How To Deal With Unemployment Depression In 2023

Losing a job can be a very, very traumatic experience if you lose a job. It leaves us with no choice other than thinking too much about it and the burden of the responsibilities that we have on our shoulder and this was our sole purpose of fulfilling it. The pain is too much the thought of how you will survive and even more if you have a family to look after.

The thought of they being in a hard time is the most painful thing we can ever experience. So, it is obvious that we will have sadness and we can even go in depression. It becomes tough more than we can imagine but we need to rise out of the situation. We need to find a way to get a better life, if we do not, we and our family will suffer much more than the current scenario.

Understanding your pain and situation and the things you might be going through we have prepared a bunch of thing you can do to deal with the depression that unemployment gives you. And just to give you a sense of relief you are not alone. Yes of course it does not mean that it justifies your current situation. But the thing you can take from here is that you are not alone. Now let us see the points one by one and understand them fully.

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It is not your fault and you are not worthless

While we lose our job this is the first question that comes to our mind. We start questioning ourselves, thinking if we are worthless. Why just because you lost job? Do you compare yourself on this situation which is just a phase and things much bigger than this are waiting for you?

If you think this way and really want to find out what you are worth you might try asking your loved ones. What you do for a living and the money you get out of it does not define you it is just a small part of your life yeah the responsibilities attached to it are bigger and hence that affects it. But maybe you deserve even more and God did this to you for your own betterment.

Try to wake up early, do not spoil your routine

As you had a busy routine and had to wake up early in the morning, you did not want to but still you had to. And now you can end up sleeping late because of browsing your phone in anxiety and to escape the thoughts that you are having, which are making you negative and end up waking up very late. It will have many negative impacts on your body. Firstly you will spoil the routine that you had for so long and can be hard to bring it on track after you get used to it and will affect your life.

Secondly, it will make you late for sending CVs around. Because if you are waking up at 12 you will freshen up eat and then bath and do the necessary things and instead of sending them at the beginning hours you will end up sensing them very late which can build a very bad impression already.
Wake up do not do anything, but wake up listen to songs and start your day with some freshness because you already are in a hard time and it will help you a lot.

You have all the day with you, take advantage

You slept for 8 hours suppose which is the perfect amount of time for adults to complete their sleep. You worked on your skills; you enhanced you cooked and ate but even after doing all these you will have immense time left with you do whatever you want in this time.
All the things that were in your bucket list and you were waiting to do because you were not getting time because your job. Watch all the movies and all the series that were left to.

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Have a walk, go out in the fresh air

Staying at home and filling your head with all kind of negativity and not getting even a bit of fresh air will be bad for both your physical and mental health. Going for a walk once in a day would be very good. It will enhance your health as you will have some fresh air for your brains and a bit of physical exercise for your body.

Moving your body is very essential. While we are unemployed instead of stressing and ruining our mental health we should try to have a balance to not make things worse. We should think about ourselves after all, you will get a job but managing with a stressed out brain will ruin your performance.

Write things down after the end of the day

Journaling is something we should practise no matter how the situation is whether our day went good or bad does it matter. It will be like the precious memories that our life gives us whether good or bad. It often gives us the gist of how our days are and sometimes we open them up with the thoughts and hope of finding our previous life.

The thing you are going through is hard but would never return back. Write down what you did, how did you spend your day, how stupid or productive it was and what were things that upset you or made you happy. It will be a very nice experience and if you ever try to look back into the past you might find these and end up laughing looking at the things you do and how the days had passed.

Ask for your friends to help you out

Ask your friends to help you in bits. Make them check your CV once in a while. You will end up having fun and getting your work done also.

Talking to friends is a relief and you must agree with me on this point. The ideas they give are out of the world and never helpful and you end up breaking your jaw by the amount of laughter you get. But when they help there is like no other thing that could have helped you at that moment of time. They are precious and ask them to see if they can do something. Ask for advices and if they could help you get a job or something.

Learn something new in the time being

With all the time you have you can invest it in learning something new. A complete new skill or some languages you wanted to speak in. Later, you can flex it in front of everyone. As people do not have time to learn anything new you would know a skill.

You can start with whatever you like be it cooking your favourite food or your favourite language or writing a poem to finish the poem that you left because you did not have time. Or maybe it was some piece of art that was left unfinished. It can be anything of your choice, do whatever you want to but do not waste the time you have.

Try talking to your loved ones, if possible visit them

If things get hard, go to your loved ones. Probably go to your native town to eliminate the negative thoughts you are having. Trust me it is the best feeling when you are with your loved ones, when they treat you good and are always there to support you, it feels good. It gives you confidence it helps a lot more than you can think of.

But let us suppose for some reason you can’t and things are getting real bad you can also seek help from a therapist. It will bring clarity to your mind and let you think properly. It will help you to think in a straight manner and help you a lot to process your thinking and help you in avoiding making a decision you would regret in your later life.


No situation is bigger than you think. It is our mind that fools us. Tells us that we are unable to solve the situation, we won’t be able to tackle it, that we are weak and makes us question our very own selves whom we should be trusting the most in times like this. Because it is our soul that knows how we are, what we can do and we need to keep faith in ourselves, trusting ourselves instead of negative things and doubting us.

It is a trap that our mind builds us because we let it do that. The moment we shut it up and tell that no we are worth, it happened, we are not at fault and we will be able to do things and manage things again. It will understand that no matter much it tries it won’t succeed and eventually you beat your mind and that is the best thing you can ever do. It is one of the biggest achievements that you wanna make.