10 Best Ways To Deal With Late Replies From Boyfriend

It feels annoying does not it? When you text a person expecting a quick reply and instead they take years to reply. A thought struck you and you are excited and you want to talk about it with your favorite person but he replies late and now you feel upset and do not have the excitement to talk about it the way you wanted.

Well, it is not always the case when they are hanging out with their friends or watching sports or whatever scenario our minds develop that they can do to waste their time. But it is not always that case, it might also be possible that they are in class or doing something important or maybe in the gym or taking sometime out to make themselves better for you. So, the first and foremost things should be stop over thinking and then we can look at the ways how we can deal with their late replies.

Also, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that, things differ from person to person. It might be the case that he is not a phone person which means he does not use phone that much and may be that is the case why he is being late. So, now having understood all the possible reasons why they might be late we must dive into ways on how you can deal with it.

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You can opt to call instead of text

There may be cases that would require immediate attention and due to the reasons of the late replies habit you cannot afford to leave a text and wait. You should call. Or you can also do this if you are missing them too much and you just cannot stay without hearing from them. It is the best way to deal with a bad texter.
If they are real busy they might not attend it or else they will and you will have your talk.

Have things planned out with them together

If you have a good understanding and trust each other and you know the reasons of him being late then try to plan things out. You know, if you have been in a relationship and it is since a few years you know what the person does the whole day, where he goes, the people he meet, and after knowing all the things if you both are together then that means you both understand each other well.

In that case plan things when you can spend time with each other instead of timeless texts and all the negative feelings that it brings with itself. Plan out dinner dates or movie dates or a date on the things that you both equally enjoy maybe playing some games or going to a stand up or anything of your choice where you can spend some quality time with each other.

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Start conversation on interesting things maybe on the things that they like through the texts

May be the texts that you send do not catch their attention to reply to them immediately. You may start conversation on interesting things or maybe on the things that they have their interests in.
Not only will it catch their attention it would make them feel good that you researched on the topics that they like to start a conversation with them, to talk to them.

They will see how much efforts you have put and then maybe it will make them guilty for replying late and making you wait for hours.
Maybe they would start to the same with you from the next time onwards. It would give your relationship a good push if it is the right person.

Spend some time with yourself

Give yourself as much time as possible. When you have known that they are going to be late with their replies, do productive stuffs at that time. Do not even think to just wait and do nothing. It would be very childish and not even a bit mature.
If you have completed all the things that you had to for the time and waiting for the reply, just keep the phone aside and spend some time with yourself. With all our days hectic schedule making time for almost everything we forget to spend time with ourselves.

You can make use of this time and explore things about yourself, all the time just to yourself. Maybe you can do your skin care and read a book or find out what you really want with your life or go out and take a walk, spend some time in nature and fresh air and many things like this that will make you feel good about yourself.

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Do the things you had been adding to your lists

This point can be taken as a part of the point four. If you have observed a pattern of them replying late and then also you are opting to wait for the text is foolishness.
Pull out the list and see what you have been trying to do all these days but could not get time because of the same old routine. Be it anything you have on your list such as writing a poem for him or watching the new movie that just got released or maybe something old that you did not have time for, you can complete it while waiting for him to text back.

Just to specify

The point four was more like keeping the phone aside and it is just you with yourself but in this you can wait for the text and simultaneously watch the series you have been wanting to since long.

Ask them the reason

Do not let the habit be it. Ask them about the problems they are having that are resulting in all these things which are affecting your relationship with him.
You will know about the things and then try to understand them, if they are legitimate then no problem try to adjust but if they are trying to fool you or avoid you, you will know by then and try to take necessary steps accordingly.

Tell them about the problem

You asked them about their problems, now tell them how you feel about it, why it bothers you so much and how much does it affect you.
Talking is one of the best ways to solve any problem. Without talking you will not be able to know what the other person thinks and behave so have a good conversation. Try to make him understand what is going inside you. Tell them how you want them to text you and how these things mean to you.

If it is casual then solve the problem together

As it was mentioned earlier they might be really busy with some of their important works so it is understandable and you can try to understand and adjust a little bit. But if it is without any reason you should surely sort it out.
Find out ways which would solve both your problems and give you the ways to spend quality time with each other. These things come and go in relationships but if you are sure about the person you both need to adjust and make necessary changes to make your relationship better.

If all these does not work know he is not the right one

After all this if the person does not respect all the things you said, all the things you feel then it could be a red flag for your relationship. It might be that he is not the right person for you as he is unable to respect your feelings. You deserve someone better than that.
Every person deserves to be respected and treated well. Try to learn more about where you are lacking and after looking at all the possible things if you see that you are good at your place then ask yourself if you want to be treated the way you are or you want better.


Every relationship is different as every person is no one’s affection can be determined by the way they reply there are so many factors to look at. The things mentioned above are just some general ways to deal with the late replies. It may be completely different for different people. The thing that should be kept in mind that how they behave with you at the end of the day. Are they affectionate enough or do they really do not want to spend time with and as a result avoid your texts.

It is okay to give efforts if the other person is too occupied but not that much that they get used to it and undervalue you. It is up to how you choose to deal with it. And even after all your efforts and talk and sorting out ways they do not reciprocate the things back you need to step out. But of courses the decision will be yours after all you know the person you have been with not any other.