9 Best Ways To Deal With Failure

Failure, this word frightens most of us. We fear failure in all possible ways. According to me, it is because we are often told by our parents or the society that it is bad to fail. But have you heard, every successful person tells that failure is the key to success.

Until and unless you make mistakes how will you learn? If everything goes right and you come across some situations of failure how will you deal with it if you keep thinking it is a sin?
It should not be the case that once you failed you will stop fighting and get occupied with the thoughts that you have done a crime and the way society sees failure as. Instead you should learn where you lacked and fight back giving more efforts and sincerity.

There are a few reasons due to which people fail and working on those might be able to help you to make fewer mistakes and reduce the chance of failure. Now, let us look at how to deal with failure if we have encountered it.

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Tell yourself it is okay

It does not matter what everyone else is telling you in your mind you must be clear that it is okay and it is not that big of a thing that everybody is making it. Just like every component of our life it is also a stage or a part of our life that we deal with at least once in our life time.

The people around you have also made mistakes and came across in their lives. But will still tell you the negative things because they were told the same and they believed. For you it will be a chance to make a whole lot of difference, want to ask how? Make yourself not believe in their words. Do not fall for them. Use your own mind. You are your biggest friend. Tell yourself again and again that it was just a phase you will do better and it is okay.

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Read books about people who failed and try to learn how did they deal with it and overcame their failure with success

Do you remember the feeling, when you watch a particular movie or listen to some songs or maybe read a book and you find the things just as relatable as your current situation?
Similarly you can do the same in this situation also. Read books about the people who are now successful and who have dealt with failure while they were on their journey on the path to success.

Not only will it tell you how to deal with it you will also have the motivation to work hard as they were successful because they did not stop.
You can also listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos if you are not a fan of reading books. There is infinite content available online. You just need to be willing to try again and no one can stop you.

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Build up healthy habits

Once we fail we slowly try to give up on things. Those things that we have probably spend our entire life dreaming about. Do you think it is justice to those things and most importantly yourself?
To prevent yourself from giving up you should build up healthy habits that keep you going all day and do not remind you that you have failed. Many people do not like being reminded that they failed as it reminds them of the negative feelings that they came through and do not want to experience them again.

But there are also a second category of people that are stone minded and like to be reminded. To check that out let us move to the next point. But before moving it does not mean that you are weak if you do not like get reminded of it. It is just your way of coping with it.

Remind yourself of the failure and motivate yourself

Whenever you see that you are about to give up because it is taking a lot probably more efforts than it was needed previously remind yourself that you failed.
Remind yourself of all the things people said. Remind yourself when there were questions raised on your ability to do things, your ability to succeed. And then ask yourself. Do you want to experience that again? Do you want them to raise questions on your ability again? Do you want to hear that instead of fighting you gave up, that you surrendered before the situations?
If your answer is no then get up, clear all the clusters your brain made and prepare yourself for the fight that you are going to give.

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Go back and see what you did

All the things have been covered to mentally prepare you for the things that you experienced and will be experiencing if you have failed. Now let us look at the technical grounds. Ask what happened?
Go back and see what strategies you took that failed? What steps you took resulted in these days that you are experiencing? Take out all the stats and look at them and try to identify that did not work. Discuss with your team and ask what their look-out is. After all, it was their failure too and they too gave their hundred percent to make it work.

Analyze what you did in step 5

After looking at all the stats and discussion with your team try to make those mistakes correct. This is the best way to deal with failure.

You know why?

It will keep you occupied and will not give you the time to think of the unnecessary and useless things. It would keep you out from thinking that you failed making you feel less bad about yourself. Also it will make you feel confident when you will see that everything is being addressed and that this time there are fewer chances of anything bad happening.

When you will understand what went wrong you will be able to correct it and you will save yourself from doing the same mistakes again and now this time you can pre-prepare yourself for any kinds of failure this time. It takes a lot of hard and smart work to succeed.
If needed seek guidance or a mentor. This will help you to take efficient decisions regarding your work and it will give you a clear vision on what you are doing.

Talk it out

If you have a good friend or a good mentor or anyone that you feel is a safe space and is more experienced in life than you are. Talk things out. It helps. It helps a lot to deal with things going inside you. It is not easy to face it alone. You worked so hard, woke up at nights to make it work and in spite of giving you a bit of relief it took all the peace that you had.

Where it should have made you a step closer to your goal it made you stick where you were. It is understandable that it is hard. So share with the person whom you think will understand. And the consolation will make you will feel good. It will feel good seeing that people are with you no matter what.

And if you have understanding parents, they can be the best option to talk to, as they would never tell you those things that would make you lose your confidence. You will receive some of the best advice as they have seen a lot of this world than you, faced a lot more situations like this than you. It will be a wholesome conversation for sure.

Do not be hard on yourself

No matter what do not question yourself and do not be hard on yourself. It is okay if you are giving your hundred percent and it is not working out maybe you are making some mistakes, it is a part of our lives, but it is completely alright, the things is you are trying atleast. And when you try with all your good intentions it comes back to you.
Do not lose faith and be good to yourself. Take care of yourself in the best possible ways. It is you that will be sticking with you till the end among a handful people by your side. Keep that in mind.


It depends on you, all on you. The way you choose to deal with it, they way you choose to look at it. It is just a word and if you try to make a word the barrier of your life it will be of no worth. Your life would be meaningless. To make your life good to need to come out of your comfort zone, neglect the negative things that others are saying and keep on to continue your own path to the success that is ahead of you.

Nothing is tough it is all in our head. If we keep working hard and smart, if we are consistent and we persevere then nothing is there that could not be achieved.
So these were a few ways to deal with failures. Keep working on yourself and keep talking positively to yourself. Do not stop. You can and you will. All the best for the journey ahead.