How To Deal With Rejection (7 Best Tips) 2023

It feels so negative when we hear someone mention the word rejection. But is that much negative as we have hyped it to be? Is it so harmful the way it is perceived? It is obvious you thought so, the way everyone thinks about it and that is the very reason why you are here. If you had known about it completely you would have handled it and not had been stressing yourself so much because of it.

Even if you do not we are not here to motivate you but to tell you it is fine and he ways to deal with rejection. Do not think any less about yourself. You are still valued and wanted as you were before. The ones who love you still see the goodness you have in yourself and no matter how many times you get rejected or accepted they will stills see it.

First things first stop thinking too much about it. It is just a phase in your life, you have lived so much and you will be living so much. It may have been the biggest opportunity for you till date but now as you have missed it, it means much more to you and also you know what mistakes to avoid so it was a bonus point for you. So, keep following up and look at the ways to deal with the rejection you have came across. I am sure you will feel good after it and know the answers to your questions if any.

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Know it is OKAY

It is very important and needed. The impact that we have on our mind is the greatest and the thing that we keep repeating is seen in our habits and manners. If it is something negative it will impact us negatively and we will never be able to see different aspects of life. If it is positive then same thing will happen but this time all of the things will occur positive to you and you will be able to see everything in a positive way and find out your way even through your toughest times.
You are your biggest friend and constantly reminding yourself about it being okay will help you a lot and in ways you can never imagine.

Do not keep thinking about it

It was just a phase okay and it passed. The days are flying by and the time is not waiting for you so, why keep thinking about it and not get your life back on track? There’s still a ton of things to do, so many areas where you can improve yourself and so much more. Why waste the time thinking about the thing that is gone?

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Keep working on yourself

At the end of the day it is you that will be with you. You understand your instincts and actions better than anyone else. But to understand those actions even better and to make them even more specialised in it you need to keep working on yourself.
You need to work on your skills to make you newer than yesterday. The confidence you will feel will be something that will make you keep trusting yourself and taking better steps to avoid any kinds of negativity in the future.

Rejections can be of different kinds these above mentioned points can be used in any of the situation relating to the kind of rejection you faced. These days we hear the word rejection and people assume that someone was chasing someone and they rejected them, but sometimes our dreams also reject us our situations reject us. The points are best suited for them. And as the youth is so much engrossed in trying to have relationships let us talk about how they can deal with someone rejecting them. Of course the points mentioned ahead of all these are applicable to them too.

Respect it

It feels the end of the world when we receive a rejection that we like the most and who we want to be with us spending time, drinking coffee, reading books, having fun and we imagine them with us in probably all of these situations. But it might be the case that we are not suited for them may be they have their reasons and reject us.

Learn to respect that we all have our kind of taste and you do not fit in. Do not take it in a negative way bro come on. You would not want to spend time with someone who does not fit your definition. In some point of time may be you also have rejected someone.
Do not build a grudge and try to be sensible, respect it not everyone is made for us in the same way as we are not built for everyone.

Do not end things with them

Maybe you were friends that had been talking for just a few days and you said what you had in your mind about them and they rejected you because it had been just a few days and may be they do not feel the same way for you. Do not end your friendship in that case. Deal with it maturely and keep your friendship with them.

Now, the thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you still are friends and you talk once in a while do not show them or remind them that they rejected you and you still are friends and all. If you need to read it again, do it. Do not make them pity you or something, go with the flow maybe they will star liking you as a person and when it is obvious you can try your chance again and if you do not want to then also it is all okay.
See, the later part depends on you and only you.

Do not try to change their mind and keep talking about what they would be missing

A person should be given the right to make their own decisions don’t you think? I think while reading the sentence you agreed with me. So, why would you ever want to make a change if it is your case? I mean, we often pass statements when someone rejects someone that yes they did the right think because may be the person was not worthy of them.

Might be the same case for them and I do not think you would lower your self esteem just because you want to be with the person who does not want to be with you and go on persuading them about yourself and the things that they would miss out if they are not being with you. It would be a negative impact on your image I guess, don’t you think?
Ponder over it, you will get the answer.

Do not insult them

It is not that a mistake has been made that someone has rejected you.
The person is also a human being okay? Make yourself understand that. Do not let pride persuade you. You are a nice human being and do not let that change. It is the behaviour and the manners of the person that is remembered even after the person loses his or her existence. I know that was a bit too deep, but you got the point. Do not let someone affect your values in life. They are important more than you can think.

It stays with us throughout our lives the values. People come and go but you remain with yourself and hence your positive and healthy mind should stay with you.
And do you find any logic insulting the same person who you were praising a lot just a few moments ago. This also reflects that you had no respect for the person and may be because of this people you had around would not want to interact with you. So, be wise and then take a step. Think a lot, do not do things impulsively.


It is a world where people are not suitable to us and we are not suitable to them, where some work is not suitable to us and we are not suitable for a particular kind of work and thus the concept of rejection becomes clear. We should not take it personally, maybe sometimes it is but we know ourselves that we had no bad attentions and you can never change the mindsets of some mean people and we have to live our lives no matter what. We have our loved ones to take care of and more importantly ourselves.

A few words by someone must not affect us and we should learn the art of handling it like a pro. We should not keep in mind the “NO” that we received but the hidden meaning of it. I had read somewhere NO- New Opportunities. Try to find positivity even in the most negative things that you encounter then it will be the real fun and it will be the best thing you have experienced trust me.