How To Start Online Clothing Business (2023)

The global pandemic Covid-19 has empowered our lives yet again but has enhanced the versatility of the technology. It has enabled people to set up a business from scratch with the help of a digital platform.
However, starting an online clothing business consists of a lot of things to look after such as quality of the product, the customer care service provided by your brand, uniqueness of your brand, consistency in launching new designs/patterns, appropriate price of the product, packaging services and there’s a lot to this list.

Online battling with Offline:
There are pros as well as cons for setting up an online business. Looking towards the pros:

  • Firstly, huge investments aren’t required as no cost for setting up a concrete store. This is one of the plus points it encourages people who are not financially stable to start up a business.
  • Secondly, the customers have the advantage of ordering products 24/7. They have the privilege to shop at any time of the day. While in the case of a concrete store there are limitations for the timings to keep the store open.
  • Thirdly, there are plenty of filters to narrow down your search to what exactly you need. So convenient it is!
  • Fourthly, there are several deals and offers which aren’t available that frequently in the case of offline shopping.

Cons of online shopping:

  • It’s hard to check the quality and the fabric of the product. One has to rely on what is written in the details of the products.
  • The rate of cybercrime is increasing day by day, so sometimes the customers face risk as they are scared about their bank and credit card details being misused.
  • The most unpredictable things is waiting for delivery. Delivery of the product depends on many factors such as weather, availability of a product at that particular time, and that all leads to the delay in the delivery process.
  • Since the customers can’t try the product before buying it they face issues related to the fitting and size of the product.

There’s a saying that every problem has a solution. So even there are solutions to the above problems.

  • First and foremost, retain the TRUST of your customers. Don’t give a false description of your product just for the sake to earn more. At the end of the day, their trust in your brand will help your business to spread and extend.
  • In the case of the delay of the delivery, it isn’t in your hands but all you can do is give it a week or 10 days.

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Online Is The New Normal

The prime time to start the online business was 15 years from now but don’t regret it’s said better late than never, so the correct time is NOW.
The pandemic had hit hard the fashion industry by recovering the wounds of the profound hurt the market is set to recover and hit $672.71 billion by 2023.
There’s a lot of opportunities to evolve and grow so just don’t bid goodbye to the opportunity of setting up an online clothing business.
There are these three important things that you need to do before starting an online business.

What Is Your Mission?

Ask yourself this most important question. The answer to this can be setting up something different, offering quality, selling a product at affordable cost, promoting a particular fabric that has lost its importance in the current times or any other reason. It’s your mission it’s okay if it’s different. This question will help you to figure out what service you want to provide to your customers.

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

You should have an answer to this question. If something is unique in your brand/ business that will automatically drag customers to pay interest in your brand and that will help you to run the business in the long run. Just a reminder: Styles change, but unique remains unique.

What Kind Of Crowd Are You Looking For?

For whom are you creating the brand? For what kind of people are eligible for the brand? This will sort you out as it will help you to create an idea of your customer base. You can even imagine the buyer personas in your mind.
Ask these three questions they will shape your decisions and your thought process. It is a key to progress.

Steps to start an online clothing business:

These are the following steps that will help you attain success. Ensure that you don’t skip any of the steps:

Pen down your business plan.

Choose a particular clothing niche.

Find your realm name.

Select your e-commerce platform.

List and price your products.

Choose your templates and customize your store.

Publish and market your online store.

Elucidating the given points one by one:

Pen down your business plan: It’s always helpful to jot down what’s your business plan and then execute it. This technique will be your map which will help you reach your destination.

Choose a particular niche: A niche which you are strongly passionate about, which is relating to your products, make sure the niche you choose help you earn, avoid where already too many sellers are there whose product is somewhat similar to yours.

Find your realm name: Your domain name should arrange with your goals as well as your business. It should relate to your products too. The name will be your identity.

Tips for choosing a name:

Avoid hard-to-spell names: If your brand name is hard to spell how you can expect your customers to reach out to you? They will end up not figuring out or sharing or brand with anyone else.

Be different: Your brand name should be different from the crowd. Something unique will develop an interest in the customer. They will be keen to know about your brand.

Choose a relatable name: The nature of your business is for sure not going to be the same from when you started and when you are standing now. So you should evolve with what is coming in your name.

Select your e-commerce platform: If you want to sell a product online e-commerce platform is a must. Be super active in connecting with customers through this platform.

List and price your products: List your products in a way. List them under categories. For example, collection can be sorted according to seasons, sale products should be in a different area, products which have been launched recently should be somewhere. The point is that don’t mix everything.

Choose your templates and customize your store: Choose them wisely. Browse through different options and then just go with the one which serves the necessary options.

Publish and market your online store: What if everything in your brand is just perfect the products, website, name of the brand and the rest. But where are the customers? The answer to this is marketing.

Content marketing: Whatever content is written from blogs to the description of the products the content should be powerful and should be capable enough to speak for your brand, your goals.

Social media marketing: It is one of the best strategies to promote business. Shower their feed area with your posts, launch products in a short period, be consistent in your work. This will have a good response.

Best practices to adopt for online clothing business:

Advertise: Unlike ancient times, now advertisements are through social media. Apps such as Instagram will help you to advertise. Times of hearing something from radio or newspaper have gone.

Customer care: This is an outstanding way to attract users. Reply to all inquiries, questions regarding your brand and products. Respond to them quickly. Wish them on festivals this will create an impact in their mind.

Provide options: Try to be flexible. For example just don’t force receiving payments through paytm or google pay welcome payments from credit cards, bank accounts and cash on delivery. So more options easy it will be for the customers.

Promos: We all just love the existence of promos and offers and I’m sure no one would deny that. So just put offers and promos more often that would pull customers to buy products. These all efforts would encourage the client to shop.

Beautiful store: Create the ambience of the store in such a way that customer stays glued. In case they don’t like they can go by just clicking. Make the design that’s attractive to the eye and engages the mind.

Simplify your menus: Make it simple. Most times the menus are very confusing so the customer gets irritated.

Examples of a few of the finest online clothing business:

Verge girl – It’s an online women’s fashion store with sassy and irrelevant style and attitude. The e-commerce site sells dresses, jeans, jackets and accessories from Australian and international designers.

Olive clothing – The company’s e-commerce site offers various styles that combine the rich heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness and street style with understated elegance.


All in all, starting any kind of business is a huge risk but with a good planning strategy and a good e-commerce platform there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching huge heights. Just evolve yourself with the present trends and fashion.