15 Good Ways To Not Be Dry When Texting 2023

The last thing you would want to do is initiate dull text chats with your sweetheart while you are trying to create a good impression. If this individual suddenly stops responding totally, don’t be shocked.

If your crush learns that you are a dry texter, even if they have feelings for you too, it will be a huge turn-off. Messaging has made it possible for us to connect with our family and friends, but because we can’t hear the tone of voice of the person we are messaging, it can be easy for us to misinterpret one another.

Concerned that your texts seem a little bit dry? It’s not always simple to discern how your texts are coming across, especially if you’re corresponding with someone special. But don’t worry; you’re in good hands with us. For lots of advice on how to avoid sending dry texts, keep reading. You’ll be able to see yourself step up your texting game in no time!

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Make texts that are longer than one word

One-word messages don’t allow a conversation to be as effective as it may be. Hey and hello texts are simple to send, but they might be challenging to reply to. Longer replies are much more entertaining to send and demonstrate a genuine interest in your partner.
Sometimes, despite being busy, we want to continue the discussion but can only manage one-word responses. Well, one of the things you shouldn’t be doing when texting is exactly that!
You respond with a “K” when the other person is engaged in your chat. Sounds impolite, right?

The other person will get the impression that you find them dull and aren’t interested in chatting with them.
Similar to the previous piece of advice, let the person know you’re busy or have stuff to finish before getting back to messaging.

Know why you are texting

Improve your texting skills by understanding the purpose of your discussion.
There is always a reason for your text exchanges, whether it is to stay in touch with your significant other or to win someone special’s heart. You will have better text discussions if you understand the goal. You will also know what questions to ask and how to proceed.

Ask open-ended questions. Instead of asking yes-or-no questions, try asking questions that encourage the other person to share more about themselves or their thoughts.

GIFs and emoticons may make messaging more enjoyable

Emojis can help add some personality and emotion to your texts. If you’re comfortable with them, adding a hilarious GIF to the chat might help to lighten the tone and make it more pleasurable.
It doesn’t matter your age; using those adorable emoticons is always appropriate. You may even substitute terms like hearts, laughing emoticons, food, and booze.

Make a dry discussion interesting by doing this, and you’ll realize how much fun it can be.
GIFs are also a wonderful technique to make messaging more enjoyable. You can select the ideal GIF to capture your emotion.

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Use memes to make your crush grin

Once you’ve grown used to using emoticons, use hilarious memes to make your texts more enjoyable.
What better method to express yourself if your crush gives you something that makes you blush?
Find the ideal meme to express your feelings. You could, as you will, drop little hints here and there with relatable memes without getting too direct and intimidating.

Know what abbreviations mean

Abbreviations can be used, but you also need to understand what they signify. Both of you would benefit from it since your communications would make sense. You could ask the individual, but it would abruptly end the flow of the talk and scatter some grit.
You can avoid it by looking it up instead! Also, as I mentioned, even if you don’t know the word, it might still be dry. However, when you text, at the very least be familiar with some fundamental acronyms.

Moreover, if you are unsure about the meaning of a short term, avoid using it. Because you’re using the acronym incorrectly, your SMS may appear strange to the recipient and be incomprehensible to them. If you’re unsure, look it up before using it in your messages.

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Try to find your own texting style rather than imitating others

By imitating, I mean that you don’t necessarily have to do what someone else does to imply comedy, for example. It would be impolite to try to mimic someone else’s texting style while they are messaging you because everyone has their own preferred method.

It might be challenging to text when you first start. You can feel out of place, and everything is perplexing. But don’t stress over it! After a while of texting, you will develop your own distinct style.

Just text your own way and chat like you would in person (although avoid using abbreviations because they would come across as bizarre in person). But until you decide on your texting style, just text however you want to. then employ it after you’ve found it!

Text only once before you get a response.

This makes sense, since it might be overwhelming for the other person to get two to five texts from you when they eventually get their phone back. Be patient as well. They could be preoccupied, or their phone might have disappeared! You can’t be sure.
However, avoid repeatedly greeting them with “hi” and “are you still there?” since this may irritate them and make them regret not responding.

