How To Flirt Over Text With A Girl & Guy (2023)

Texting becomes a crucial part of our daily lives. If you see around, everyone is texting someone and trying to keep the conversation going to get to know the other person more. Gone are the days when people used to meet in real and had a chat with each other. Nowadays we rely on social media these days to meet new people and have a conversation.

And where there are social media there is flirting over texts. Sadly not many people are pro at flirting over texting and they might mess up things before it even starts due to their poor texting art. But you can totally improve your texting art and learn how to flirt over texts with a few tips.

And this article focus on helping you guys with your flirting skills over texts. See you might be able to flirt better in real life but you have to agree that a lot of people spend plenty of their time texting rather than in real or even calling. So its kinda important that you learn how to flirt over texts and impress your crush over texting.

So let’s start out our article, How to flirt over text, and see how you can flirt with people and learn the basic dos and don’ts.

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1. Have a good start

Everything boils down to the start of the conversation. The simple Hey, hi, what’s up and whom might not be able to get their attention much and that’s why you need to come up with something super good. And these openers are not only good enough opener but some times they might suggest you are not very keen to have a long conversation.

Yes, we know it’s hard to be original over texting and if you are able to pull it off then this will surely impress the other person. See the thing is you will have to be more creative then you can get more attention. So don’t be lazy and come up with a good opener.

2. Set the tone

The other person should know that you are flirting or it will be of no use, right? And another thing is, you don’t wanna start the conversation about something serious such as giving your opinion for the current situation in the country or the ongoing pandemic, this will turn the whole conversation into a serious one and your idea of flirting with the other person will go in the vain.

Here you can send something light, funny and something that actually decides the course of your conversation. You can send a picture of some place or thing, and say this reminded me of you. Or you can share something romantic or funny which says that you are flirting with them.

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3. Ask an open question

You cant developed a conversation by asking the questions which have a simple yes or no answer. These types of questions are a big no-no when it comes to texting. And when it comes to flirting, this is something you should definitely avoid.

So ask them the questions which have a broad answer. Like what is your craziest experience and how do you feel about online dating and stuff. And of course, they should be something extra flirty as well.

Although you don’t wanna ask too open questions which are highly philosophical or deep questions, such as about climate change and stuff.

4. Tease them while texting

It’s okay to use a little sarcasm while texting and teasing your crush to get their attention and flirt while texting. You can make fun of them a little and they can also return the favor with something witty and sarcasm. This will suggest that you are a carefree and fun-loving person.

Although don’t take this teasing thing too far where you can offend them and your crush should know that its a joke and they should be comfortable about it. And use the emojis when you are teasing because if you don’t it will set a serious tone and they might be able to understand that you are just teasing them or flirting.

5. Be a little naughty while texting

Well, you have to be a bit naughty if you are texting. And it shows that you are actually flirting with them and are highly interesting in them. Send a little flirty text in the middle of the conversation and take them to the surprise. And if they flirt back and reply to your naughty text you know you are on the right path.

Although don’t make it too risky, you can say that how beautiful she looked in that dress the last time you saw her, or you can mention you just got out of the shower and deciding what to wear. And you can also casually suggest that you want them to join you.

6. Slide into their DMs

Instagram is yet again a popular place to flirt via texting and you will definitely enjoy them as well. Here you would get plenty of opportunities to slide into their DMs. And the most famous one to reply to their stories. We know it universal and almost everyone replies to the stories but come up with something clever and make sure its a good text that gets a reply.

You can also share some memes or any other pictures which will set the tone of flirting. And this is one of the best ways to flirt over texting.

7. Nudes?

To ask for the nudes or to send one can be a big risk. Although it has become pretty common these days and people are open about it. But make sure the other person shares the same intentions as you do.

It’s true that cant straight ask them for nudes but you can give them a dare to send a sexy pics of them and you can also send yours in return. You can also share the pics of yourself in a sexy outfit that compliments your body or you can send their pictures from their feed and compliment them as well.

8. Play texting games

The best way to keep the conversation going on is to play texting games. This way you will never run of topics to talk about and you can easily flirt with the help of the games. And luckily there are plenty of games to play over texts present which you can play.

There is truth or dare, would you rather and of course the popular never have I ever game. These games are considered popular for flirting. As you can set the prize or punishment for the winner and the loser to spice up things.

9. Show them that you care about them as well

Flirting with the person not only suggests that you would just into the sexy chats or complimenting each other. It’s important that other person knows that you actually care about them as well. So if you get a chance, ask them about their day, what they did, and what they like.

You can also ask them personal questions (although not too personal) such as about their childhood, their future plans, things they like, and their hobbies and stuff. This will help you to get to know them better.

10. Stop the conversation at a good note

You should know when to stop the conversation and it will better if you do before the other person losses interest in the chat. Make sure you end it on a good note. Don’t leave them waiting for a reply from you and tell them that you are busy and you are looking forward to having the next conversation or meeting you in person.

What not to do!

  • Dont be too eager or over flirt with them, just make it casual which the other person enjoys. And also play it cool and dont reply with eagerness as well.
  • Dont double texts, this can ruin the conversation and make it too much for them as well as for you. And you might be disappointed if your texts remain unanswered.
  • Use the emojis well. It shouldn’t be too much or too little. The emojis are an important factor and you have to make sure that you are using the right emoji as well.
  • Watch your grammar! Spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes might ruin your flirting. So use the correct grammar.
  • If the other person is not responding to your flirty texts with the same zeal then it means they are not interested. And it’s better to leave them then drag the conversation.


Alright, these are some of the popular easy to flirt over texts that might help you to get better at text flirting. You might need a little practice at first but once you have sorted out the typical pattern of flirting over texting you will be good to go. We hope you found the article helpful and now you know how to flirt over text. Thank you for visiting us and you can also find other articles that can help to improve your texting.