to Build Lung Capacity

Another one of the crucial steps you need to take is to practice holding your breath. If you have difficulty holding your breath or you have lower lung capacity, then you may as well work towards building lung capacity.
You never know what kind of situation comes across while saving a person on the beach. The person may be lower in the water and stuck as well. These kinds of situations need more lung capacity and holding breath for more time.

5. Go to a lifeguard class in your area

Now that you have built up your body and you are really good at swimming and stuff. Then you must need to take a lifeguard class. After all, you can’t just learn all the things by yourself.
There are certain things that you would have to learn about being a lifeguard and these things would only be taught in a lifeguard class only. You can easily find a lifeguard class in a school, college or any institute solely focusing on the lifeguard course.
  • Make sure you choose the course according to the places. They have separate courses for lakes, beaches, and indoor pools.

6. Learn how to do a CPR and First Aid

CPR is a crucial part of being a lifeguard.  You need to learn this otherwise you may nit get a certification. It would be good if you learn how to do a CPR and first aid before you enroll for the program as it would be easy to get a certification then.

7. Identify the warning signs

One of the other things that you would have to learn in your program to become a lifeguard is to identify the warning signs. There are numerous warning signs involved in becoming a lifeguard so it would be important that you know all the important warning signs.

8. Memories common safety protocols

One of the other things that you have to learn would be the common safety protocols. You should know that every pool, beach or Water park has its own safety procedures which you don’t want to forget or get confused about. That is why remember the safety protocols and make sure you know the right thing to do at right time.

9. Learn how to use life saving equipment

Next thing that you need to learn is to use the life saving equipment. There are numerous kinds of life saving equipment that would be used in saving the life. And you need to practice how to use every one of them. The equipment you need to learn are like rescue tubes, rescue buoys, and ring buoys.

10. Learn about tides, water conditions and other stuff related to beaches

One of the other things that you need to put your efforts into would be to learn more about the water! Since you would be working on beach or any other place, you should know the basic science and nature of water.
You should also learn more about the water tides, how water functions in nature and how it affect the environment.  That includes the flora and fauna of marine life.  Make sure you know about the marine life and see what kind of fishes or plants found around the beaches are toxic or harmful. And what you need to do if these things comes in your way.

11. Get certification

Now that you have worked on your body, worked hard to be a lifeguard and enrolled in a program, it is finally time that you get your certification. To get that you need to pass some tests and if you score well, you will get a certificate as well.
Make sure you have prepared yourself for the final tests and you score well so that you won’t face any difficulty while getting a job.

12. Get a job

You are now a lifeguard! You have finally done everything and become a lifeguard, so you are ready to get your dream job.
To get a job, you need to see who are hiring and where you can get the job of your dreams. Compare the various hiring places and finally choose the one you like the most. You will have to take an interview so make sure you look forward in doing so and prepare yourself for the interview as well.


So that is how you become a lifeguard. It is not that hard or is it? Well all you need to focus on is your swimming skills, the life saving skills and the major signs that you would remember if you want to become a lifeguard.
That would be all for now and we hope you have got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.