Remember the minor, specific details they bring up.

Make sure you pay attention to the minor things in your discussion, whether you are speaking to a friend or a crush.
What emotions do you have when someone remembers a minor detail about you? You feel special, don’t you?

The person you are messaging experiences the same thing. Recall people, places, and occasions. Even better, this will enhance your future conversations. You might catch up in the event that they bring up those little points again.

This demonstrates your genuine concern and attention to what they have to say. Maybe the person you were messaging was anxious because they had an exam coming up or because they had to take their cat to the doctor soon.
Send a brief text to check in and see how things are going; they’ll be touched that you remembered to do so.

Display a sense of humour

A wonderful approach to making texting entertaining is to be humorous. Having a good time when texting with someone else makes the experience so much better.
If you want to learn how to avoid sending dry texts, keep this in mind.
You simply start grinning and possibly laughing. Don’t be reluctant to contribute jokes, memes, or even just improvised humor for that reason.
Have in-depth conversations and don’t shy away from getting invested, sometimes.

We use texting for brief communications that rarely even resemble actual conversations. If you want to learn more about your crush, don’t be a dry texter.
Make an effort to participate in the discussion. If you struggle to express yourself in texts, don’t worry. You’ll perform better with a little practice. You might doubt: Why even find that texting is handy? You doubt: what

Even when you desire to get close to your text partner, you occasionally feel fear. You doubt: what if this individual isn’t enjoying it or disappears altogether one day?
Consider it this way: Every method of communication involves some sort of investment. So, when you have a text partner, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself, be who you are, and yes, invest.

Talk about your experiences

Another method of communication is texting. Since communication is a two-way street, don’t be shy about revealing some personal information. If your crush starts a conversation and shares anything, you may respond with your own stories.
This strengthens your relationship and enables you to learn more about one another. What a wonderful method to get to know one another, no?

Texters who are interesting and engaged can have thoughtful discussions. You prepared pizza for lunch, right? Add a picture to the discussion. Have you had a weird experience the last time you went out? spill all the crazy information in writing. When you’re messaging someone and exchanging a lot of information, the more intrigue you generate, the more engaging your messages will be of intriguing tales, it’s difficult for them to be bored.

Evoke a sense of mystery

The more intrigue you generate, the more engaging your messages will be. Where’s the fun in knowing it that way? That way, they’ll be keen all the time! If you act like an open book, your texting companion may start to figure you out. Instead, tuck bits of knowledge into your writing without giving them the whole picture. That way, they’ll be on their toes all the time!
Unpredictable messages will always keep your texting partner guessing. A fun fact or other random message is sure to surprise them and keep your conversation super interesting.

You could also ask their opinion on things

By doing this, you show your sincere interest in what they have to say. A one-sided text chat is the only thing more unpleasant than a dry text conversation. Asking for the other person’s perspective on something will keep the conversation engaging. Everyone benefits from learning more about each other while having a great chat.

However, avoid posing uninteresting, cliched queries

Don’t send the same message to your text buddy every day. This sounds too machine-like. Send a joke, a quip, a question about their sleep, and many more things. You will think of clever, charming, and original messages if you are already familiar with your crush and know the little things about them

Understand when to use and when not to use punctuation such as “!” or “.”

Exclamation marks are effective because they convey enthusiasm and demonstrate that you are engaged in the conversation. It’s optional, like I said with the abbreviations. I’m not suggesting you have to use an exclamation point like this all the time! But you may always try. Use question marks to create suspense in your message and to simply express yourself.

Don’t use “.” since it seems like you’re upset. I’ve seen this all over the internet in other stories regarding dry texting, and they all mention it. Simply do not. However, if you must use it because you are speaking to someone professionally or because grammar is required, then use the period. Otherwise, simply leave your messages alone.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Finally, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Simply be yourself, allowing your personality to come through throughout the discussion! Happy texting!